How to paint the bathroom

There are times when painting the bathroom will be much more profitable and more convenient than making the lining. Such a cosmetic repair is suitable for temporary or removable housing. Painting the walls in the bathroom has some advantages:

  • a less painstaking version, unlike tiling, but with a properly prepared surface for painting walls;
  • economy;
  • there is no need for special qualifications;
  • the presence of a wide range of colors and patterns.
Coloring the walls in the bathroom

Painting the walls in the bathroom helps protect them from moisture.

Paint requirements

To paint the walls of the bathroom it is necessary to treat with all scrupulousness, its incorrect choice will lead to rapid peeling. To such paint and varnish products are raised requests:

  • high moisture resistance, the paint must carry a high humidity and repel water;
  • wear resistance.
Table of types of paints for different surfaces

Table of types of paints for different surfaces

Also, when choosing a paint for the bathroom, you need to focus on its brilliance. There are two main types of paint:

  • glossy, they are able to visually increase the space, but they are very visible pollution;
  • matte.

Excellent for painting the bathroom with water-based paint. It does not turn yellow after a time, preserves color for a long time, and if it has latex, it has sufficient water resistance.

The advantages of these colors include the absence of the smell of the walls of the bathroom, which is important for a small room. They also dry quickly and form the same matt coating.

When choosing a paint for the bathroom, you should pay attention to its compatibility with the surface to be painted and the expiration date. The label contains the main features and properties of paint and varnish products.

The following tools will be needed:

  • roller;
  • brushes of different sizes.

To paint the walls in the bathroom you need to select a tool, starting from its area. For a large area - a large roller, a small - narrow.

Bathroom painting tools

Tools for painting the bathroom.

If you want to have textured walls you can buy a roller with a long pile. The presence of a short pile is perfect for smooth coloring.

The modern construction market offers a large selection of platens.

Preparatory work

Before you paint the bathroom yourself, you need to perform a number of preparatory works:

  1. The first thing to do is to process the walls, that is, remove the previous layer. You can remove the old tile or paint yourself.
  2. Then hold the filler. The ideal solution will be the use of latex water dispersion disperse putty. Its purpose is for indoor and waterproof work. Putty work is carried out from the bottom up. Initially putty put on irregularities for their alignment.
  3. The last stage will be a primer. Best in this case, a special moisture proofing primer is suitable.

After doing these works, you can start painting the bathroom with your own hands. However, this can be started only after the primer has completely dried, after about 24 hours.


Painting стен в ванной должна начинаться от угла, который находится на границе стены с потолком. Чтобы не замарать потолок, на него заранее надо наклеить малярную ленту. Участки, которые окрашиваются, должны составлять в ширину 2-3 валика.

Не надо со всей силы надавливать на валик, тогда окраска стен получится равномерной. Кроме того, необходимо обратить внимание на то, чтобы в помещении не было сквозняков, которые способны вызвать неровное высыхание. Painting стен даст хороший результат, если проделать ее в два слоя, второй обязательно проводят после окончательного высыхания первого.

Technology of painting the walls of the bathroom

Design Ideas

When choosing the color for painting the bathroom with your own hands, you need to keep in mind that this room is used for hygienic procedures and soothing, so you should try to create a relaxing atmosphere, accordingly, to abandon the aggressive color.

You can paint the bathroom with different colors that can be divided into functional zones. Also, with the help of artistic painting there is the possibility of turning it into a true work of art.

The most famous way of painting the walls of the bathroom is painting the wall around which the bath is located, in one color, while others paint the other. In this case, it must be borne in mind that it is necessary to select shades that are close to each other. Contrast visually make the room smaller.

Quite attractive will be the walls, painted with vertical stripes. However, even here, as experts advise, there are prohibitions. Strips do not have to be drawn in the corners, this will limit the room. The best option would be the presence of 1-2 bands, the width of which is not more than 1.25 of the width of the wall.

With the right choice of paint, carrying out all the preparatory work, it is possible to paint the bathroom with your own hands and at the same time achieve an excellent result.

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