How to make a water heater repair ariston

It is easier and quicker to repair a water heater yourself if you know what are the main types of breakages, and also if you study theoretical information on how to troubleshoot problems. Sooner or later, this technique requires cleaning the elements of the mechanism. This can be done periodically, thus reducing the probability of a final boiler failure, but more often users do not think about the importance of maintenance, so you have to deal with the need for repairs.

Scheme of installation of water heating tank

Scheme of installation of the water tank.

Types of breakdowns

Often, the repair of the storage water heater is required after its incorrect operation for a certain period of time. As the main reasons we can distinguish:

Wiring diagram of the water heater

Wiring diagram of the water heater.

  1. The absence of intermediate connecting elements, while the equipment is connected directly to the water supply. Sometimes there are situations where there are not only valves, but also locking elements. The result of this inattention when assembling the system will be the prospect of repair. This is due to pressure differences in the riser, which contributes to the constant expansion and narrowing of the tank. And after a while the user notices its leakage.
  2. Unauthorized replacement of factory parts, in particular, a valve, which combines the bypass and reverse function. If the Ariston water heater is only equipped with a non-return valve, the excess pressure will almost immediately lead to a rupture of the metal at the seams, because there will be no excess pressure output.
  3. The locking element is installed between the tank and the valve. In this case, the result will be the same as in the previous one - excess pressure will not get out if the tap is closed. And again the question of repair will arise.
  4. The lack of maintenance of the Ariston water heater, in particular, the long operation of the device without cleaning leads to a deterioration in its efficiency, which is due to the formation of a scale on the TEN.

Each of these problems can be solved on their own, especially if the installation was done without the involvement of a master. The repair of the Ariston water heater, which was severely damaged in the absence of pressure relief, is difficult to perform on its own because of the need for special equipment.

Cleaning Features

Water heater repair tools

Tools for water heater repair.

As already mentioned above, one of the reasons for the breakdown of this technique and the need to repair the water heater with your own hands is the scum formed on the heating element. To return the device a high degree of efficiency, it is necessary to dismantle the heater from the tank body. To do this, you need the following tools:

  • screwdrivers;
  • spanners.

To remove scale, it is necessary to prepare:

  • citric acid;
  • capacity of sufficient volume to accommodate the heater.

The main difficulty lies in the work that needs to be done by examining the mechanism of the device. Given the similarity of the principle of the operation of boilers of different brands, whether Electrolux or Ariston, then it is possible to dismantle the heater of almost any model, guided by the following work plan:

    1. The fixing nuts of the supply water pipes are loosened.
    2. The protective cover is removed. At this stage, a Phillips screwdriver is sufficient, because the main fastener is a screw.
    3. In order to ensure the safety of work, the electrical supply of the heater is disconnected.
    4. Not all models are equipped with a lid, so if such an element of construction is present, it should be dismantled.
    5. A temperature relay and a sensor are taken out of the tank.
    6. And, finally, the heater itself is extracted directly.

After that, the state of the spiral is evaluated. If it is too "eaten out" by scum, then the repair of the water heater is reduced to replacing this element with a new one. In a different situation, you can restore the working capacity of the heating element, leaving it for the night in a solution of citric acid. It is important to ensure that the rubber gasket is removed before immersion in the solution to avoid premature aging.

In addition to cleaning the heater, you should check it for the presence of breakdown shell.

This is done in order to make sure that when power is applied to the tank body there will be no short circuit. The simplest way of this test is to immerse the TEN (not soaking the contacts) in the saline solution, after which it will remain to check the resistance between the end of the spiral and the liquid itself. This can be done after the heating element has been descaled. Having made sure of the integrity of the elements, you can collect all the nodes.

Restoration of the tank

Repair of the Ariston water heater is often required after the device has been operated in the absence of a pressure-relieving valve. In the presence of leaks obtained for this reason, as well as as a result of self cleaning of the tank of rust through brute force, you should contact a professional master and prepare a considerable amount, since such repairs are expensive. The fact is that with improper handling, the probability of formation of corrosive processes appears. Given that the heater is made of copper, the contact of steel with this material is particularly dangerous for the appearance of rust.

Some users try to cope with the scum on the walls of the tank by means of "grinder". This can not be done, since any mechanical action on the metal can damage it. To effectively remove the scale, remove the tank from the wall, having previously disassembled it, as described above. The walls are cleaned in exactly the same way as the heater, with the only difference that the citric acid solution pours directly into the tank. Thus, if you initially properly install the equipment, then in the future you will not have to face the unpleasant need for repair. Of course, the cleaning of the heating element and the tank should be carried out from time to time, but the strength of the joints of the tank will not be subjected to excessive pressure in the system.

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