How to properly wash the shower

The bathroom is an integral part of any apartment. Personal hygiene is a pleasant and useful thing, but after a certain time it is necessary to clean and clean, which is not only due to the need to restore order, but also to the observance of sanitation standards. Therefore the arisen question, how to wash the shower, requires an unambiguous answer.

Shower cabin

The covering of shower cabins is of two types: from polystyrene and tempered glass (it is washed much easier).

Means Used

Among the variety of shower cabins, there are two types of cover. The first type is made of special glass of a certain hardening. They are available in different colors: they occur as usual transparent, and tinted or matte. Such glasses are easy to clean, for the care they use the same means that are used to care for mirrors. If there is an antiplade coating in the hydromassage booth, this is a big plus for the owners, so the care is even simplified.

Table of detergents for glass

Table of detergents for glass.

The second type is represented by polystyrene cabins. Preserve the original appearance of the product is difficult, because after a while the surfaces begin to grow turbid. In addition, when the water dries, a raid is formed, which is difficult to get rid of. For this reason, it is best to use the Tilex-Fresh Shower. It can be used immediately after the first use of the shower.

For other types, Delu, Mr. Muscle, OROfresh, Luxus and other similar cleaners are good. Do not forget about the gels, the same applies to the spray, which when used in the shower during cleaning is very convenient. It should be noted that those powdered products, which include coarse abrasive particles, are not recommended. Similar devices can damage the surface, especially when it comes to organic glass and acrylic.

Standard cleaning

To wash the shower, the following tools and devices will be required:

  1. Sponge.
  2. Spray.
  3. Gel or spray for cleaning.
  4. Old toothbrush.
  5. Means for cleaning glasses.
  6. Vinegar and citric acid.

When the detergents and appliances have been purchased, you can start washing the shower, eliminating plaque and other contaminants. First, wet the surfaces with water, then apply a gel with a sponge. The surfaces of the shower should be wiped off, but without too much effort, so as not to damage. At the end of the work, the gel is washed off with warm water.

Tools and materials for washing the shower

Tools and materials for washing the shower: a sponge, gloves, a bucket, a cleaner, a brush.

For places that are in a hard-to-reach position, a toothbrush or other suitable device should be used. Apply too much effort, too, should not, otherwise you can get a damaged surface with small scratches. Gels should be washed off well, otherwise there may be a divorce.

If the shower has suffered such an adversity, as the appearance of the fungus, then the stall is treated with a weak solution consisting of chlorine. After that, the walls are also thoroughly rinsed, wiped with a dry cloth, and the room needs to be ventilated.

For giving shine, the shower booth needs to be treated. This will require a towel, the best soft, which was previously moistened in a liquid for mirrors. The towel is cleaned by the whole shower, which will remove the stains after cleaning. In addition, the walls will be under certain protection from dust.

Tips for cleaning

For glass or acrylic booths, appropriate glass and surface cleaners should be purchased. During cleaning, it is applied to the required areas, left for 10-15 minutes, then it is necessary to rinse the treated area. In this case, cleaning the shower enclosures will be an obstacle to the further occurrence of plaque, so these measures need to be carried out often for the purpose of prevention.

In addition, for preventive measures you can use brushes and scrapers, they are also called rails. Simultaneous dense and soft adherence to surfaces will allow to remove a weak coating, even if detergent gels are not used. These devices are best used after showering.

There is also a device for cleaning shower cabins, like a solution of citric acid, soda and water. It will take 20 g of acid, 20 g of soda and a glass of water, it is recommended to take a warm one. The components are mixed, poured into a spray, after which the surfaces and walls of the shower are pollinated, then the cabin should be left for 10 minutes. After the time has elapsed, the product is also washed off with warm water.

Eliminate the emerging mold is much more difficult. For prevention, it is often necessary to ventilate the room, and apply special sprays to the sealant. It is this element that often becomes an object that focuses on mold. If the mold can not be removed or it is quite old, then the sealant is best replaced with a new one.

Do not use chemical solvents, as they can damage the surface, which will affect the beauty of the product. It is almost impossible to fix this case. As for plastic and acrylic products, for them there are special compositions, therefore the means not intended for them can not be used.

To clean the metal parts, toothpaste, which is applied to the element, is suitable and is carefully removed after 10 minutes. If you need to remove the rust, then the appropriate area is applied vinegar. After 25 minutes it is washed off. This will wash out if not any rust, then most of the possible contaminants.

So, the question of how to clean the shower is easy. It is necessary only to stock up with the necessary devices and means, and carefully perform the surface treatment.

To prevent the occurrence of severe contaminants, it is recommended to carry out preventive cleaning.

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