How to make the right choice of ceramic tiles in the

Getting to repair in the bathroom, there are difficulties with the selection of the necessary material.

Ceramic tiles with a matt surface

For a bathroom floor it is better to choose a tile with a matte finish, this will reduce the risk of falls on a slippery floor.

The choice of tiles in the bathroom is affected by several factors:

  1. Moisture absorption. The lower the ability of the tile to absorb moisture, the longer and safer the coating, the less likely the formation of fungus and mold.
  2. Wear resistance. From the resistance to the effects of chemical and alkaline reagents will depend on the life of the coating, and the duration of the aesthetic and appearance.
  3. For floor tiles in the bathroom requirements are imposed on the surface of the tile, it should not be slippery.

Reasons for using

With a wide variety of building materials, ceramic tiles are an unchallenged success for the finishing of a bathroom and a bathroom.

Layout of tiling on the floor

Layout of tiling on the floor.

  1. Preference is given to tile because of its ecological safety, because it consists of clay, water and a small amount of chemical additives that burn in the process of its burning.
  2. The equipped surface does not burn, does not conduct electricity, therefore it is completely safe for the person.
  3. From what tiles to choose in the bathroom, will subsequently depend on the intensity of care, and the duration of operation of the ceramic coating.
  4. The degree of decoration should influence the choice of coverage last, but for some owners of living quarters is a decisive factor.

Tips and Tricks

Floor tiles in the bathroom

The strength of the floor tiles should be higher than the wall tiles - you should consider this when choosing.

  1. Since the bathroom and the bathroom are rooms where there is an increased importance, it is very important that the ceramic elements have a low water absorption level. Determine the degree of absorbency can be on the reverse side. If on the reverse surface of the product there are frequent and deep pores, then such a product will gain a lot of water, so that the room will constantly have a smell of dampness and begin to develop fungus. Marking on this feature is carried out in Latin letters - from A to C, where the AA indicator determines the highest quality and low water absorption. In addition, the wrong side should be corrugated. In this case, the quality of adhesion of the surface with the adhesive solution improves.
  2. For floor tiles, the degree of roughness is very important, so that when it hits the water surface it is safe. Most often preference is given to porcelain stoneware, whose value is several points higher than usual.
  3. In the process of operation, a mechanical effect will occur on the coating, as a result of which the surface of the tile will lose its original appearance and attractiveness. With a wide variety of manufacturers there are only 5 classes. The first is placed in places where there is no increased cross-country ability, i.e. it is suitable for toilets. Tiles of the 5th class are laid in places where there is a constant flow - public institutions. But if such a tile is chosen for an individual bath, the cost of the coating will be unreasonably overestimated.
  4. The front side of the tile should not contain any streaks or gaps in the paintwork. The ends and sides of the product should be evenly colored.
  5. The geometric dimensions and accuracy of ceramic products is also of great importance, but already in the aesthetic sense. Accuracy and compliance with the parameters can be checked by attaching two products to each other. The gap between products can not exceed more than 0.5 mm. And the products should be chosen arbitrarily from several packets in a comparative analysis of the correspondence between sizes.

Considering the requirements for tile selection, it is necessary to distinguish between types of floor or wall coverings. This coating differs in thickness, this value is indicated on the box. A thinner wall is not capable of withstanding loads, the floor is thicker and can withstand significant loads.

Recommendations for laying

Having determined the type and marking of the ceramic coating, the correct calculation of the material should be made. For products of a larger size, add up to 10% of the total volume, for tiles of small dimensions, enough and 5.

Depending on the size, shape and illumination, there are several approaches, which tiles to choose for styling in a particular room:

  1. For rooms of small size or where there is no intensive lighting, products in light colors and small sizes are used. In addition, products of small forms will not need to be pruned and waste will be much less.
  2. For larger rooms, the use of large tiles is preferable. In addition, their installation and care for them is much simpler than mosaics.

The color orientation of the bathroom is also of considerable importance:

  1. The surface, finished in light blue and greenish tones, gives the room a cool and calm.
  2. The surface in pink shades, beige and brown varieties traditionally give the room a spirit of home comfort and warmth.

Using simple design wisdom, you can achieve a certain style and originality. By placing small mirror inserts, you can achieve an increase in light and brightness in the room. They should be placed against or on either side of the light source.

For young dwellers, a suitable option would be small items, bright colors, mostly with a flashy ornament.

For people of the same age, an acceptable option would be classical forms and a calm coloring.

Layout of tiling on walls

Layout of tiling on the walls.

For modern and business people, design is reduced to following fashion trends. The exception is not the bathroom. Although usually a major overhaul of the premises is carried out in 10 years, then there are exceptions in this matter.

Always popular and fashionable is the motif of natural materials: stone or granite, parquet and simple geometric shapes. The demand for such products always remains on top, that's why the well-off people stop their choice.

While choosing appropriate coverage in the bathroom, you should be guided by personal taste, the opinion of people living and financial possibilities. This factor is especially relevant for those who have already chosen the plumbing devices of leading manufacturers and seeks to save on finishing.

Do not do this, because a bright contrast will be unprofitable for the whole room and the desired effect will not be achieved.

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