How to make a shower tray from a mosaic

When you build a shower tray, you can always show individuality and creativity, although the whole process is associated with the performance of work on replacing plumbing, waterproofing and laying tiles. Shower pallets are made independently in conditions of limited budget, when buying a shower box or a bathroom is difficult.

Shower room with mosaic pallets

Shower tray is made of cement, bricks, glue, waterproofing and grouting.

The plumbing market is represented by a large number of pallets, which can be metallic, cast iron or acrylic. For the purpose of creating pallets, sometimes brick, concrete or tile is used. The shape of the pallet can be completely different. An important stage is the preparation of a qualitatively flat pallet base.

Pallet installation

Arrange the shower tray, lined with mosaic, you can do it yourself, having done all the necessary work in the presence of required materials, for example, brick, cement mortar, waterproofing, glue and grouting. The final step in the installation of the pallet is laying the mosaic, which implies a special skill.

The main tools that will be needed to implement the shower tray device:

Mosaic tiling tools

Tools for laying mosaic.

  • metal mesh;
  • plaster lighthouse;
  • level;
  • putty knife;
  • mixture self-leveling;
  • drill;
  • drain for pallet;
  • waterproofing mixture;
  • kelm;
  • nozzle "Mixer";
  • roulette.

The main thing is to understand every stage of creating pallets for showers from a mosaic. For example, be able to properly perform waterproofing, produce a shower channel device.

Particular attention is paid to the selection of a suitable location for the construction of the structure, since it is not always possible to install it in the bathroom. The selected area in the room must be prepared in a qualitative way.

Before the beginning of the work, a high-quality waterproofing of any of the surfaces is carried out, if they are located close to the future object.

The shower tray can have various shapes and sizes, being an alternative option for a shower box, which has a high cost. An experienced master is able to perform all work on the installation of a pallet for a week.

Manufacturing technology

Templates and materials

Shower tray scheme

Scheme shower tray.

At the first stage, you should design a future shower tray taking into account all its dimensions. You can use special templates that need to be made using a board, for example, parquet. It is very important that at the stage of completion of all work the pan is completely dry. This will prevent the appearance of leaks.

Under the inner and outer templates make a brick base with a curb along its perimeter or radius. When the walls are plastered, and the product is completely dried, then begin the device of two-layer waterproofing. Only after this, the mosaic is laid.

Execution of the artistic element is possible with the use of various building materials, for example, gravel, cement, concrete, sand. Stacking the mortar is made in a special formwork, which is cut out of foam. It is necessary to provide for mandatory reinforcement of the pallet with a binding to the wall. For grouting joints usually use a special composition, for example, "Ultrakolor-700".

Identify the place

Experienced craftsmen create pallets in front of a complete finish of the floor surfaces with walls. In areas where the shower tray adjoins the wall, high-quality treatment with waterproofing materials that protect against mold is required. Apply a waterproofing solution with a brush and very thin layers. Methods of applying the solution:

  • under the screed;
  • over stingy;
  • before finishing.
Types of shower trays

Types of shower trays.

You can arrange a system of "warm floor", laid under a clean screed. In this case, the floor is placed around the shower tray and simultaneously under it. Then, the first waterproofing layer is applied, after which they proceed to the formation of a brick contour of the pallet. The brick used can be ordinary or silicate. For its laying, prepare a solution of sand with cement or a special ready mix sold in each building store.

In the place where the bottom of the pallet is located, lay a metal mesh to achieve maximum strength. Then determine the area where the drain will be located to implement the device of the drainage system. It is necessary to take care of the purchase of high quality plums in advance, since the completed design of the pallet arrangement will not allow changing the sink.

Further, installation of construction beacons is made, allowing to fill the rough screed, which may be a cement-sand mortar, where crushed stone was added. Filling is done with a small area when using a trowel or spatula in order to level any surface. The compaction of the composition is carried out with the use of a trowel, which is immersed each time with an edge in the composition, performing the precise movement.

Drying the rough screed allows you to go to the surface treatment using a waterproofing mixture. This will prevent moisture from entering the concrete layers. Having made waterproofing, it is possible to protect the bathroom and neighboring rooms from the fungus.

When the surface dries, they begin to apply a special mixture on it, which is self-leveling. Deepening around the sink should be smooth, which will ensure unimpeded drainage of water. After the applied special mixture has dried, a waterproofing mixture is applied again.

The waterproofing layer is applied carefully in the area of ​​the water drain and where the floor and walls are mating. Providing safety during operation of the pallet, its sharp edge is rounded, giving it a semi-circle shape, after which they pass to the lining of the shower tray with a mosaic.

Facing mosaic

To get a good quality shower tray, use ceramic tiles, but the mosaic for decoration looks very impressive in the shower, so it's worth stopping it. Before the beginning of the finishing work, you should prepare all the necessary materials with tools:

Shower tray with mosaic

The mosaic should be laid from the far corner, correcting it with a rubber mallet.

  • mosaic;
  • construction knife;
  • adhesive compound for tiling with a tile (water repellent mixture);
  • резиновый putty knife;
  • a comb (a notched trowel);
  • grout for seams (water repellent);
  • tiler or Bulgarian;
  • plastic crosses;
  • rubber hammer.

Beginning to make facing works using mosaic follows with surface preparation. If you want to lay out a mosaic on any surface, then it should be perfectly flat. Even when painting or pasting wallpaper, you can not very comply with this condition.

There are a variety of methods for leveling surfaces using a variety of materials. Check the smoothness of the wall can be using a rack of the necessary length, which is rubbed with chalk on one side. After carrying out rejkoj on a surface of a coupler of a floor (horizontally) there can be sites which are pure without a chalk. They need to be re-leveled with cement.

Adhesive composition is prepared using a drill with a nozzle "Mixer". Be sure to observe all the proportions specified in the glue instructions that are recommended by the manufacturer. They are indicated on the packaging material.

Use a glass or plastic mosaic that allows the shower tray to be lined. To make the shower tray finish, you can apply different types of mosaic. For this purpose, a white adhesive is also suitable for use.

The laying is usually started from one of the corners. Quality mosaic cladding can be achieved by applying glue to the surface by means of a notched trowel. Then tile gently put side with the adhesive mixture down and press. After this, it is required to carefully remove all surpluses of the adhesive mixture.

In the process of laying the mosaic with their own hands, it is necessary to use a rubber hammer, which should be taped all those areas in which it is necessary to make an adjustment. All seams should be even and have the same dimensions, which is controlled by installing special plastic crosses between the tiles.

You may need to lay a mosaic with a certain pattern. Then you must first make a sketch of the required pattern. If the pattern is large enough, then a certain scale must be observed to execute the sketch.

When the tile or mosaic is laid on the entire surface, a special mixture is used to fill the seams. This composition allows to create protection against moisture penetration under the tile. Cook this mixture in small proportions. It is rubbed between the seams, using a rubber spatula. With the help of a wet material, the entire surface of the wall with the tile is washed to remove excess grout.

The grouting of the joints on the mosaic is a crucial moment, since it is necessary to carry out this type of work as quickly as possible, without wiping away all the remnants. When all the seams are filled, the lined surface is thoroughly washed and wiped dry.

To obtain the same joints, use the underside of the trowel.

When all the work is done, the tile or mosaic must be washed and rubbed dry. It turns out a very beautiful lining of the shower tray with their own hands. Using this finishing material allows you to solve many design problems.

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