How to make flooded floors 3d

Without a competent approach to floor design, the repair of any room will look incomplete. In the arrangement of offices and houses, this site is important for the building to make a good impression. Thanks to the variety of modern building materials and technologies, it is possible to make the floor surface beautiful and functional, complementing the overall design concept of the room. Recently, the device of liquid 3D floors has become more and more popular.

Filling floor

Self-leveling floors make the design of the room original.


The technology of 3D floors is somewhat different from the others. Advantages of this type of registration are:

  • the ability to create an original, attractive design;
  • the embodiment of a wide variety of solutions;
  • resistance to wear, the possibility of prolonged use;
  • installation can be carried out on any surface;
  • ease of operation, the coating does not require special care, hygienic measures are easy to carry out.
Filling Polymer Floor Scheme

The scheme of a bulk polymer floor.

Floors made with observance of 3D technology will look very impressive both in the sales area, in the offices, and in the living room of the usual apartment. The surface can be made in any colors, using a variety of original drawings, which allows you to embody incredible fantasy stories.

If such a floor is arranged in the children's room, the image of cartoon characters will suit. For a bedroom, the floor decoration in the form of a well-known work of fine art or exquisite ornamentation. In the living room, a flower clearing spreads on the floor, an imitation of pavers, decorative garden paths, produces a good effect. Most office owners prefer to place on the floor a variety of brand names, logos of their company. Design solutions can be very different.

Care of the floors is not particularly difficult. Polymer coating is devoid of cracks and gaps, which collect all the dust and dirt and make the floor extremely unattractive. The loads of such a surface are not terrible, heavy things and cumbersome sofas will not do any harm. In the filler coating, the warranty period is more than thirty years, and the structure and color throughout the period remain unchanged.

If, after all, the floor area of ​​the polymers has been damaged, it is not difficult to quickly restore it so that the defect will not leave a trace.


The device of a fillable 3D floor is made in several stages:

Technology of laying the filling floor

Technology of laying the filling floor.

  • preparation of the framework;
  • application of a leveling layer of polymers;
  • the imposition of a photograph or a picture;
  • pouring a polymeric transparent mixture;
  • application of the last layer.

As a result of the measures taken, it is possible to create a good effect of the three-dimensional picture. The apparent depth of the image will depend on how high the finish layer is.

In addition to photographs and drawings, various decorative elements are often used, such as colored sand or pebbles, dried leaves and flowers, crystals, and other materials. The design of such a floor can be done by anyone, in accordance with the wishes of customers, the owners of the premises, which allows them to taste and fully enjoy the role of the decorator. The technology of installing bulk floors provides countless possibilities for experimentation.

Tools for installing bulk floor

Tools for installing the filler floor.

According to experts, it is not worth doing 3D floors on your own. The technology of manufacturing at home is not fully respected, so the effect will not be exactly the same, and the service life is reduced. It is better to invite a specialist to carry out these works. But, of course, if there is a desire to try to make such a floor with your own hands and there is confidence in your own abilities, then it is possible to do it.

The technology is almost the same as when creating ordinary bulk floors, but there are some differences. For example, the basis will require more painstaking processing: flooded 3D floors have a small thickness, and with careless preparation, the appearance will not be very nice. It is necessary to organize forced ventilation, because polymer mixtures for pouring in an uncured form are toxic, and the respirator in this case helps a little.

To create flooded 3D floors, use materials such as:

  • a polymer mixture consisting of two components (a hardener is applied to the transparent base composition, they must be mixed in a certain proportion before starting work);
  • elements of decor (photographs, drawings, materials, natural and artificial, which will be used to create an attractive exterior of the floor).

Surface preparation

The preparation of the framework should be carried out as carefully as possible. Work should be carried out such: completely remove the previous floor covering, skirting boards, it is better to remove doors in the openings before the end of installation. If the humidity in the room is excessive, it is necessary to install waterproofing, otherwise such floors will not last long.

Filling floor

When distributing the bulk floor, you need to use a special roller with spikes.

Over the waterproofing layer a concrete screed is made. The base should be completely dried, after which it is good to grind. You can use a grinder or a grinder with a diamond disc for this. Removing large protrusions from the surface is performed using a chisel or perforator. Cracks and chips are filled with cement mortar, a mixture with the addition of epoxy resin is well suited.

When, at last, the perfectly flat concrete surface turns out, it is necessary to remove also fragments and garbage, to vacuum clean everything from a dust. Remove stains from oil, in such areas it will not be possible to achieve good adhesion of the mixture to the base. The screed made of concrete or cement with sand should be completely dried (it takes at least thirty days, so take into account the timing when planning further work).

The primer is applied to the resulting substrate. Priming compound fills all pores and penetrates into the concrete, which ensures a good connection of the base floor and the liquid formulations. The primer is easy to apply with rollers with a short pile, spatula, flat brush. The composition is applied in two layers, the first one must first be allowed to dry completely.

Alignment layer

When after the priming of the surface will take 4-5 hours (but not more than a day), it's time to start applying a layer of polymers for alignment.

In order to create self-leveling floors, the polymer base is used. According to its working properties, it is the best suited for drawing a drawing on it. And if there are flooded floors with natural elements or artificial imitation of them, the base floor is often used as a background. Therefore, both its shade and quality should be treated as carefully as possible.

Polymer compositions will have to be applied directly to the screed. To carry out this operation, the final mix is ​​mixed in a special container with the addition of a solvent in proportions of 2: 1 (a construction mixer is required). Transparent finish should be mixed in small portions, since solidification begins after half an hour.

The prepared and mixed composition pours out to the surface. Using the rule, it is necessary to level the mixture to obtain a good smooth surface, after which air bubbles are removed from the layer of the applied layer by means of a needle roller. Then you should wait until the polymerization process is over - it takes at least 24 hours.

Using the level, you need to check whether the ground is even. In order to completely dry the polymer base, it will take about seven days. Only after this you can continue to work. If the decor is done using small items like pebbles or shells, it will not take that much time to wait.

Drawing a picture

Drawing on the surface is applied in a day, by this time it will dry sufficiently. You can paint anything you want using special polymer or acrylic paints, or simply paste the finished image. When choosing the first option for paint, then apply a protective layer of varnish. In the second method, the image must first be ordered at the printing house, where the printing will be made on a special fabric or vinyl film.

Materials are arranged on a substrate, the film or fabric should be well smoothed, air bubbles should not remain between the substrate and the material.

A clear polymer solution is prepared: the components are mixed in strict accordance with the instructions. The finished mixture is poured into the floor in small portions, leveled, then rolled with a needle roller. Rolling should last until the thickening of the composition begins, it can be from fifteen to forty minutes. The drying time will depend on the thickness of the polymers and the conditions of the particular room. On average, this time will be from one week to three.

To protect the coating from various damages, as well as to extend the life of the coating, you can additionally use a protective varnish.

If you decide to independently arrange the home flooring 3D, try as closely as possible to follow the technology. Materials should be used only quality. This will allow you to achieve a good effect, while saving money, which usually pay for the work of specialists.

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