How to make shelves in the bathroom

Modern bathrooms usually have a small area, although for normal operation it needs to allocate space for various small and large items. For the rational use of the volume of this room, you can install shelves in the bathroom with your own hands with minimal costs. With their help, not only the useful floor space used for various purposes in this room will increase, but also the design of your bathroom will acquire its own unique charm.

Built-in self-made shelf

A built-in homemade shelf will save space in the bathroom.

Choice of shelves

From a wide variety of types of this type of furniture, you need to choose the options that are right for your bathroom. You can apply a combination of several different types. Consider some types of shelves, often used in equipping this room:

Shelves in cupboards and furniture

In a bathroom of standard sizes and configurations, you can buy a standard set of furniture.

  • Types installed under the bathroom and sink;
  • different angular and wall variants.

According to the material used, the shelves are divided into the following types:

  • wooden;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • glass.

On execution they are:

  • stationary;
  • removable;
  • open type;
  • in the form of small lockers.

Of all the types of shelves listed above, stationary variants are most often used, with the following advantages:

  • made of modern materials with full compliance with the technological process, such a shelf has great strength and moisture resistance, which allows to fix it in any place marked in advance;
  • such a shelf makes it possible to fully use the free space in the recesses and openings, where it is usually not possible to install a locker or attach a hinged structure;
  • such a shelf, made on a brick basis and installed between the bathroom and the wall, serves to store small items (shampoos, etc.);
  • Fits seamlessly into any bathroom interior design solution.

Use of lockers

To store washing powders, medicines, cosmetics, hair dryer, shaving accessories in the bathroom, it is best to use lockers or closed shelves. They are sold in the form of sets and have such advantages:


Shelves with their own hands can be made of plasterboard and put them tiles.

  • the use of modern materials makes it possible to create moisture-proof and durable furniture;
  • for self-manufacturing, you can apply materials with a wide range of color solutions, which allows you to write such lockers in the overall design of your bathroom.

But with the independent manufacture of such shelves, one must have the skills of handling various tools.

Let us now consider the angular constructions.

Usually, in any bathroom, the corners remain free, which can be used for mounting shelves.

Such shelves are relatively easy to manufacture on their own, they have such positive properties:

  • they can be made from almost any material;
  • they occupy relatively little space.

Now let us dwell on the materials used in the manufacture of various types of shelves:

Glass Shelf

Glass and metal, strong enough materials, so processing these materials with their own hands is somewhat difficult.

  • wood - a very good and convenient option for self-manufacturing shelves of any type;
  • plastic is a good cheap material, it is easy to take care of. When making shelves with your own hands, plastic sheets can be made of any kind;
  • glass and metal are strong materials, but for self-made structures their use entails certain difficulties. Although in the construction markets, you can buy blanks to make the necessary structures for you.

Shelf mounting

To perform this work, you can go in two ways:

  • buy stuff and make shelves out of it;
  • Use the blanks sold on the furniture market to create such structures.

Let's consider both variants.

How to make shelves in the bathroom for a few hours? The technology of works looks like this:

Open wooden shelves

Open wooden shelves can be made with their own hands or buy ready-made.

  • make measurements in those places where the bathroom is located, where it was decided to install the shelves;
  • on the building market we buy boards (planed and dry), self-adhesive film, paint and primer for wood, so-called moldings and various screws, dowels, etc.;
  • cut the boards to the desired size;
  • With the help of screws and metal corners from the cut lengths, the structure is assembled;
  • the surface of the received shelves is degreased, cleaned of dust and wiped with a dry cloth;
  • apply on the painted surfaces with a brush primer and after it dries three layers of paint;
  • You can apply a self-adhesive film instead of a paint. To do this, from its back side, tear off the protective paper layer and carefully glue it on a small section of the shelf. Then, gradually tearing off new layers of paper, we glue the entire surface of the shelves;
  • for fixing to the wall of your product you can buy in the store L-shaped fasteners (steel) and, having drilled the tile with a winning drill in the bathroom, fix them on the wall with dowels, and then hang the shelf on them;
  • to decorate the received structure use the purchased moldings - they are glued on the ends of the boards from which the shelves are made.

Now about how to use these workpieces purchased. For example, you want to install shelves of glass. For this, the following details are purchased in the construction market:

  • cut into the right size pieces of glass;
  • fasteners and dowels.

The technology of installing such shelves is as follows:

Shelf under the bathroom

To properly organize the space of the bathroom you can use the entire free space under the bathroom. At the extreme end of the bathroom you can install at least one shelf.

  • note the location of the shelves on the wall in the bathroom, using the level to accurately determine the horizontal character of the layout;
  • drill the drill holes in the tile and, after cleaning them, insert plastic clips for dowels;
  • tighten the shelves in the wall and insert a glass sheet in them.

By the same scheme it is possible to assemble a structure of wood and MDF.

To properly organize the entire space of your bathroom, you must use all the free space under the bathroom. Usually, with its extreme end there is enough space to install at least one shelf.

Materials and Tools

  1. Wooden boards.
  2. Glass sheets.
  3. Molding.
  4. Paint and primer for wood.
  5. Fasteners.
  6. Self-adhesive film.
  7. Level.
  8. Brushes or roller.
  9. Sandpaper.
  10. Drill with a winning drill.
  11. Saw, hammer, screwdriver, spatula.

The time spent on installing the shelves in the bathroom will be worth a hundredfold by the convenience of storing on them various, small items, so necessary to you in everyday life.

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