How to make an induction boiler

In comparison with traditional heaters, the induction boiler makes it possible to expend electricity economically. In conditions when the electricity rises in price every year, it is more expedient to build a similar heater.

Induction Boiler Design

Schematic diagram of the induction boiler.

One of the indisputable advantages that a homemade induction heater has is environmental cleanliness and safety. That is, in the process of working the heater will not emit into the environment harmful substances for the body, which also pollute the environment.

This device can be advised for a healthy lifestyle. If we compare the induction heater with a boiler that works on solid fuel, then their advantages become really impressive.

Principle of operation

Just like conventional teens, boilers that work by an induction principle, convert electrical energy into thermal energy.

However, in connection with a special design, the heat carrier in the induction boiler is able to heat up much faster, which directly affects the efficiency of such a device.

The device in the simple case is an electrical inductor, that is, a transformer that has a secondary (short-circuited) and primary winding. The internal part will generate eddy currents, which are immediately redirected to the secondary winding. In this case, the secondary winding is a short-circuited coil, which will act as a body. The secondary winding thus receives a constant inflow of energy. This energy will be converted into heat and transferred directly to the heat carrier, that is, antifreeze or water. It may be some other substances. The main thing is that the coolant used is characterized by good conductivity of the electric current.

Principle of operation индукционного нагревателя

Principle of operation индукционного нагревателя.

It should be noted that it is necessary to equip the unit with two nozzles that fit in size to supply a cold coolant to the induction boiler, and then to remove it hot. In the branch pipes, the selected liquid will flow.

Principle of operation подобного индукционного устройства заключается в следующем:

  • firstly, the selected heat transfer medium will be supplied to the heating device;
  • further electric power is supplied to the internal winding;
  • when a voltage appears at a given place, the energy in the form of eddy currents is directed to the outer winding and heats the core quite quickly;
  • after a while the entire surface of the area is heated, and heat is supplied to the heat carrier, which in turn transfers it further.

Due to the fact that hot water will be allocated all the time, the system can not overheat, which makes it sufficiently reliable and safe.

Another advantage is that such units do not have heating traditional surfaces, which from time to time fail at the most inopportune moment.

In addition, the homemade induction boiler has no disconnecting parts, that is, it can be made from a single piece of plastic. The simplest things are known for their great resistance to various unfavorable factors, and therefore they are more reliable.

Regarding the formation of scale, it should be noted that this will not happen for the reason that the induction heater is almost always in a vibrating position.


Induction heater circuitry

Electrical circuit of the induction heater.

The list of elements that will be needed in order to make vortex induction heaters:

  • welding inverter;
  • wire rod or stainless wire;
  • plastic tube with thick walls;
  • special adapters;
  • metal grid with small cells;
  • copper, enameled wire;
  • water.

Induction boilers have a simple design, so anyone can collect them, who has not forgotten how to use wire cutters and knows how the wire looks.

First of all, it will be necessary to facilitate the task in the places where this is possible.

In particular, it is highly recommended to purchase the cheapest welding inverter. Very good, if the inverter will still have the ability to control the current. In a welding inverter, the current value is usually about 15 A, but for a self-made boiler it makes sense to use an aggregate that has more power.

In the electromagnetic field, small fragments of wire rod or stainless wire will be heated.

For example, it is necessary to choose a wire having a diameter of 7 mm (a similar diameter is considered to be the most optimal). This dragging will need to be cut into segments that have a length of 5 or 4 cm.

The housing for the heater is made of a plastic tube with thick walls. The diameter of the tube can vary, but ideally you need to stock up a plastic tube that has a diameter slightly less than 5 cm.

To the heating network, the boilers must be connected via special adapters.

Connection of elements for induction heater

Connection of elements for induction heater.

Through them, the coolant can enter the heater, and also leave it, but already in a heated state.

The bottom of the plastic pipe that was chosen to make the boilers needs to be closed using a metal mesh with small cells. It is necessary that the wire fragments do not have the opportunity to fall out of it. Next, the tube needs to be filled with wire pieces. After that, the top of the pipe should be covered with exactly the same mesh that has already been used to cover the bottom.

Затем можно будет приступать к изготовлению индукционной катушки. Чтобы получить подобное простейшее устройство, понадобится вокруг пластиковой трубки плотно намотать 90 витков проwater. Провод следует выбирать медный, эмалированный. Витки необходимо накладывать достаточно аккуратно. Они должны располагаться приблизительно по центру пластиковой трубы.

As a result, boilers can be produced, which can be connected to the heating system. This is done quite simply. First of all, it will be necessary to cut out part of the pipe from the existing pipeline, then install the induction boiler in its place.

The coil must be connected to the inverter, after which it will be possible to fill the boilers with water.

Use such a device is possible only if the system has a coolant. The thing is that if the boiler is turned on dryly, the plastic tube can simply melt, which in turn can lead to unpleasant consequences.

It is important to make a high quality grounding of such a homemade product.

Therefore, it is not at all difficult to build vortex boilers on its own. In this case, the materials that will be needed for manufacturing, are quite cheap.

Vortex induction heater

Scheme of a vortex induction heater

Scheme of a vortex induction heater.

There is also a more advanced version of the induction boiler, which can also be hand-made. This will require more tools and raw materials.

For the construction of a vortex induction boiler, it is necessary to have at least the minimum skills of working with a transformer having three phases and a welding machine.

The heater design of this type consists of 2 pipes. In this case, the pipes will need to be welded together so that they resemble a donut-shaped construction.

The winding is carried out over the plastic housing. This makes it possible to make the device more productive and efficient.

When constructing a boiler, remember:

  • the use of an induction heater is allowed in closed heating networks with forced circulation of the coolant;
  • Such boilers can be used in systems with wiring from plastic or polypropylene pipes;
  • The device of induction heaters should be located at some distance from the wall, ceiling and floor.

It is worth noting that the ready unit is recommended to be placed in some reliable insulating hood to avoid heat loss during operation of the manufactured heating device and to protect against possible current leakage.

The heat carrier under this scheme is heated by direct contact of it and the winding, which is performed according to the usual scheme used for induction equipment.

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