How to properly assemble a shower cabin

How to assemble the shower? Many people ask this question. You can use the help of a specialist or build yourself.

Shower scheme

The scheme of a shower cabin.

Preparation for work

The assembly includes an assembly instruction, but it is rather difficult to understand, especially if it was the first time to encounter a similar one. Therefore, it is necessary to understand this process, it will allow to assemble the shower cabin yourself.

Before starting work, prepare. First of all, make sure that the floor surface meets the requirements. At this stage, it is necessary to level it, if necessary, and waterproofing. Shower cabin is installed only on a flat floor.

Tools for mounting the shower enclosure

Tools for mounting the shower.

Having eliminated the problems with the bathroom, you need to acquire tools and materials that will help you assemble the product:

  • sharp knife;
  • set of wrenches;
  • crosshead screwdriver;
  • building level;
  • silicone sealant;
  • washers having a hole M16;
  • good and high quality siphon;
  • gloves;
  • brushes;
  • paint.

Armed with inventory, you can start work.

Start assembly

After the purchase of the product should not immediately ask the question: how to assemble the shower? Bringing goods into the house, you need to unpack it and check the availability of all the items that should be included. It is important to make sure that the product was delivered safely, and the elements are not defective. The glasses deserve special attention, because they are very fragile. If they already have cracks or damage, it is better to replace them. This will avoid problems during operation.

As for other components, for example, accessories, it comes complete with a shower. In some cases, it is necessary to separately purchase washers and other elements for connection. In the rest of the same problems should not arise, and the assembly will not be problematic.

The scheme of installation of the shower tray

The scheme of installation of the shower tray.

How to assemble the shower? The solution to the problem begins with the assembly of the pallet. The procedure is as follows. The drip tray must be turned over, holes in front of you will appear. They are necessary for the installation of legs. Collect them by screwing the studs into these places. At work it is necessary to be accurate. The studs should be screwed to the end, without damaging the base of the pallet. If further you need to disassemble the shower, then the studs will not be required. You can screw them to the maximum. Washers are mounted on the installed studs.

After the completion of this work, it is necessary to put the frame on the pallet. For shower rooms, whose pallet consists of fiberglass, you will need to install a lining. It is welded, but in such a way that the main side does not face the shower tray. Otherwise, there is a risk of skewing the entire structure. For the seat of the main leg, located in the center, there is a special nut. It is located on the short support of the cabin.

Next, you need to pull to the wooden bars fasteners, for which self-tapping screws are used. Do not immediately tighten the bolts. This must be done after all the screws have been screwed. If this step is not done correctly, the shower cabin will be skewed. After that, you can go to the legs and adjust them. In this case, it is better to perform work with the help of a building level.

Siphon installation

The pallet is in the assembled state, its legs have been adjusted. Now you need to take care of installing the screen. This can also be read by looking in the instructions on how to assemble the shower. However, it is better to abandon the advice that is suggested by manufacturers in the manual. This is explained by one practical setting: during the assembly of the rest of the design, the screen will be superfluous, which will create difficulty in picking. At this stage, only need to prepare the brackets, fix them.

Next, you need to pay attention to such a small element as a foot siphon. It is necessary to ensure the closed surface of the pallet. To install it, you need only a water key.

Wall installation

Assembling the shower cubicle

Assembling the shower.

Before collecting a shower, everyone can face a problem: the cockpit windows do not have a markup, which makes it difficult to deal with its sides. The answer to this problem is simple: there are more holes in the upper part of the glass. A similar situation with guides. In the upper part, wide elements are used, and in the lower part - thinner products. The presence of a special edge allows you to easily cope with the insertion of glass in the guides.

After insertion, the guides must be treated with a sealant. This condition is mandatory. This will protect the cabin, extending its service life and giving it reliability. After processing with a sealant, it is possible to screw the glass with screws.

Then you need to proceed to the arches and racks. Their binding is performed from below and from above, for which self-tapping screws are also needed. On the glass, you need to put on seals. After that, the pallet is subjected to the treatment in the places where it is adjacent to the guides. In this case, you should be careful: the sealant should not overlap the drain. The material is applied to the joints of the side panels, and then to the entire surface of the pallet in the appropriate places.

After the completion of the previous work, you can safely proceed to collect the side panels. To perform their installation, you will need washers, screws and the tools necessary for working with them. On the pallet there are holes necessary for screwing self-tapping screws. Using the self-tapping screws and washers, the panels are installed. After their installation, the back panel and the joint of the cabin are smeared with silicone sealant. When fixing self-tapping screws, do not immediately tighten them to the maximum position. Otherwise, when answering the question about how to disassemble the shower, it will take a lot of effort to unscrew them, without damaging the surfaces. Do not tighten them immediately, because you will need adjustment to begin with. During the adjustment, care should be taken as the surfaces of the cabin are rather fragile.

After that you need to install the roller parts, and on the door - put on the seals. Only after these steps are the installation of elements. When the doors are in their places, they need to be adjusted to ensure that the parts are firmly closed. At the end, the plugs required for the roller mechanism are installed.

The last part of the cabin is a roof. Do not rush to install it, because it is better to first build it. To do this, you need to install a backlight, a watering can, a ventilation system and a speaker. After that, you can already put the lid in the proper place and perform its fastening with screws and screws. To impart greater structural strength, several holes can be made in the cover. This will make the product more reliable.


The assembly work has been completed. If in the course of operation any malfunctions associated with improper assembly are identified, you can disassemble the shower at any time, following the reverse algorithm. Now we must finish the process of assembly.

The fittings are installed, if it was not installed yet during the assembly of the main elements of the product. With handles, shelves and mirrors, there will be no problems, since there is nothing difficult in this. In the attachment to the watering can of the pipe, which provides the inflow of water, there is nothing too complicated. However, it is necessary to take care of the water withdrawal, and if there are no corresponding communication pipes, then it is necessary to cut into the existing system.

Connecting the device to the communications is not the last thing to do at this stage. It is important to work to seal the entire cabin once more if it is suspected that some parts have been poorly treated.

Next, you need to check the location of the shower: if it takes an uneven position, then you need to adjust the legs of the pallet or put a wooden bar under them.

Thus, the shower is assembled and ready for further operation. At the first use it is necessary to pay attention to its position, it sways or is exactly. With proper performance of the work and connection of all functions of the device, the shower cabin will only bring joy.

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