How to properly trim the tub with plastic

Plastic is unpretentious to aggressive external influences, besides it is easy to take care of. In particular, plastic is now used for bathroom finishing. This solution allows you to save money, because tiles are much more expensive. On how to sew a plastic bath with your own hands, and will go further.

Bathroom with plastic paneling

The plastic is waterproof and very simple to install, so it is gaining such popularity for bathing. In addition, plastic is much cheaper than tiles.

Tools and materials

To begin with it is necessary to be stocked with all tools and materials necessary for work. In this case, you will need:

  • plastic panels;
  • glue;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • set of tools.

Basically this list is quite simple. All can be purchased at the nearest specialized store.

Preparatory work

Before you proceed directly to sticking plastic on the bath, you need to prepare for work. It is necessary to follow the instructions given below to make everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. So, after buying the panels you need to pre-arrange them in the bathroom for 30-40 minutes. This is done so that they are used to room temperature. At this time, you can do the glue dilution according to the instructions on the packaging.

Plastic panel for bath

Types of plastic panels for the bath.

Now you can proceed to the preparation of the walls of the bathroom, which will be applied to the plastic panels. Plastic is unpretentious to the smoothness of the surface, but it is worth paying close attention to this aspect if there are obvious hillocks. Otherwise, they do not necessarily have to be eliminated. Minor surface defects are fearless. The main thing is that the wall should be clean. It should definitely be cleaned of dust and dirt. Other construction waste can be superfluous. If the walls were previously wallpaper, then they must be removed. When they were previously tiled or paint was applied, nothing to do. Then the tile should be polished, which will make the adhesion of surfaces more efficient.

Now you should prepare the plastic for work. It must be cut in accordance with the geometry of the room. For work, you can use a construction knife, a hand saw or another tool. The fact is that the plastic is easily cut by almost any tool. An ideal option is a saw that has 15 teeth. Of course, it is not always possible to choose the ideal option. Cut panels can only face up. This rule also applies to drilling holes in plastic. Many experts recommend that the film that is applied to the surface of the plastic for protection purposes is not previously removed. It will allow during the work to protect the surface from various damages, as well as from getting dust and dirt.

Sheathing of the bathtub

So, the surfaces are fully prepared for the work. This means that you can conduct activities. You can start applying glue. This is done extremely simply. Do not apply glue with a continuous layer. It is better if it is applied with a thin layer of strips. It is important to ensure that there are no free spaces left. Emptiness is simply not allowed, as this can later lead to the peeling off of the panels.

Sheathing of the bathtub своими руками

Sheathing of the bathtub пластиком производится при помощи специального клея.

The glue must be grasped. This will have to wait a while. It is desirable to hold each panel pressed for the time indicated on the product package. Now you can proceed to the additional fastening of plastic. Self-tapping screws will be used for these purposes. Tighten them at regular intervals. It is desirable to pre-make the markup, which will help you navigate more clearly when securing each individual samorez. Additional fastening will significantly extend the life of the panels, which is really necessary. It is worth remembering that such work is extremely accurate. Otherwise, the plastic can simply be damaged, and this will lead to the loss of its aesthetic appearance. It is necessary to pay attention to this nuance. Still, it's about repairing in your own bathroom. It is important for a person that the aesthetic side is always on top.

It is not necessary to inject anything into a very brittle and sensitive plastic. This can lead to its cracking. If the panels start to crack, then all work must be started again. This leads to unplanned costs not only of time, but also of materials. Economical method of finishing the bathroom can lead to real disappointment.

Begin installation of the bathtub with plastic panels

Installation of plastic panels on the bath is recommended starting from the corner.

When carrying out work in the bathroom, you must take into account the specifics of this room. High humidity of air prevails here. Yes, many argue that the plastic does not affect this climate component. In fact, it can affect glue and screws. Specialists strongly recommend using only high-quality water-resistant glue. Today you can buy it in stores without any problems. The usual adhesive for plastic panels is not suitable. It is necessary, perhaps, to do all the work first.

In the bathroom sometimes installed various heating appliances. This can be an ordinary battery or a heated towel rail. In this case, the plastic must be at least 3-5 cm away from the heating device. Otherwise, a sharp increase in temperature can lead to its deformation. This should not be forgotten. It is worth remembering the temperature regimes to learn how to observe them. The best option is to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom with a temperature regulator. This will always keep things warm and do not exceed the critical temperature. The plastic is very sensitive to temperatures over 60 ° C. With it, it can begin to deform, and this greatly affects the aesthetics of the entire room.

Practical recommendations

At this point the work does not end. After all the panels are applied to the wall, it is necessary to tackle the seams. They should not allow water to pass through.

The bathroom should be permanently tight.

For these purposes, a building mortar is used. It does not 100% protect the surface from moisture, but it is fully capable of partially protecting it. Of course, it is better to apply paint as a final layer. It perfectly seals any seams. All works are completed.

So, now you know how to sew a bath. In this process, nothing is complicated. The main thing is to strictly follow the instructions. Only in this case it is possible to obtain a qualitative result at the output. Plastic is the perfect solution for a bathroom. Today it can be easily purchased in almost any construction shop. It has become an excellent alternative to tile, which is more expensive, and more sensitive to mechanical influences. Choosing plastic, you can be sure that the bathroom will be transformed and will shine in a new way.

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