How to quickly and accurately clean the tile in the bathroom

Each landlady knows how difficult it is to maintain the ceramic tile in proper condition. Rust, limescale, traces of detergents and toothpaste or even mold, which are so difficult to clean, hopelessly spoil even the most stylish interior. Meanwhile, the rules are simple. Once you figure out how to clean the tile, and the problems of care can be forgotten forever.

Cleaning tiles

The tile should be cleaned regularly, then the dirt will not be eaten, and the tile will always be fresh.

Care instructions

Tile is a durable material that can successfully resist the effects of moisture, high temperatures and chemicals. But he also has weaknesses, which every landlady must know.

  1. Clean the tiles in the bathroom you need regularly. Large breaks between cleaning will not save time and effort. Remove dried old stains without damage to the coating is extremely difficult.
  2. Do not use funds designed for cleaning ovens or plumbing. The structure of the surfaces and contamination of these zones is different, and the result will differ.
  3. To clean the tile, especially glossy, it is not recommended to use products containing abrasive particles. In pursuit of a quick result, you can irretrievably ruin the cover.
  4. No less attention should be given to the seams. Conventional cement grouts should never be cleaned with active acid-containing products. Stitches should be protected with a composition with antifungal ingredients.
  5. Clean any tile should be sponges or brushes with soft bristles. Coarse fibers can damage the gloss and interlace stitches.
  6. To really enjoy the effect of the cleaning, it is worth taking a few minutes and thoroughly wiping the walls using a cloth that does not leave fibers, for example, a microfibre cloth.
  7. The pre-softening of contaminants under the influence of steam greatly simplifies the cleaning process. To do this, just open the tap with hot water and allow the steam to settle for a few minutes on the walls.
Brushes for cleaning tiles

Clean the tile is recommended with sponges or brushes with soft bristles, so as not to damage the intertitic seams.

So, the general principles are clear, it is necessary to buy or prepare suitable detergents.


Today on the shelves of industrial shops and specialized departments of supermarkets is presented an incredibly wide range of cleaning products. Take from the shelf is only something on the label of which there is a note "is intended for cleaning ceramic tiles." But even if this condition is met, it is worthwhile trying out the remedy in a not too prominent place.

Also, you can clean the tile with a melamine sponge. This is a relatively new player in the market of household chemicals, but its effectiveness has been noted by many mistresses. The indisputable advantage of such sponges is that with their help it is possible to clean the tiles of medium pollution without using industrial means.

If the achievements of the chemical industry for any reason do not suit, you can always turn to folk remedies. The most common non-core cleaners suitable for tile care are:

  1. Dishwashing liquid. Helps to fight with simple pollution. It must be applied to a damp sponge, foamed and transferred to the wall. After a few minutes, wash it off.
  2. Soda is a universal cleaning abrasive. But you need to be careful, with excessive pressure can leave a glossy surface of the ceramic tile scratches. You can clean the tile with soft circular motions.
  3. Vinegar. It is used in the form of a weak solution. You can apply with a sponge or spray. It helps to get rid of mold and darkness. Do not use vinegar essence, this means is very concentrated, and it is difficult to correctly dose it.
  4. Lemon acid. This food additive helps fight mold traces and limescale. The granules should be applied to a damp sponge and gently rub the dirty areas. A pleasant smell will be an addition.
Melamine sponge for cleaning tiles

Melamine sponges can effectively clean the tiles of medium pollution without adding industrial means.

Precautionary measures

It is important not only to clean the tile in the bathroom, but also to preserve the soft skin of the hands and health. To the effects of cleaning did not spoil the impression of the sparkling walls, all work should be done in dense rubber gloves.

In the case of using industrial cleaning agents, the use of a domestic respirator will be no longer superfluous, especially for people prone to allergic reactions.

Means for cleaning tiles

Means for cleaning tiles.

So, at the initial stage you need to open a tap with hot water and close the bathroom door.

At this time, you can prepare detergent formulations: add detergent to the water, dilute the vinegar with water and pour into a container with a spray gun.

Tile tiles must be conditionally divided into zones of about 1 m². The fact is that the foam dries quite quickly on the cool surface of the ceramic, and it will be difficult to wash it. You need to consistently clean the squares, wiping them with a sponge and immediately flushing the foam.

Attention should be paid to the seams. If mold marks are seen, they should be sprayed with vinegar and cleaned with an old toothbrush. With large foci will help to cope with antifungal compounds.

After the end of the basic work, you can spray the vinegar solution onto the tile in the bathroom and wipe with a dry cloth. The acid will make the glossy ceramic surface radiant. Matte tiles must be treated with special wax to preserve the structure.

Qualitatively, you can clean the tiles with the help of industrial or folk remedies. The main thing is to know all the secrets and subtleties of using the compounds. And then the bath will sparkle, and it will not be necessary to clean the walls and the plumbing too often.

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