How to properly repair a bath

When a person buys a new bath, he does not even think about the fact that after 5-7 years he may have problems with its operation. Over time, it may appear foci of corrosion, dark spots and even real holes. All this leads to the fact that you can not do without repair. Many people think about how to repair a bathroom.

Installed new bath

After prolonged use, any bath will lose its luster and whiteness, as a result of which restoration will be necessary.

In fact, there are several ways to solve the problem. You can just buy a new bath. She certainly will not have problems. There is a variant with a call of experts on restoration. Fortunately, today there are no problems in this. But in this situation it is necessary to lay out a large sum of money. You can repair the bath yourself. This method of solving the problem is considered the most troublesome, but least expensive. About how to repair the bath yourself, we will talk further. Of course, before you start directly to perform repair work, you need to thoroughly prepare.

Tools and materials

The first stage of the preparatory work will be the acquisition of all the most necessary tools and materials. For work you need the following:

  • a respirator that will protect the body from the harmful effects of paint;
  • brush;
  • epoxy enamel;
  • grinding tools;
  • colored colors;
  • special detergent.
Gloves and a respirator for the restoration of a bath

When restoring the bath, always use protective gloves and a respirator.

This "combat" kit is enough to make repairs in the bathroom yourself.

Preliminary preparation

So, all the tools and materials are collected, which means that you can go directly to the implementation of the entire package of activities. When choosing an enamel, you must pay attention to the manufacturer. The best performance characteristics are the enamels made in Finland. Domestic producers do not always give a person good options for buying. Kohler is necessary in those cases when a person plans to make his bath color. One should always remember that one layer of paint does not completely change the old color in which the bath has been painted.

All the preparatory work basically comes down to the fact that the bath needs to be degreased, and also to create a special rough coating. It will increase the area of ​​contact of the old coating with the new one. This will have a positive effect on the application of fresh paint. Of course, the bath in the form in which it looks initially, can not be repaired. First you need to remove all pads and plums from it. They will interfere with the restoration work.

To remove them, you may need a special tool. It all depends on the specific method of attachment. As a result, there should be a bare metal case. It needs to be treated with a special detergent, which will degrease the surface without problems. Process it with this material twice, so that it is completely degreased. Then you can proceed to create a rough layer.

Degreasing the bath before restorative work

The process of restoration of the bath includes the treatment of its surface with special degreasing solutions.

It is processed with the help of a grinder, on which a grinding wheel is preliminarily put on. The grinding tool will remove all chips that form on the surface of the material. Next in the course is cord. It will remove from all cracks and chips the dirt that has accumulated here over many years of operation. In the end, you should get a rough surface. It can be done with a fingernail. If he touches something, then all work is done correctly. If the surface remains smooth, then it is worth continuing the implementation of all activities.

After that, the bath is again treated with a detergent. It is simply poured into it, and then aged for 30 minutes. Then you should merge everything. Any chosen remedy should be washed off exclusively with hot water. The bath needs to dry thoroughly. It will take a couple of hours. Then comes the vacuum cleaner. It removes all excess dust from the surface of the equipment.

Main Stage

Now everything is ready to make the application of enamel on the prepared surface. For starters, it's worth spreading old newspapers on the floor. They will protect it from hitting paint. The enamel in the pot is placed on the floor. Both active ingredients are poured into it, and then the resulting mixture is simply mixed. Stir the enamel with a wooden stick. For work it is necessary to use a hard brush, which has an impressive width. It is better to choose a tool that has a width of 7 cm. In this case, the job will just seem easier.

First, the enamel is applied to the edges of the bath, and then you can gradually move to the sides of it.

The process of restoration of the bath

The process of restoration of the bath.

Then brush along the bottom. Enamel is shaded here. Now you can safely proceed to the main step of applying the primer layer. It is applied by alternating horizontal and vertical movements. The second layer should be applied by the same method. At the same time, it is applied to the still not dried surface. It is worth paying special attention to the side surfaces of the bathroom. They are handled carefully.

Now you need not forget about the third layer. It is applied with the addition of another component in the enamel. All actions are repeated in the same way, that is, as was done in the previous case. It should be taken into account the fact that all enamel should lie flat on the surface as evenly as possible. This effect can be easily verified. The same brush, which is carried over the surface, is taken in hand. As a result, if the tool slides evenly, then everything is done clearly in accordance with the instructions. If after the work in the tank there is some enamel, then it should be simply poured on the bottom. Then it is smeared on the surface. Excessive this action will not be exact. The thicker the layer, the more reliably the bath will be protected.

After about 15 minutes, you can start removing all streaks. It is all done with the same standard brush. All smudges are simply smeared with movements from the bottom up. On this work may not end. If the streaks are formed again, then with them it is necessary to do all the same thing that was described above. Then the bathroom just closes for 4 days. After this period, you can safely start to use it. She will certainly please everyone with her appearance. Self-repair, as you know, requires a maximum of time, but it becomes the most effective, because people do everything for themselves.

Tips and Tricks

It is worth noting the fact that an ordinary person with such tools and materials in his daily life is rarely encountered. That's why you need preliminary training, which will make all the work as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can train on old enamel basins. From the first time, repairs can be made, perhaps, and will not succeed. Have to spend a little time on the warm-up. When the result is more or less acceptable, then we can safely move on to coloring the bathroom. This process, as a rule, takes about 6-10 hours. Everything depends on the level of training of a particular person.

It is worth remembering that the mixer and the base remain active after mixing for no more than 45 minutes. After that, the mixture becomes hard and non-plastic. That is why the breeding of the composition is only after the bath is fully prepared for applying enamel. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to apply the mixture.

The scheme of restoration of the bath with an acrylic insert

The scheme of restoration of the bath with an acrylic insert.

So, there is a hope that the information provided above will allow everyone to answer the question of how to repair the bathroom. Of course, the easiest way is to call the experienced plumbers, who will return the original shine to the technician in the shortest possible time, but if the work is done by oneself, this is another reason to make her happy. This is an additional reason for pride. Everything that a person does with his own hands brings not only aesthetic, but also moral satisfaction.

The main thing is to approach work diligently and competently. Do not miss even the smallest details. This is the only way to reach a positive result in the shortest possible time. In the rest it is necessary to count on own forces and abilities. Do not ignore the additional training. This is the only way to achieve an acceptable result in practice.

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