How to properly install plumbing

As you know, in every home for a cozy residence installed plumbing equipment. Thanks to plumbing devices, people can use water, taking a shower, preparing breakfast and so on. Plumbing can make housing comfortable and cozy.

Plumbing installation

When installing plumbing, close the valves and drain the water from the pipeline.

As a rule, install plumbing professionals who are versed in this matter. However, the installation of plumbing is carried out with their own hands is not too heavy, so if you want to do everything yourself, then boldly proceed.

Quality materials

You will need:

Wiring diagram of toilet bowl

Scheme of connection of a toilet bowl: 1 - outlet of a toilet bowl; 2 - rubber cuff; 3 - device connection; 4 - branch; 5 - a branch pipe; 6 - a two-plane crosspiece.

  • washing;
  • siphons;
  • corrugated adapters;
  • electric drill;
  • silicone sealant;
  • perforator;
  • drills with winning tacks;
  • plastic cornice.

Sufficiently popular plumbing equipment used in residential buildings: a sink, toilet, shower. With the help of these items a person has the opportunity to carry out any procedures related to water, as comfortable as possible.

If you want to install the plumbing yourself, then you will need to purchase new equipment and tools in advance.

In addition, before you repair the plumbing yourself, you should know at least about how the process is carried out. Otherwise, difficulties may arise during the installation of the device. And, of course, you should have free time, because if repair by yourself is done for the first time, then complication can arise.

So, proceed with the installation of plumbing. It will be easier for you to carry out the process with the assistant, who will submit materials / tools, and will hold the devices. Partner does not need to understand the installation of equipment. If you replace the toilet in the toilet, then keep in mind that this will take time.

During the purchase of the devices, see that the kit contains all the necessary parts. It's about washing, siphons, corrugated adapters (with their help you will make the installation of the drain hole). To qualitatively perform the installation of sanitary ware, you still need to use silicone sealant. With the help of this material, you can at any time to seal the sewage.

In addition, the sealant is used during the installation of siphons, so that you can prevent fluid leakage. And the sealant is indispensable when installing the toilet bowl (when you cover the gaps between the pipes and the toilet).

Use of silicone

Siphon connection scheme

Scheme of siphon connection: 1 - Siphon housing, 2 - Tap, 3 - Corner, 4 - Spout, 5 - Pipe.

If it happens that you can not make the installation of the toilet bowl in the same way as the old one was installed, because of the formed corner, then silicone should be used to seal the gaps. When you will assemble the toilet bowl in a complete system, apply silicone directly to the cuffs. Thanks to this procedure, there will never be a liquid between the toilet bowl and the tank.

Silicone, which turns into a rubbery mixture, can perfectly seal the gaps. If you pick up the sealant under the color of the cabin, then the water will not fall under the shower and will drain to where it is needed. Using a sealant, you can repair the gaps between the tile and the edge. With the help of this, water will flow down the tile, and then into the bath.

To seal the seams between the tile and the bathroom, use a plastic cornice (as a rule, it is used during the installation of plastic lining).

If you decide to repair the plumbing yourself, then you will need power tools, which will make you work quickly and efficiently. During installation of the toilet bowl, use an electric drill, a perforator, drills with a winning tap. Drill holes in the tile you can with a drill, and drill a hole in a wall of the same diameter. Of course, you can only use a drill with a fight, but in that case you will need to drill for a long time, and you will expend more effort.

To ensure that the plumbing equipment has been in service for a long time, be sure to clean the liquid coming to you. If you properly clean the water, then it will not have any additions and impurities.

Functional Testing

As soon as you repair the plumbing, do not forget to check its functionality. After the silicone has dried (it takes about 30 minutes), open the faucets and let the water run out. At the toilet bowl, set the level of the liquid to be collected and make sure that the float is closed by the water supply valve, and only then install the lid of the tank. That's all the repair of plumbing, no difficulties, you just need to have the desire to do the work with your own hands.

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