How to put a tile in the bathroom

Repair in the apartment always brings a lot of problems and takes a lot of time. An integral part of any repair is the arrangement of the bathroom. There, a person can relax, so the bathroom needs to be made not only comfortable and practical, but also beautiful. Currently, for tiling the bathroom most often used tile. It can be of different shapes. Any apartment owner should know how to tile the bathroom in their own hands. For such work, you can hire a team of workers, but such services will cost very much. It is easier to do everything on their own. We will analyze the basic stages of work on arrangement of a bathroom in an apartment.

Bathroom design from tiles

Tiles are the ideal material for the bathroom tiling due to the ease of care.

Quality material

Laying tiles involves the acquisition and selection of material. Currently, the construction market has a huge range of ceramic tiles. To repair the bathroom was more durable, you need to purchase quality material. When choosing a tile in a bathroom, consider the following characteristics:

  • wear resistance;
  • Colour;
  • dimensions;
  • form;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • flatness of the surface.
Options for laying ceramic tiles in the bathroom

Options for laying ceramic tiles in the bathroom.

The greatest practical value is the strength (wear resistance). There are several classes of tile resistance. Tiles that will be laid on the walls in the bathroom do not necessarily have to be strong, as it is not subjected to mechanical stress. In this case, it is advisable to purchase material of 1 or 2 strength classes. As for floor tiles, it should be stronger. In areas that are subject to stress and where there is the greatest movement, it is recommended to use tiles of grade 4 or grade 5. It is the most durable.

The color of the material depends on the preferences of the host. It can be matte, glossy or have an ornament. The color of the tile should be combined with sanitary equipment. The bathroom tile is available in any shape. Most often used square or rectangular tiles, because it is more convenient to stack. As for dimensions, there are small, medium and large-sized tiles on sale. In the latter case, it is a mosaic material. In order to avoid accidents for flooring, it is preferable to use a material that is not smooth, but having a raised surface. It is more difficult to slip on it.

Styling Features

To finish the bathroom qualitatively, you need to prepare the surface and materials for repair. To do this, it will be necessary to remove the old covering (tiles) from the walls and floor, thoroughly clean all vertical and horizontal surfaces from putty and dirt.

Calculation scheme for ceramic tiles

The scheme for calculating ceramic tiles.

Next, you need to level the walls and floor. This is done with plaster. It must be diluted in accordance with the attached instructions. Before that, you need to check the evenness of the walls. You can use the building level. Small vertical swings are allowed. The allowable slope is only 4-5 mm per 1 m. It must be remembered that after the walls are leveled with plaster, wait until it completely dries and hardens. This can take about two weeks.

The next step in the bathroom is to do the priming of the walls. Primer is needed in order to give the walls a slight roughness. Subsequently, this promotes better adhesion of the adhesive to the wall. Laying tiles involves the acquisition of adhesive composition and the preparation of a working solution. Most often the glue is sold in a solid (powdery) form, it must be mixed with water, relying on the attached instructions. The glue must be stirred thoroughly so that no lumps remain. To lay the tile was even, it is recommended to make a marking. A horizontal line is drawn along the entire perimeter of the bathroom. This line will become a guide for laying tiles. Otherwise, there may be distortions and repairs will not be entirely successful.

Technology and grouting of seams

The scheme of finishing the bathroom with tiles

The scheme of finishing the bathroom tiles.

Laying tiles in the bathroom should start from the walls. Otherwise, it will be necessary to wait until the floor is completely hardened, otherwise it will not be possible to walk on it during the repair. The tiling is laid from the bottom up. For convenience, you need to skip the first row and start with the second.

Using a spatula, the adhesive is applied to the wall. It is not recommended to apply the composition to the facing material itself, since during the process of attaching the tile, its surpluses will come out. A spatula is preferable to use a serrated sponge, since it spreads the glue evenly over the wall. After applying the adhesive, the material should be pressed. This should be done lightly, otherwise, cracks may form.

In order to have the same distance between the rows of tiles for the subsequent formation of the seam, it is recommended to use special crosses.

The seam should be several millimeters. After laying each row, the employee is obliged to check the evenness of the tile along the upper edge. It is rare to make repairs in the bathroom, using only a whole tile. Usually it is necessary to cut material. To do this, you will need a special tile cutter or Bulgarian. Preliminary, using a simple ruler and a pencil, you need to outline the cut line.

Scheme of grouting joints

Scheme of grouting joints.

Small difficulties can arise when you tile the tile from the sides of the bath. In this situation it is better to build a frame of foam. For this purpose, you can take any material that does not pass moisture. The next step is applying glue and facing.

It is carried out in the same way. Laying tiles in the bathroom on the floor begins in the middle of the room. Before that, you need to remove the old floor covering. In addition, a new screed and surface priming are organized.

The last step is grouting joints. It is performed with a decorative purpose, as well as to ensure the protection of seams from the penetration of water into them. Grout is a putty of different colors, which repels water.

Grout a thin layer is applied to the location of seams between the tiles with a special rubber tool.

Surplus of the grout is removed from the surface with a rag. The color of the grout should be combined with the tile and the overall design of the bathroom.

List of tools and materials

To organize repairs in the bathroom you will need a whole set of tools and materials. It includes roller, rag, electric drill, ruler, tape measure, pencil, construction and laser level, notched trowel, foam sponge, brush, glue mass, primer, plaster. In addition, you need to purchase the necessary amount of tiles. You can calculate it on the basis of the surface area of ​​walls and floor. In this case, the material must be purchased with a margin. You will also need a grouting tool and the trowel itself.

So, bathroom arrangement is not an easy task. To cope with the laying of tiles, you need to know the basic stages of work. To ensure that the bathroom has served for many years, you need to choose the best quality material (tile) and properly prepare the working surface of the walls and floor. When carrying out tile laying, it is necessary to check the evenness of the rows, otherwise the repair will need to be remodeled.

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