How to properly repair the bathroom and toilet

If there are certain skills in the field of repair work, then implement them is not particularly difficult, including repairs in the bathroom and toilet. Even if you have to carry out any of the repairs for the first time, it will only add experience and skill. You will need not only knowledge and skills, but also certain types of materials, equipment and tools.

Layout of the bathroom and toilet

Layout of the bathroom and toilet.

If you have free time, hired workers may not be needed, so if you want, you can perfectly finish the walls and ceiling, installation of equipment. The main thing is that these rooms do not have a very large area, so it will take a little time to repair the bathroom and toilet. After two or three weeks, you can repair the bathroom in good quality, cover the walls with tiles, if necessary.

At rather limited sizes of a toilet and a bathroom usually purchase such materials, as:

  1. Pipes.
  2. Tile.
  3. Wallpaper.
  4. Sealant.
  5. Полотенчушитель.
  6. Mixer.
Tools for bathroom and toilet repair

Tools for bathroom and toilet repair.

Among the elements of the new equipment can be identified:

  1. Toilet.
  2. Bath.
  3. The sink.
  4. Washing machine.
  5. Shower cabin.
  6. Electrical equipment.

Maybe not all of this list will have to be bought at the same time, because something is already available. It happens that the pipes are in a worn condition or the plumbing is outdated. Doing repairs to the bathroom or toilet, it is important to provide all the details so you do not have to repeat all the work again. For repairs, tools such as:

  1. Drill.
  2. Bulgarian.
  3. Building level.
  4. Rule.
  5. Roulette.
  6. Pencil.
  7. Putty knife.
  8. Screwdriver.
  9. Screwdriver Set.
  10. Brushes.

Start of repair

Usually the repair of the toilet or the bathroom with their own hands begins with planning their interior, and the design should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Preliminary planning of the location of all elements of the interior and a specific selection of necessary materials.

The scheme of facing the walls in the bathroom

The scheme of facing the walls in the bathroom.

The design solution for the design of the walls and ceiling of the bathroom is associated with the choice of a certain style, which should be the leading one. For example, the sea style can be chosen. The main thing is that the whole image is one and harmonious. To do this, use suitable panels, tiles, borders, rugs, curtains and lighting fixtures. You can use the services of a stylist.

However, it is important to determine the sequence of performance of all types of repair and finishing works, when tools and materials are already prepared. In general, the repair of the bathroom and toilet begins with the dismantling of old pipes and the installation of new ones, the replacement of which is made depending on the presence of rust on them, the wear of the fasteners, and the lack of tightness. Repair or replace cranes, which may be poorly installed or obsolete. At the same time, it is possible to install filters for water purification.

For the installation of new pipes, plumbers of the housing and communal services are invited, as they should be responsible for the installation. They can be asked if there are any defects in the work of plumbing. This also applies to electrical wiring, the condition of which is affected by an increased level of humidity. Therefore, additional testing and replacement of wires will be required, taking into account the safety measures to be observed when placing outlets in the bathroom or toilet.

Finishing work

The walls or ceilings in the bathroom or toilet are finished after the complete installation of new pipes and a sanitary closet, which must be closed. Initially, the removal of the old tile is made, which is separated from the surface using a perforator. Since the floor surface serves as a reliable protection of the premises from the bottom of a possible flood, it should not be altered.

The walls of the bathroom or toilet are usually leveled, primed, which allows them to be painted or wallpapered with special wallpaper. A kind of waterproofing can be carried out with a special primer, which consists of a building compound and PVA glue. It should be applied using a spatula, correcting various small irregularities on the surface of the walls. This type of primer is suitable for walls made of plasterboard, bricks or panels.

If required, then replace the door to the toilet or bathroom. If there is experience, then the work is done without anyone's help.

Doors should be resistant to high humidity in the room.

Before laying the tiles set a new toilet or bath. Installing a washing machine requires the installation of a drain for it. Usually all the pipes are hidden under the bathroom.

The process of laying tiles is associated with the implementation of expensive types of work, which are complex, which will require the help of specialist masters. Grout for seams between tiles with the use of a special composition allows you to remove cracks through which water gets under the tile. With the help of color, the grout is painted in the tone of the tile. If necessary, the ceiling is also decorated with tiles or glued on it panels. After installing the plumbing and finishing the walls and ceiling, small works are done, installing sinks and mixers.

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