How to mount a shower cabin

Having small sizes of a bathroom, it is difficult to find a plumbing for it. But after all, you need to take water procedures somehow. Therefore, as an alternative, you can install the shower with your own hands. If you choose a model with a wide pallet, then, if desired, it can serve as a small bathroom.

Shower cabin in the bathroom

The shower cabin takes up much less space than the bathroom.

The shower was bought and delivered to the place. Then the question arises about the assembly. Often, movers install such equipment for a fee, if it is in their competence. Sometimes you have to call up masters and spend extra on them. But, in fact, the installation of a shower booth is not so difficult, the main thing is to prepare everything correctly. However, each soul model has its own nuances. Therefore, the following are general recommendations and installation tips.

Beginning of work

First, you need to carefully study the instructions that came with the model you selected. Thus, during installation, the probability of making any mistake is significantly reduced.

It is important to know that if the location of the booth will be calculated at the site of the shell, then in this case the permissions of the BTI are not required. But if the bathroom is to be installed in the kit, you should contact the appropriate body to make all the changes. This is required due to the fact that another additional water point is equipped, which, without agreement with the BTI, is considered illegal.


Standard dimensions of angular shower enclosures

Standard sizes of angular shower cabins.

The most common form of such plumbing is the corner. Its standard equipment consists of the following elements:

  • pallet;
  • cap;
  • back panel;
  • side walls;
  • screen.

In order to install the shower enclosure with your own hands, you need to have the appropriate tools:

  • screwdrivers;
  • adjustable wrench size;
  • building level;
  • building gun;
  • electric drill;
  • silicone sealant;
  • flexible hoses;
  • tow or fum-tape.


Location of water and drainage connections for the shower enclosure

The location of the water supply and drainage for the shower.

Experts recommend to be engaged in installation, without distraction. To do this, you should take care of all the consumables and tools in advance. But, for example, fasteners, screws, nuts, washers are better to buy with a reserve, because during the assembly they are sometimes lost.

It is best to first pre-assemble the booth. Thus, it is possible to understand the whole process, to see if all the details are available. If any marriage is found, you can immediately go to the place where you made a purchase, asking you to replace a particular part or the whole purchase. The preliminary installation will help to understand the sequence of all actions, which will greatly facilitate the work in a closer space - in the bathroom.

After you figure out the design, you can proceed with this assembly. First of all, a pallet is installed. But here it is important not to forget about the water supply system, that is, hoses for drainage and drainage must be connected in advance. Best of all, when the drain hole is located above the outlet to the sewer. Thus, the probability of clogging is significantly reduced.

So, the process of installation looks like this. Initially, the pallet is installed on special legs. With the help of a level it is necessary to control the horizontal and vertical lines, so that it stands smoothly and does not warp. If adjustment is necessary with the aid of locking screws, alignment can be made.

Shower scheme

The scheme of a shower cabin.

But there are models of shower cabins, when the pallet has no legs, so you need to take care of the evenness of the floor. For this purpose, a cementitious screed is used, after which the surface is faced with tiles.

There is one more nuance in the installation of acrylic pallets. If such a shower model is bought, then there should be several supporting beams and the fifth leg, which is located under the center of the pallet. In general, experts recommend, regardless of the configuration of the booth, create an additional support in the form of a cement cushion (in all cases). Thus, the pallet will be more reliably fixed.

Very important point is the tightness of the joints. Therefore, after the pallet is installed, you need to put some water, but at the same time the drain hose is covered with a rag. After that, the length of the sewage hose is checked, whether it reaches the hole, under the right angle. For correct work, its slope should be 15-20 cm per 1 m.

After the pallet is adjusted and fixed, proceed to install panels and fencing.

But before the installation itself, small marks should be made on the upper and lower sides, so as not to get confused. It is important to know that the lower guides are thinner and have figured notches, and the upper ones, on the contrary, are wider.

All joints are lubricated with sealants, after which glass is fixed in the grooves of the guides. After they are installed, tighten the screw that is on the presser foot until it stops.

After that, the guides and posts in the upper and lower parts are connected by screws. A seal is put on the glass.

It is necessary to apply a sealant under the lower guide, after which the finished glass is inserted. But when working with a sealant, you must be careful not to cover the grooves on the pallet, designed to drain excess water.

Completion of work

Pallet installation scheme

Pallet mounting scheme.

Further, the side panels are fastened to the pallet by means of washers and self-tapping screws. For these purposes, there are special holes in it. After installation, all joints must be sealed. Next is the installation of the rear panel. All joints of the elements are treated with silicone.

At this stage there is a small nuance. Very often in the models of shower cabins, the holes have a small difference in size between themselves. Therefore, it is not recommended to tighten all screws at once, otherwise in the future the absence of a gap will prevent the adjustment of the evenness of the entire product. Also, do not put too much physical strength, because, in fact, the metal construction is not so strong.

After all installation, the shower should be left and not used. This is done so that all the places treated with silicone sealant are dried. Otherwise, the water will cause a lot of trouble, and the shower cabin will lose its quality, which will significantly affect the service life.

From all of the above, it can be seen that there should be no special problems with the self-assembly of the cabin. However, each model can have its own nuances. Therefore, before buying it is desirable to ask the seller in detail about the issues of interest, so that when you come home, do not be disappointed.

Security Compliance

Nuances of installation of a shower booth

Nuances of installation of a shower cabin.

In many bathrooms it is customary to install electric appliances: fans, hairdryers, lights, etc. But everyone knows that water and electricity are a dangerous duet.

Therefore, there are a number of points that should be given special attention in order to avoid emergency situations:

  1. In a bathroom it is inadmissible to find such things as switching panels, chokes and other similar equipment.
  2. For personal safety it is desirable to have a differential automatic device that protects against electric shock, and in the event of power surges, it will help to keep all electrical equipment intact. A similar feature is provided by a circuit-breaker, which during power surges electricity cuts off the power on its own.
  3. If possible, then it is advisable to move all the outlets far away from the shower cubicle. If it is not available, then it must be a closed type.
  4. Sockets with index IP44 have a moisture and dustproof case. It is these models that are acceptable for bathrooms.
  5. For safe operation of the shower enclosure, it is grounded. One such method is a metal pallet.
  6. And of course, it is strictly forbidden to use a wet hair for wet hair, otherwise it may cause an electric shock.

It is desirable that the bathroom at a minimum used by any electrical appliances.

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