How to properly install a siphon for a sink

You go to put a siphon for the sink: how to establish what and in what order to do? The installation of a siphon for a shell only at first glance seems hopelessly confusing. An inexperienced person usually pays attention to a lot of details that cause panic. But, if you carefully read the instructions first, panic should be unleashed.

Kinds of sanitary siphons

Kinds of sanitary siphons.

The list of questions that excite a beginner plumber, trying to understand how to sort out unnecessary or minor details, is huge. However, unnecessary details do not exist, at least in the equipment of factory production, and questions disappear as soon as they are answered.


Selection сантехники зависит, конечно, от ваших финансовых возможностей. В данном случае будем исходить из того, что читателю необходим обычный сифон для раковины, размещаемый в кухне или ванной комнате.

If you buy a sink in a specialized store, then most often it is equipped with a siphon. If the sinks in the kitchen and in the bathroom are already standing and there is only a siphon missing, then it is necessary to solve other problems.

Siphons for the sink can be plastic or metal. If to argue from the point of view of pragmatism, it is better to acquire a plastic one: it is easy to install, it can be fitted almost to any shell.

Siphon device layout

Scheme of siphon device.

In addition, the siphons are categorized by the diameter of the sink drain hole. For single-hole washbasins, which are designed for small-diameter sewage, siphons are installed at 32 mm. They are compact and are the most common. Most often they are installed on the sinks in the bathrooms. A drain opening of 40 mm is necessary for large sizes of sewage pipes.

The small-diameter siphon includes a threaded pipe that is pressed with a metal insert, a rubber gasket of the branch pipe, plastic nuts of nominal diameter, a rubber cuff, a cuff made of soft plastic with a skirt, a metal screw, a steel drain plate, a rubber decorative gasket, a bottle , that is, the body of the siphon, the lower plug with a rubber gasket, a rubber overhead drain plug.

The composition of the components siphons of different diameters are practically the same. In larger diameter, more decorative elements are possible.

Most often in shops two types of siphons are sold: knee and bottle.

Bottle justifies its name, because it looks like a bottle in which the drained water is delayed. It is used for sinks, it is usually installed under the sink and connected to a sewage pipe.

The knee siphon is a curved pipe that has an s-and u-shaped bend. They are used for toilets, bathtubs and shower cabins.

When buying a kit, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of instructions and the absence of damage on all the details, and especially on the bottom plug with a rubber gasket, since it will assume the greatest pressure of water coming down.


Siphon connection scheme

Scheme of siphon connection.

Any new work for you is better to learn from the basics and the simplest example, so the following is an algorithm for mounting a 32 mm bottle siphon:

Installation сифона должна проходить снизу вверх, поэтому начинать нужно с нижней пробки. Проверьте корпусную резьбу, прежде всего, ее нижнюю стыковочную часть. Если на ней есть дефекты в виде острых выступов, зачистите их острым ножом.

The ring gasket must be installed in the groove, pre-lubricated with a sealant. Screw the stopper all the way in, but do not press hard to stop threading.

The installation of the siphon must always be carried out in the form of a rigid assembly using a full or fragmented drain pipe, although the use of a soft corrugated pipe is also acceptable, since during installation it can be stretched to the required length. The corrugated pipe is mobile and allows the maneuver with different versions of the connection of the washing device.

In addition, such pipes can be produced not only for different diameters, but also in a universal version, designed for a wide range of sizes. When any assembly is necessary to avoid sagging. This is achieved by minimizing the length of the sections located horizontally.

Installation сифона на раковину имеет свои сложности. Монтаж в этой части следует начинать с установки сливной решетки в раковину. Закручиваем ее снизу, подсоединяем к стоку сифон и закрепляем запорную гайку. Главное - не перекрутить, иначе через какое-то время резьба сорвется и сифон упадет.

When installing the drain grid, it is necessary to install gaskets on both sides of the drain hole of the sink. From the bottom is attached a branch pipe with a gasket, and above (under the grate) - a separate gasket.

The simplest way was described of how to install a siphon, which is supposed to match the diameter of the drain holes of the sinks. In this case, the instruction will be a good helper. With the modern variety of sanitary equipment, the mismatch of its parameters is possible.

In this case it is necessary either to attract a specialist who will make a fit, or to pick up equipment of suitable diameters and sizes in the store.

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