How to paste a tile

Nobody will argue that the finish of the bathroom, toilet, kitchen ceramic tiles looks not only beautiful, but also practical. Paste the tile correctly, so that it lasts a long time, it turns out, you can and yourself, without recourse to specialists. To do this, just need to make the necessary efforts and observe the technology of gluing ceramic tiles.

Bathroom tiling

In addition to the floor and walls in the bathroom, you can also tile the screen under the bath and close the pipes.

Before proceeding directly to the finishing process, it is necessary to prepare for it. First, carefully measure all surfaces that will be tiled. Particular attention should be paid to the moment, such as the presence of distortions of walls and floors, which, unfortunately, are found in many houses.

Then you can go to the stores. Tiles must be purchased with a reserve, suddenly several plates will break. In addition to the tiles, you should purchase special glue, grout and plastic crosses - they are intended for aligning the joints. The tool will need a jigsaw, a spatula and a rubber hammer.

It is important not to be mistaken with the choice of an adhesive solution. We will not argue with the fact that specialized adhesives facilitate work and are very convenient to use, but they are applicable only on flat surfaces. If the quality of the walls and floor leaves much to be desired, then it is worth using cement mortar. For its preparation it is necessary to take one part of cement and four - sand.

Stages of laying tiles on the wall

Stages of laying tiles on the wall.

Of course, special glues and mastics also have high-quality products. On well-leveled surfaces, you can safely apply "Bustilat", "PVA", "Glue-sealant", as well as mastics brands "Gumilaks" and "PSB."

Getting to work, first of all, you have to putty the walls, cover existing cracks. On the floor, before laying the tile, it is necessary to make a screed, using cement mortar with sand. Then wait until the screed has dried, and only then glue the tile. To do this, the diluted adhesive is applied with a thin layer using a spatula on the prepared surface, the tile is strongly pressed against the floor and leveled using a rubber hammer. Between the tiles need to insert plastic crosses in order to maintain clearances. Similarly, glue ceramic tiles and walls.

After a while, after the glue has dried, the plastic crosses are removed, and the seams are rubbed with the grout. Wet cloth will bring the final marathon.

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