How to properly disassemble a water tap

All plumbing fixtures have a certain service life, which depends on the conditions for their proper operation and maintenance. Are not an exception and water faucets.If you know how to disassemble the tap correctly, you can extend the life of this device several times.

Scheme of the faucet

Diagram of a water tap.

Types of cranes

To understand the device cranes, you need to know what types they are divided. At the moment there are 2 main types of water supply faucets:

  • valve;
  • lever.

To be able to disassemble any faucets, you need to know their device. All valve valves have different mechanisms that allow to block the flow of liquid. In older models, there is a fairly simple device that is equipped with a rubber gasket blocking the opening of the water current.

Wear of similar rubber gaskets occurs quite quickly, but also their replacement is not very difficult. The modern design of the ball valve has ceramic locking devices that are very resistant to wear and can easily be replaced.

Single-lever mixer circuit

Single-lever mixer circuit.

In the lever mechanisms is a special locking device, which is called the cartridge. By its design, such a crane is a more complex mechanism, unlike a faucet mixer. The advantages of such a device are the ability to adjust the temperature and water feed rate with one hand. In the event that both hands are dirty, you can always make a crane opening with your elbow.

Moreover, such a device allows for a smooth adjustment of water and is more durable. Repair of such a crane is quite simple, you need to remove the damaged cartridge and replace it with a new one. Complexity can arise if the cartridge becomes sour, which can lead to its inability to be removed. To avoid this, you must moisten it with kerosene and wait 30-40 minutes.

Disassembly process

Modern faucet mixers are made of special lock boxes (crane-box). To disassemble the water tap, you need to stock up the following tool:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • slotted screwdriver;
  • crosshead screwdriver;
  • knife.

Such a tool should be available in every home, so difficulties with its availability should not arise. It is better not to use other improvised means, so as not to break the gaskets and not to crush the threaded branches.

Replacing the old mixer

Scheme replacement old mixer.

It is first necessary to remove the plastic plug, which closes the mounting screws of the valve. Then, to disassemble the ball valve, it is necessary to unfasten the valve. It can be fixed not only with screws, but also with the help of plastic rings.

After the valve has been removed, it is necessary to use the adjustable wrench. With its help, it is necessary to unscrew the crane-axle. This is done in the opposite direction of the movement of the clockwise direction. Before disassembling the tap, it is necessary to close the supply of cold and hot water to the risers.

In the lower part of the ball valve (axle box) a gasket of rubber should be installed, it performs sealing properties. When a faucet has a small leak, it often requires replacement. This gasket is fixed with screw connections. After unscrewing them, you can replace it.

Replacement parts

The replacement of such a gasket must be carried out exactly according to its dimensions, A deviation in either direction can lead to water leakage. If, however, the replacement of the ball valve padding does not help to fix the malfunction, then it is necessary to disassemble the bumper. Very often it happens that between the ceramic parts of the crane-axle are the mote, which is in large quantities in the water. Such specks can interfere closely with the ceramic parts and cause a gap between them. A gap the size of a human hair can cause the presence of large water leaks.

However, it is necessary to remove such impurities from the body of the axle box as quickly as possible so that the nadir on the ceramic parts does not form. In the event that this happened, then it will be impossible to save the crane-axle. It will need to be completely replaced.

Older ball valve designs are equipped with plastic gaskets that prevent the presence of possible water spills between the axle and the mixer. This gasket is not maintainable and requires a complete replacement.

After replacing the damaged parts or the entire box, the mixer must be assembled in the reverse order. The tightening of the entire mechanism should be carried out not very strongly, in order not to further prevent its dismantling and damage the thread.

Repair of machinery

To disassemble the faucet lever is not an easy task. The reason is that they have a very fragile construction. To disassemble it, you need to have certain skills and have a full hand.

If the lever mixer has started to drip or there was its leakage it is better to address to the expert. He will be able to disassemble a tap of this type quite quickly and easily, since he has certain skills and abilities. When there is no fear that the whole water supply will be damaged, you can repair it yourself.

If you disassemble the faucet with the lever mechanism with your own resources, this will help to save your own time and financial resources. But it is necessary to perform such work very carefully and carefully, so as not to damage the entire mixer.

In doing so, it must be remembered that the selection of all components must be performed only on similar original parts. This will help simplify the replacement procedure and extend the life of the mixer.

Acquire all spare parts should be in the specialized stores of sanitary products and valves on water. Sales consultants will be able to provide expert assistance in selecting the necessary parts and selecting the necessary gaskets. The difference in the size of the gasket at least by 0.5 mm can serve as a possible appearance of water leaks.

So that later there are no problems with repairing the mixers, they must be carefully maintained. To do this, you should not allow sharp opening / closing of its locking parts. Such sudden movements will lead to a rapid damage to the gaskets.

Moreover, this can cause displacement of the entire mixer design and lead to damage to the water supply hoses. In this case, simply replacing the gasket can not be dispensed with. We will have to replace the whole water supply mechanism. It is also recommended to install coarse filters, which will prevent the entry of various contaminants on the rubbing parts of the mixer.

Even the best quality mixer can sooner or later fail.

But if you know how to properly disassemble a water tap, you can save money on repairs.

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