How to properly install the bathroom and toilet doors

Installation of the door to the bathroom and toilet requires special care and responsibility. There are two basic rules that should be considered before deciding whether to install a bathroom door. First, at the bottom, between the floor and the door to the bathroom, there must be a gap for sufficient ventilation. Secondly, in these rooms it is necessary to equip the sheds, which would prevent the flow of water in the event of a flood.

Doors in the bathroom

Doors in the bathroom should have a gap for ventilation of the room.

Door selection

First you need to decide on the choice of the bathroom and toilet. To do this, measure the width and height of the door frame. The height of all interior doors is 2050 mm, and the width is 600 mm, 700 mm, 800 mm or 900 mm.

A big role is played by the door material:

  • glass;
  • plastic with a moisture-proof film;
  • wood varnished or painted;
  • laminated on top of chipboard and MDF.
Glass doors in the bathroom

Glass is resistant to deformations, moisture and high temperature, it is an environmentally friendly material that does not let sound and keeps heat.

Glass - the most suitable material for the door to the bathroom. This material is resistant to deformations, water and high temperature. In addition, glass - an environmentally friendly material, does not miss sound and well retains heat in the room.

Glass for doors can be opaque, toned, relief, mirror, decorated with plastic or metal inserts. Glass doors have become very popular due to not only their excellent characteristics, but also fashion design.

PVC doors are not subjected to chemical attack, ignition, deformation under the influence of high temperatures, and are also resistant to high humidity. The plastic keeps the heat well and has excellent sound insulation. PVC doors are quite diverse in form and color. Special surface coatings imitate various materials: wood, marble, glass. On its merits plastic slightly inferior to glass, and a low price makes them affordable for a wide range of consumers.

Wooden doors are the most expensive and reliable option. But this classic design very easily absorbs water, which is not suitable for the bathroom.

Doors chipboard and MDF - the most popular option for modern repair. These structures can withstand high humidity, do not deform and have a low cost. But for the bathroom, it is better to choose plastic or glass doors.

If the door to the bathroom is located close to the door of the kitchen or another room, it is better to install the door-compartment. Such a design will be convenient to use and interesting.

To install doors, you need tools and materials, such as:

Door scheme from MDF

Door scheme from MDF

  • perforator;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • stool;
  • statue;
  • building level;
  • mounting knife;
  • fountain drill;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • mounting foam;
  • colored and transparent silicone;
  • wooden and plastic substrates;
  • cloves under cash.


The process of installing doors consists of the following stages:

  1. Assembling the box.
  2. Installation коробки в дверной проем.
  3. Fixing the door leaf.
  4. Steaming the box.
  5. Cutting handles and locks.
  6. Installation наличников

To begin with, it is necessary to assemble the whole structure on a horizontal surface in order to avoid further distortions and unevenness.

The scheme of installation of a door leaf in a box

The scheme of installation of a door leaf in a box

The assembly process includes the following steps:

  1. Lay out the components of the door frame on the floor.
  2. Make the necessary dimensions of the box for the width and height of the opening.
  3. Make markings for canopies and fix them. To do this, cut the grooves on the box and the door with a chisel.
  4. Assemble the box, fixing all parts with screws.
  5. Install the box in the doorway. To fix the box in the opening, use plastic wedges.
  6. Check the evenness of the structure using a vertical plumb or level and make adjustments.

When the box is properly assembled and installed, the main task is completed!

Now you can hang the door on it. The wedges between the door and the box are inserted into the wedges, so that the box is well wedged from the inside. Now it is necessary to fix the box securely in the doorway. To do this, use a mounting foam, the cylinder of which is equipped with a gun. Such a solution will allow evenly filling all voids between surfaces.

Before use, the mounting foam should be placed in a warm place for 24 hours, but the mixture should not reach a temperature above 30 ° C. Mating surfaces should be moistened with water to ensure that the foam is well seized. The adhesive composition is thoroughly shaken in a balloon and applied to the joints. The adhesive mixture should be blown a thin layer, as it increases in size when it solidifies. The treated opening should be left for a day to dry.

The next day, you can safely open the doors and proceed to insert handles and latches. The process should be performed as follows:

Installation ручки и замка

After installing the door, the handle and the lock are installed.

  1. Mark the place of the future mechanism.
  2. Carry out a hole by installing a fountain drill of the correct size on the drill: typically 16 or 18.
  3. To install the lock on the end of the door leaf, use a chisel to make a groove.
  4. Drill a hole for the handle from the front.
  5. In the formed holes, insert the handle mechanism with the latch and fix it with screws.

The platbands are installed with screws around the perimeter of the door frame. All joints are treated with silicone. In the end, the finished structure can be covered with varnish or paint.

Special Recommendations

The walls of the bathroom and toilet are usually thin, 4-5 cm. Therefore, the box should be 1.5 cm larger.

In the doorway of the bathroom, as a rule, a paddle height of 5 cm, which prevents the outflow of water in the event of a flood, is made. The technology in the bathroom should also have a gap of 5 cm at the bottom between the door and the door. Thus, in order to properly install the doors in the bathroom, you must fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • Install the door frame 10 cm higher than the other doors;
  • Cut the door leaf.
Marking when installing a door into a box

Marking when installing the door in a box.

As for increasing the doorway, not every design can be expanded. If there is a steel strip above the opening of the bathroom, which carries the load on the frame of the room, then such a doorway can not be expanded. If the integrity of the carcass is broken, walls may break down or cracks may appear.

If the bathroom is made of plasterboard, then the expansion of the opening is possible with the help of a Bulgarian.

Do not cut veneer doors from chipboard, as the material can exfoliate with time. Door leaf, covered with MDF and having inside the coniferous shavings, too, can not be shortened. In this case, the door can simply crumble.

The procedure for shortening the doors is possible for wooden doors. But, as it was said above, the doors to install from this material are not the best option for a damp room.

The best solution to this issue will be to purchase a design of the right size - a door leaf with a height of 190 cm and a door frame width of 6.5-7 cm.

The choice of the door structure and the correct installation of the box is a responsible procedure, on which the durability of the door depends.

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