How to properly install a bath

Repair in the bathroom ends with the installation of plumbing. Let this last stage of work, but it is one of the most important. Plumbing installation works do not cause any special difficulties (they can be done by yourself, without involving a specialist), but require diligence and diligence, so that later there are no problems. Installing the bath yourself will not take long, the main thing is to approach the work with responsibility and prepare all the necessary tools in advance so as not to be distracted from the installation.

A bath installed in the home

It is necessary to install the bath very carefully, since it, though cumbersome, has a gentle enamel.


There are 3 types of baths:

  1. Steel. A classic attribute of the bathroom. The price policy of a steel bath allows you to purchase it for almost anyone. Another of its virtues is that it has a relatively small weight. But there are drawbacks. The water in the steel bath is recruited noisily and cools quickly.
  2. Cast-iron. Such baths are able to retain heat for a long time and have a long operating period.
  3. Acrylic. This type of bath has a low weight and low noise level. The construction market offers a large lineup.

Tools and materials

To carry out plumbing work will require:

Tools for bath installation

Tools for bath installation.

  • a hammer;
  • screwdrivers;
  • Bulgarian;
  • zubilo;
  • gas key;
  • sealant (silicone);
  • paint;
  • cement mortar;
  • mounting foam;
  • gofra;
  • siphon;
  • insulation tape.

This set of tools is used when installing any type of bathtub.

Preparation of premises

Before you install the bath yourself, you need to prepare a room. If the repair is done in the old apartment, it is necessary first to dismantle the old bath, and then proceed to evaluate the premises. It is necessary to determine the location where the bath will be installed.

Installation of a frame for a bath

Installation of the frame for the bath.

Install the bath as before laying the finishing tiles on the walls, and after. The difference lies in the fact that when mounting the bath before the finishing works, the joint (between the wall and the bathroom) will not look so bright. The joint seam is covered by the tile itself. If the plumbing is installed when there is already tile on the walls, sealing by the place of contact with the wall is carried out with the aid of special plinths.

Before installing the bath, check the condition of the sewer system. It is necessary to check all joints, to clean the places damaged by corrosion (if the sewer pipes are made of iron), and paint.

It is desirable to install the bath when pipes with hot and cold water have already been installed to the place of its installation, and a drainage system is also installed.


Installation of the bath with your own hands will be much quicker and easier if you follow the sequence of work stages.

Initially, the strapping is done, although you can use a conventional siphon as well. In comparison with the siphon, the strapping has the additional possibility: with its help it is possible to control the level of filling and draining the water. The mechanism of its work is that by means of a lever a cable is pulled, which, in turn, acts on the lever located in the neck of the drain. The action of the latter causes the plug to be lowered or raised to cover the drain.

General scheme of bath installation

The general scheme of installation of a bath.

Strapping для ванны включает в себя несколько различных устройств, которые изготавливаются из металла, пластика или их комбинации.

The plastic product is considered practical and does not cause any special difficulties during the installation process. Such plumbing fixtures are resistant to external stimuli (hot water, chemicals), they have a long service life and a low price. The disadvantages include fragility and defects (burrs), which are formed on the product in the manufacturing process. Therefore, in order to prevent leakage during further operation, the defects must be cleaned independently.

Metal strapping is most often made of stainless steel, copper and brass. They require precise adjustment of the system elements during installation, rapid walling of internal walls and expensive.

Assemble the harness according to the instructions in the instructions that are attached to it when purchasing. In addition, you need to properly install rubber gaskets designed for joints. The joint points are coated with a sealant.


To the metal bath, attach the legs that come with it, and install it in a specially designated place for it. To the bath does not stagger, it needs to be centered. This can be done with the help of a locking nail, which is driven into the base of the metal leg fastener. If included, you can use a special adjusting mechanism. Now you can push it close to the wall and check again for stability. If everything is in order, close the gap between the wall and the bath in your preferred way.

There is an alternative method of installation, which involves the replacement of the usual support legs on the brickwork.

The scheme of installation of a bathroom on a brick basis

The scheme of installation of a bathroom on a brick basis.

In accordance with the size of the bath along its perimeter is laid a brick, the bathroom is installed in the received groove. The variant is reliable and practical, since the design is stable. In addition, the installation of a bath with your own hands in this way allows you to independently select the required height, on which it will be located. Another point that requires special attention is grounding. It is necessary for safety reasons, therefore it is better to use ready-made industrial grounding, which is sold in construction stores.

Ранее собранную обвязку подводят к насухо вытертым отверстиям слива и перелива. Обвязку и гофру соединяют между собой, при этом между ними устанавливается конусовидная прокладка. Installation практически завершен, остается только проверить стыки на течь.

Installation of acrylic

Acrylic bathtubs can be of various shapes and come complete with decorative panels. For this reason, the installation of the bath is done according to the design features. The steps for the correct assembly and installation for each particular model are described in detail in the attached instructions. If you briefly go through the stages of the required works, which are typical for all acrylic baths, then:

Acrylic bath installation scheme

Scheme of installation of acrylic bath.

  • establish a frame-frame;
  • make installation and fixing of the bowl of the pallet;
  • install decorative panels.

When buying an acrylic bath is worth paying attention to the fact that quality sanitary ware of this type in its kit has only 4 angular supports for installing the bath. Those bowls that imply installation on more supports are less qualitative.

The further installation process is carried out in accordance with the instructions, but it is similar to the method of installing steel or cast iron baths. It should also be centered and treated with silicone sealant.

For acrylic bathtubs you need to use siphons drain and overflow, made of chrome or brass materials. The system of operation of the drain valves for closing and opening must be semi-automatic.

Acrylic baths can be insulated. This requires a mounting foam, which is applied over the entire surface of the bowl after attaching the legs. For better adhesion of the mounting foam and acrylic, it is recommended to moisten the bowl of the bath.

Upon completion of installation, check for leaks and joints of the overflow system. This completes the installation of the bath with our own hands.

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