How to make yourself a mixer

In the process of life, a person faces a lot of domestic problems: clogs of sewerage, breakage of mixers in the bathroom, etc. Often their solution requires urgent action, but the absence of a specialist makes this impossible. However, some faults can be eliminated by yourself. And for this it is not necessary to have certain skills, skills and special education. Is it possible and how to disassemble the mixer yourself? Let's address the issue of troubleshooting the mixer. The simplicity and reliability of the construction make them practically trouble-free units, but nobody can insure against the appearance of problems with them. How to disassemble the faucet in this case, so that the bathroom does not become a testing ground for plumber's sanitary research? Dismantling the faucet in the bathroom - the process is generally simple, but still has a number of features that are worth considering. It all depends on the design features of the mixer you have installed. Disassemble it once, and with the next fault, there will be no need for urgent searches for plumbing. A few tips in this case, no one will hurt.


To repair the mixer, you need to carefully study its device.

Constructive diversity

Before starting work, it is necessary to inspect the mixer. In the absence of external defects (cracks, water stains), which require a complete replacement of the mixer, it is necessary to begin to eliminate the problems that have arisen in the internal cavities of the unit. The principle of its work consists in mixing in internal cavities of hot and cold water coming from the city water supply network, and feeding it to the nozzle of the crane. Typical schemes are maximally unified, and now the most common are the modern single-lever ball valve and the older two-valve analog. The device is different, so it is worth more detail on it. The two-valve scheme is based on the principle of locking water with the help of valve heads controlled by handles of hot and cold water. For mixers of the new sample, a cartridge of a ball structure with two holes is characteristic, the water current through which is regulated by a single lever. Some single-lever structures are supplied with ceramic plates that perform similar functions, but if they have defects, they are not subject to repair, but require a complete replacement.


Diagram of a two-ventilated mixer

Diagram of a two-valve mixer.

Having worked out in the constructive scheme, it is necessary to proceed to eliminate the problem, for which it is necessary to disassemble the mixer. To do this, you need a set of tools, including a screwdriver, a wrench and a piece of material (foam rubber) to prevent contamination or damage to the bathroom cover.

To begin to disassemble a two-valve mixer in the bathroom, it is necessary to unscrew the screws holding the crane handles. They are easy to detect under the inserts of red and blue. Having disassembled the handles, carefully unscrew the valve head with the help of the adjustable wrench (tap-axle). After it is extracted, it is worth investigating the cause of the malfunction. As a rule, this may be the inability of a rubber gasket or a loose fit. After eliminating visible defects, start the installation in reverse order and after completing it, make sure that the assembled crane is functioning properly and there is no leakage, etc. If this method is not possible to get rid of the problem, it is necessary to consult a specialist or completely change the unit.

To disassemble the ball valve is also not difficult. The analysis of the mixer of this model includes the following stages:

Single-lever mixer circuit

Single-lever mixer circuit.

  • dismantle the swivel lever, for which to unscrew the screw hidden under the plastic insert;
  • unscrew the screw securing the base of the lever, and the spherical cap having a threaded connection;
  • unscrew the screws holding the cartridge in the casing;
  • having obtained free access to the cartridge, remove it and inspect it.

If there is a blockage of it, get rid of it, if necessary blow it. At critical wear of the ball-type regulator it is necessary to completely replace it with a similar new one. Mounting the mixer should be done in the reverse order, making sure that all screws are securely tightened. After installing the handle and water supply check its correct operation by changing the angle of rotation and the inclination of the lever.


In the end, the answer to the question of how to disassemble a faucet in a bathroom is very simple.

The availability of minimum technical literacy and the ability to use a simple tool to make the analysis of the mixer available to each operation.

The barrier for you will not be a ball mixer, nor an old kind two-valve crane. However, it is worth remembering that the disassembly of the mixer in the bathroom is preceded by the disconnection of the water supply to the faucet, especially if there is an autonomous hot water supply system.

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