How to paint walls correctly

Some people, when making repairs in their home, prefer to simply paint interesting walls, instead of gluing wallpapers. Compared with wallpaper, paint is much easier to use, and there is also the opportunity to choose the perfect shade to create a beautiful interior. There is no need to buy special glue. But you must know how to paint walls.

Painting the walls in the bathroom

Painting the walls is much easier and faster to paste the wallpaper, in addition, there is the opportunity to choose the perfect color for the interior.

Paint choice

If you decide to paint the walls in the kitchen or in another room, then the best option will be water dispersion paint. It includes water and small polymer particles. After applying this paint on the surface, it dries to form a film. This film will be a reliable coating that can cope with mechanical damage, high humidity and exposure to ultraviolet rays. So you can paint the walls with such paint in a sunny room without problems. Apply this substance can be applied to almost any surface:

  • plasterboard;
  • concrete;
  • partitions from plywood;
  • wood materials.
Comparison table of paints

Comparative table of paints.

Remember that this paint is not designed for metal surfaces. Water dispersion paint is diverse. The properties are influenced by its basis. The basis is acrylate, latex, polyvinyl acetate. It depends on it technical parameters of the coating. Acrylate bases are practically nothing to be afraid of: no high humidity, no sudden changes in the temperature regime, no mechanical influences. Polyvinyl acetate base is perfectly placed on uneven surfaces.

Unlike others, water-dispersion paints do not produce a sharp odor, and this is most important when working. They can be diluted with simple water, thanks to their liquid consistency they are applied quickly and easily. The drying time is only a few hours.

Palette for coloring

Everyone wants to paint interesting walls. To do this, you must select a color palette. In water-dispersion white paint, you can add the colors of the desired color, which will also give the desired saturation and color depth. Remember that you should immediately pour in the color in the amount of paint that is necessary for painting all the walls, otherwise you can not be able to repeat the shade. Also remember that the paint after drying will change color a little. It is advisable to do test actions on a small section of the wall. After complete drying, you will be able to appreciate the shade.

Drawing paint on the walls of tiles

You can paint with a paint not only on the walls, but also on the tile.

Some people do not rush to paint the walls after they liked the chosen shade. They wait for the night time of the day to see how the color will look in the dark. Often in the daylight, the shade looks much more attractive than at night. Therefore, many take a long time to choose the right color, which will look beautiful both day and night. The fact is that the sun's rays can lighten the shades a little. It is better to spend several hours checking the palette, rather than later repaint everything.

Wall preparation

Scheme of wall preparation for painting

Scheme of preparation of the wall for painting.

Currently, many masters advise pre-wallpaper the walls with wallpaper for painting. An excellent option are thick wallpaper based on nonwoven. They have the property of leveling the walls. Applying this method of painting, you can save yourself from a huge amount of complicated work. It should be noted that the paint can not completely cover all surface irregularities. Therefore, all the walls must be prepared and brought to a normal state.

To do this, remove the old coating, after which the concrete walls are cleaned with a simple detergent, and gypsum boards are simply wiped with a damp cloth. Wait until the surface is completely dry. Then grind the surface using a simple pumice stone or nazhdachku. Apply the first layer of the soil mixture. Carefully check all dents and pits. You can remove them by ordinary putty.

To achieve an ideal surface, 2-3 layers of ground solution must be applied. If the walls are made of plasterboard, then pay special attention to their seams. The places of screws and screws are likewise sealed with putty. It should not be too thick consistency, since with such a mass it will be hard to work. But at the same time, it should not be too liquid, because after drying, cracks may appear. Primer choose the type of paint. Often on sale, along with paint, a primer is suggested for its type.


Like other repair work, the painting has its correct sequence. Initially install the paint tape. It will help mark the borders and keep those places that do not need to be stained clean. It will be much easier for you to paint, since you will not think about boundaries.

Technology покраски стен ванной комнаты

Technology покраски стен ванной комнаты.

Dilute the paint. Disperse the water dispersion into 2 layers. Usually dilute the substance in proportion to water 1: 9. Such proportions will allow the walls to be painted evenly. We start painting from places where the roller can not penetrate. Paint with paint brushes the joints of the ceiling and walls, floors, corner pieces, etc.

Before using the roller, check it. Hairs should not crumble. Dip the roller into the tray and roll it so that the entire roller can soak. The correct direction of painting - from top to bottom, while doing crosswise movements.

Do not paint with horizontal or vertical lines, because there is a high probability that you leave a lot of unpainted parts or there may be traces or streaks of transition.

Observe the following rules:

  1. Apply the paint with cross-shaped or W-shaped movements.
  2. Painting the walls should be from the window in the direction of penetration of the sun's rays.
  3. Apply several layers of paint.
  4. Do not overdo it with layers.
  5. Do not panic if after painting you will see stains, irregularities and much more. As the surface dries, the color will be leveled.
  6. The battery should be painted with a brush with a long handle, after covering the batteries with a plastic film.

If you are a beginner and still have a bad idea of ​​how to paint walls, then start working with the surface that will be as close to the interior as possible.

Initially, training is necessary.

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