How to properly level the bathroom floor

In the repair of the bathroom there are no small things. Therefore, if you undertook the renovation of this room, do not just limit the replacement of tiles on its floor. It will be most reasonable if you do not ignore the floor leveling during the repair.

Renovated bathroom

Before installing the bathroom should take care to create a flat floor.

The new coating will become a reliable basis for any finishing material, and you yourself will be able to sleep peacefully, without worrying that accidentally leaking water will introduce tension into your relations with neighbors from below. Of course, leveling the floor is a laborious process, but the result is worth the effort spent to achieve it.

Surface preparation

Dismantling of tile

Before you begin to level the floor in the bathroom, remove the old floor covering.

You should have a bath for a while. It is not possible to carry out a qualitative reconstruction of the coating without this. After the bathroom has been freed, remove the old finish of the floor, screed and waterproofing. Get to the very bottom. In this work, a good puncher will be a great help to you. After clearing the overlapping of dirt and debris, remove the protrusions, seal with a crack and groove solution and leave the substrate for a while to dry (in most cases the overlap is excessively wet). Now treat the surface with antifungal agents. After that you can proceed to the waterproofing of the floor.

For this purpose, you can use roll bituminous materials, laying them in such a way that the edges of adjacent sheets go 10-15 cm on top of each other. In addition, the waterproofing membrane should be placed on the walls to a height slightly higher than the thickness of the new floor. The seams of the roll material are pasted with bituminous mastic. It is desirable to put 2 layers of waterproofing, with the direction of the sheets in the second layer should be perpendicular to the first.

The quality of the waterproofing of the floor from the roll materials is checked by time, but a more perfect alternative is bitumen-rubber mastic. It can be applied with a brush or roller. The thickness of the vapor barrier of the floor in the bathroom will depend on the number of layers applied to the base of the mastic. The indisputable advantage of this material is the absence of seams through which moisture can penetrate.

Plane definition

Scheme of concrete floor screed

Scheme of concrete floor screed.

After laying the insulator, a leveling screed is poured. It should be remembered that the floor level in the bathroom should be lower than the floor level in the remaining rooms of the apartment. In view of this, a plane is constructed on which further leveling will be carried out (if there is no possibility of making a lower floor, a high threshold is set at the entrance to the bathroom, which will prevent water from flowing through the apartment in emergency cases, the threshold is erected before the waterproofing is laid). Bathroom - the room is small, so for the construction of the plane it is enough to apply horizontal lines to the walls along the level of the future screed and, orienting on them, lay on the base of the beacon, fixing them on the surface (20-30 cm) with "flat cakes" of gypsum. The distance between the beacons is maintained slightly less than the length of the rule.

For marking under the screed you will need:

  • hydro level;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • The painting line, which will fend off the horizon lines.

The correctness of setting the beacons will be determined by the building ruler with the level.

After installing the beacons, the screed is poured, and the solution on the surface is leveled with a rule and rubbed with a float.

Finishing alignment

On the following day, the beacons are removed from the screed, and the crevices are sealed with a spatula, which should be carried along the seams. The edges are rubbed together with a grater. In addition, you can level the floor by pouring a self-leveling mixture that will become the finishing layer. The floor after the distribution on the surface is additionally treated with a needle roller.

It must be added that when leveling the floor in the bathroom, drafts in the apartment are undesirable.

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