How to properly install the shower steam generator

To date, many people prefer to install a shower in the bathroom during the repair. And more often than not such plan of a cabin are supplied with all necessary additional elements. These include all sorts of massagers, installations for regulating water start-up and the like.

Diagram of shower enclosure

Diagram of the shower enclosure.

Considering the fact that, most often when installing a hydromassage shower enclosure, the presence of a standard bath is completely excluded, it is advisable to provide for the presence of a steam generator. As a rule, connecting such an accessory with your own hands to the shower cabin will ensure the presence of steam, which will help to feel exactly as in a good sauna.

Steam generator selection

Electric scheme of a shower cabin with a steam generator

Electric scheme of a shower cabin with a steam generator.

Installation of the steam generator of the shower enclosure during the repair assumes initially its choice. The market produces a large number of steam generators. Most often they are sold separately from the booth itself. Therefore it is important to be able to install the steam generator yourself. But first you need to choose the correct steam generator.

Most steam generators are powered by electrical energy. The generators of this type are divided into ten, electrode and induction. The main difference in the method of heating water in the generator and converting it into steam. Induction models use radiation that can instantly heat water, turning it into steam. Thetone works from a heating element. But the electrode steam generators produce heating of the liquid by means of electrodes, which begin to move and heat the water from the stress.

Therefore, if you have good wiring (you need to check it during the repair of the room), then you can choose an electrode steam generator. If not a very strong voltage - it is more preferable to stop on an induction or tenovym device. The second will cost a little cheaper.

Absolutely any type of steam generator for the shower consists of a control panel and a main body. The panel includes all the necessary elements for connection. The main body is a small tank, which, when liquid enters it, generates steam. The internal surface of such a body can be equipped with a thermometer, a water temperature regulator and a meter of its level.

To choose a quality steam generator for the shower cubicle, you should carefully inspect all the elements for the absence of cracks and other defects. It is also advisable to compare the presence of elements with the instruction. After all, the lack of at least one detail can make the steam generator faulty, then premature repair can not be avoided.

Tools and choice of location

The scheme of connection of a shower cabin to a waterpipe

The scheme of connection of a shower cabin to a waterpipe.

So, the shower cubicle is installed, the steam generator is purchased. It's time to take up the installation. To perform work qualitatively and as quickly as possible, you need to have an arsenal of necessary tools for work. You will definitely need:

  • instructions and diagram for installing the generator;
  • a hammer;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • dwelling;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • rubber gaskets;
  • plastic pipe;
  • сливная труба;
  • Flexible hose (can be made of metal).

Now you can proceed with the installation. Installation of the steam generator for the shower enclosure should be carried out in several stages, observing clearly their sequence. Do not rush everything quickly so as not to provoke repair before the deadline.

The components of the shower enclosure with the steam generator

The components of the shower enclosure with the steam generator.

The first step is to select the location of the steam generator. Just before the repair, select a specific location. This is the most important point in the work. After all, the safety of the installation and the quality of the generator will depend on it. As a rule, the device should be installed not in the bathroom, but nearby. The closet and the corridor are best. Please note that the distance from the bathroom should not exceed 50 m. Therefore, even if you have a large house, do not put the generator far.

Directly at the installation site, there must be access to the water pipe and electricity. Please note that electricity and water must not be contacted, so let the place for the electrical part be located on the opposite side of the water pipe and slightly above its level.

It is important to observe the minimum distance from the floor and walls. It is better to provide a special podstavochku, which will separate the generator body from the walls and floor at equal distances, approximately 45 cm. If you have purchased a wall model, you can simply hang it. To do this, holes are drilled in the wall, into which are dowels and self-tapping screws with hooks, for which the body is suspended.

Connecting to networks

Scheme connecting the steam generator to the water supply system

Scheme connecting the steam generator to the water supply system.

Now, with regard to the connection of the steam generator to the necessary communications. First you need to screw the drain tube from below. It should be located slightly under the slope and go into the bathroom. There it can be put into the toilet, shower or in a special container. It will drain unnecessary condensate formed during the operation of the unit.

After that, take up the connection to the water supply. Any model of the steam generator on its body contains a special magnetic valve. It is he who causes water and steam to move along the tubes, thereby ensuring proper work of the device.

Using a plastic tube, attach the steam generator housing to the water pipe. It is very important that the water in this pipe is clean. After all, it is from it will be formed steam for the shower booth. The connection must be made by first shutting off the water and lowering it from the pipe. A hole is made in the tube, into which a piece of pipe is attached using a special adapter. It is advisable to make the seal with a tape and special rubber gaskets.

By the way, the seal with gaskets and the tape should be made during the connection of the tube, which will drain the condensate. After all, even small droplets of moisture that can be passed through the tube will reduce the safety of using the structure and spoil the floor covering.

Connect the unit to the shower enclosure with a flexible tube. One end of the tube is connected according to the scheme to the body of the steam generator, and the other honor is attached to the shower stall itself. Mounting is also carried out according to the scheme attached to the device.

The last step is to connect to the electrical part. Do this only when the tightness of the connection to the water pipe is verified by turning on the water and filling it with the generator housing. Before connecting electricity must be turned off and do everything as indicated in the diagram.

It is very important that the electrical part be made as reliably as possible. Therefore, if you do not have any electrician skills, it is better to seek the help of a professional specialist who will do everything competently, and you will get rid of unnecessary torments and experiences in the future. The quality of the outlets must also be checked during the repair, before installing the steam generator.

Verification of work

Installation of the steam generator is finished! Now you need to understand how to use it correctly. First, connect water and voltage at the same time. Usually there is a button on the device that allows to set the generator for direct steam generation. Click this button. The magnetic valve will immediately ensure the filling of the housing of the device with water and provoke the formation of steam. Do not panic if you do not immediately notice a lot of steam in the shower cubicle. Usually full work begins in 4-5 minutes. It is then that the steam will go intensely. On the generator housing, you can also independently set the necessary temperature for the formation of steam. The rate of vaporization will depend on it.

To check the full serviceability of the steam generator, you need to turn on and off the device several times.

If the steam disappears when turning off, and when it appears, while there is no water leakage and noisy sounds, everything works correctly. Now you can always enjoy the effect of the sauna right in your heart!

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