How to properly clean the bath at home

Clean the bath at home is not difficult, if only to know what tools to use and how to perform cleaning. The modern market is replete with all kinds of means and preparations intended for a special coating, for example, an acrylic bath. However, wondering what to clean, do not forget about the improvised tools that are good at this job.

Bathroom cleaning

Whatever the bath was clean and for a long time kept its snow-white appearance, it must be washed and bleached.

General information

The first group of agents are abrasive substances, or powders. They have good efficiency, however, when using them, some negative aspects may appear. The first disadvantage is that the use of such means involves applying a great deal of effort to wipe off contamination. In addition, abrasive cleaning agents are well suited for steel or cast iron baths, but are not at all suitable for acrylic or enameled.

Powders for bath cleaning

Bath cleaning powders are suitable for cast iron and steel baths, but are not suitable for acrylic and enamel baths.

The second category consists of liquid preparations made on the basis of acids. They have good efficiency, suitable for steel and cast iron surfaces. However, strong alkali should not be used for an acrylic bath, this also hurts it. In addition, such tools are quite dangerous, therefore it is necessary to use protective devices, and after cleaning, the surface should be thoroughly rinsed with water.

The next type of product is spirits based on an alcohol base. They are well suited for acrylic baths, the cleaning principle is very simple - it should be sprayed on the contaminated surface, then gently wipe with a cloth.

If the acrylic bath is heavily soiled, liquid preparations can be used, but they should be left for a short while, after which they should be washed off quickly. The so-called folk remedies constitute a separate category.

For each type of contamination, a suitable type for cleaning can be made. So, for a cast-iron bath you can make a solution from toilet soap and soda. With strong impurities, a mixture of soda and a few drops of ammonia will help. A similar mixture is applied with a nylon brush.

Surface cleaning

Liquid cleaners and sprays

Liquid detergents and sprays are suitable for cleaning acrylic and enamel baths.

This type is often found, so it's worth starting with. To remove even the most severe contaminants there are devices and substances for cleaning. The algorithm of the process is quite simple: in the place where the contamination is present, the preparation is applied on an alkaline basis.

Next, the drug should be left for a while, it is usually indicated on the product. After the time has elapsed, the drug is washed off, if necessary, these actions are repeated. When working, you must follow the precautionary measures. To avoid inhaling, use a respirator. With direct contact with the tool, it will not be superfluous to wear gloves.

With regard to the devices used, it is not recommended for the enamel coating to use sponges with abrasive qualities and trowels of metal. Such cleaning will result in the formation of scratches and other defects, or the enamel layer will decrease. It is not recommended to use funds intended for cleaning toilet bowls. This practice is common among housewives, and it is erroneous. The composition of the agent includes aggressive elements, in particular, some acids. Their effect on enamel is very negative.

Separately, it is necessary to say about the lime scale. In this case, a good assistant at home is acetic or citric acid. One of these tools needs to process the problem areas of the enamel bath, after which the object is left for a while. Then the surface is washed with water. It is important to note that before using both acids, they should be diluted in water.

Acrylic bath

Folk remedies

Acetic and citric acid perfectly bleach without damaging the surface of the bath.

The use of acrylic surfaces made it possible to make the process of showering and bathing more enjoyable. Before the usual types of bathtubs they have a number of advantages - such surfaces are always warm, they will never become dull and after a while of use on the acrylic bath there will be no cracks. However, such a surface does not withstand hot water, the surface is easily scratched, which requires a special paste to remove them. In addition, one should not soak laundry in them using detergent. Such a surface and relationship requires a different. Therefore, in order to clean the bath at home, it is necessary to select other means. As in the previous case, aggressive and abrasive preparations should not be used.

The best means to clean the bath at home is the usual detergent. Application is carried out with a rag or a sponge. But what to clean the acrylic bath, if there was a calcareous attack? In this case, you need to take a cleaning powder and use a nylon brush.

Thus, with proper preparation and the right choice of cleaning agent, the question of how to clean the bathtub will not arise.

It is important only for a certain type of surface to choose a suitable preparation and tool for cleaning.

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