How to properly sew a plastic bath

Repair in the bathroom is considered one of the most costly in relation to the cost of work in other rooms of the house or apartment. To make it more economical, you can sew the ceiling and the bath itself with plastic. At the same time, the savings will concern not only the purchase of materials, but also the costs of labor. If facing with ceramic tiles requires special skills, the pvc panels can be easily finished even without the experience in this type of work.

Bathroom decoration with plastic panels

Plastic panels - an excellent option for finishing the bathroom, tk. They are practical, durable and have high water resistance.

Materials and Tools

In order to sew a bath using plastic, you need these tools:

  • building level;
  • electric drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • a simple pencil;
  • ruler;
  • scissors.

The choice of lining, which can be used in the repair of the bathroom today is quite large. It is presented in different colors, sometimes using a marbled pattern, etc. This solution can significantly change the interior you are accustomed to for the better, because with the help of plastic panels you can remove all unnecessary pipes and even wiring.

Preparatory work

Accessories for plastic panels

Accessories for plastic panels.

Before you begin to finish the bath with plastic, you need to expand the room by removing old materials and plaster from the walls. Due to the fact that the new material and frame under it will take a certain place. This procedure will keep the space at the same level and do not worry about the possibility to place in the converted premises the old washing machine or bedside table.

When cleaning the plaster, it is important to protect yourself and the adjoining rooms from getting dust. To do this, you can use a respirator or a special mask, which you can buy in virtually any construction shop. The doorway is best closed with cellophane. This will help avoid the penetration of dust when cleaning the walls from plaster to other rooms.

When doing this work, it is superfluous to pay attention to the condition of the pipes. Most often in old apartments there are metal pipes, which increases the risk of their leakage. Therefore, hiding them behind plastic will not be a solution to the problem, but only a delay. It is recommended to replace such pipes with plastic pipes.

After replacing the pipes it is important to determine the locations for the outlets that are installed the same way as under the drywall.

Ceiling construction

The scheme of fixing plastic panels on the wall

The scheme of fixing plastic panels on the wall.

Finishing the bathroom, like any other room, always starts from the ceiling. Therefore, you need to start with the installation of the frame, installed on the ceiling along its perimeter. For this, wooden bars or a metal profile are used, which are fixed by means of screws or dowels.

When using a frame made of wood, it is necessary to pre-mark the surface on vertical lines, the distance between which should not exceed 40 cm. Such a violation can lead to plastic deformation. To markings on the vertical, special brackets are fixed at a distance of 50 cm, as is done for plasterboard. Then the frame is bolted to them. To do this, you can use 25 mm screws. Follow the smooth lines while screwing the frame will help you build a level.

If you select a metal profile for the wireframe device, you will need a CD. It is used to install gypsum cardboard. The difference with the previous method is only in the use of smaller screws ("fleas") instead of screws. The same method is used for glyc.

Once the frame is installed, you can proceed with the installation of plastic. Sewing the ceiling with plastic panels is easy enough. It is only necessary to fix them with the help of the built-in lock, which is in the very construction of the panels. And fix the lining can as well as plasterboard thanks to self-tapping screws, staples or glue composition.

Varieties of plastic panels

Varieties of plastic panels.

Wall coverings

After the question of how to sew the ceiling is solved, you can proceed to the wall paneling. Here, the action follows the same algorithm - first the frame, then the installation of the panels. The frame for walls is made of the same material as the ceiling. And after its device you can start fixing the plastic. In this case, you need to start from the corner and screw the panels with screws alternately: horizontal - vertical. The allowed distance between the screws should not exceed 40 cm. It is this indentation that will avoid all possible damages or distortions. It is necessary to pay attention to the activation of the locking system of the panels and the presence of a click when they are connected. Vertical installation of panels will help to avoid the formation of fungi due to the accumulation of moisture in the seams. The latter can be closed with a sealant, which will also help protect the wooden frame. Thus, you will be able to perform the wall covering with plastic panels and avoid troubles in the form of a fungus in the future.

Bathroom tiling

To give the room a complete look, you can sew a bath with the same plastic as the ceiling and walls. For this, two options are most often used - with doors and sliding sections. Some people prefer to cover the bath with plasterboard, but plastic in this case will look more appropriate. In turn, drywall, especially moisture resistant, suitable for the ceiling.

The scheme of the device of a bath with a plastic screen

The scheme of the device of a bath with a plastic screen.

The construction of the frame for the bathroom will occur on the same principle as for the ceiling or walls. The only difference is the need for several rectangular holes, in which the inspection doors will then be installed. With their help you can have access to a siphon and various household chemicals, which can be placed under the bathroom. Applying a wooden frame, it must first of all be treated with a primer, which will protect in the future from moisture and mold formation. Also, it is worthwhile to provide in advance material for the protection of plastic, located below, from blows. For this purpose, a strip of laminate, glued to a panel or decor of tiles, is perfect.

The option of plating a bathroom using a panel with sliding doors is also not difficult to work with. With this choice, you need to attach a w-shaped plastic or aluminum profile to the floor. As a frame, you need to fix on the opposite walls a wooden beam, the length of which should correspond to the length of the bathroom. Then another w-shaped profile is attached to it downward. After the frame is completed, you can cut three plastic fragments of the desired height and attach them to the frame. In this way, you can make sliding side doors and, for ease of use, attach the handles to them. If desired, you can make the middle sheet moveable. The main condition here is that the total width of all sheets is greater than the size under the bathroom. Such an overlap will help to cover all the necessary space and will not leave unnecessary gaps.

One of the problems that can be encountered when securing the lower profile is the presence of a warm floor in the bathroom.

But this issue can be solved with the help of two-sided scotch tape. Despite the fact that it does not have special fixing properties, it will be enough to fix the guide profile and create the required structure.

Thus, we can safely say that making repairs in the bathroom and plating it with plastic does not present any difficulties with a competent and correct approach. With the help of this material, you can update this room and create a completely new and more comfortable interior.

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