How to quickly make a shower cabin

Shower cabin is a convenient and practical addition to the bathroom. The advantages of this plumbing system can be talked for infinitely long. This is saving space, and a variety of functions, as well as hygiene and accessibility. Therefore, many people think about how to make a shower cabin with their own hands. In the modern market there is a huge selection of different models of shower cubicles, but due to high enough prices for such equipment, not everyone has the opportunity to purchase it.

Arrangement of shower ladder installation

Scheme of mounting the shower ladder.

Types of booths

There are several types of shower cubicles, the design of each of which has some differences:

Tools for the manufacture of a shower cabin

Tools for making a shower.

  1. Closed type. These booths are designed for installation in urban apartments or private houses, where in the place of their installation it is possible to connect the drain pipe to the sewer pipe.
  2. Open type. This option is distinguished by the lack of walls, and therefore they are easiest to make by themselves.
  3. Corners. In this case, a curtain is used as the door, which is attached to the crossbar.

Make a shower cabin with your own hands can be in the form of a separate box with 4 vertical walls, a corner or adjacent to the wall. The general assembly technology is the same for all types, therefore, when thinking about how to make a shower, you can choose any of these options. Constructions in which a flat pallet is used as a floor is less expensive, and therefore most preferable.


The scheme of installation of the plastic pallet

The scheme of installation of the plastic pallet.

The construction of the shower begins with the creation of a detailed plan. To do this, you need to decide on the size of the future design, its design, and also to make an estimate of costs. This will help in the future avoid mistakes when selecting materials, tools and during the installation of the cabin.

After defining the type of shower, you need to identify the place of its installation, after which you should mark the height of the device. You can make the walls in the ceiling, as a result of which the cabin will become a separate multi-functional room, or leave a space under the ceiling. The latter option is preferable in terms of drying cabins, because in this case it will dry out much faster.

After obtaining the required dimensions, you need to make a markup, which will allow you to see the area that will occupy the shower.

Material and tools

The most simple and affordable material for the construction of the shower is recognized as fiberglass, whose advantages include such qualities as environmental friendliness, water resistance, lightness and aesthetics. Moreover, fiberglass has excellent dielectric and thermal insulation properties.

But to make a shower only from fiberglass is impossible. It is only the main material, so you will need to buy hardware and additional components:

Scheme of communicating with the shower booth

Scheme of communicating with the shower.

  • guides;
  • doors;
  • pipes;
  • Sanitary equipment;
  • seals and clutch;
  • gofru;
  • rubber gaskets;
  • ceramic tile;
  • sealant;
  • adhesive for tiles;
  • plinth.

The set of tools required for work includes:

  • drill;
  • UŠM;
  • a hammer;
  • screwdrivers;
  • roulette;
  • marker or pencil;
  • trowels;
  • pliers.

Stages of construction

Cabin layout

The scheme of the device of the cabin.

For those who do not know how to make a shower cabin on their own, it is necessary to study in advance a step-by-step guide to manufacturing it in order to avoid mistakes that may bring a lot of trouble in the future.

The construction of the shower can be divided into several stages, the sequence of observance of which will make it possible to obtain a first-class result:

  1. Waterproofing floor.
  2. Installation of the pallet.
  3. Wall installation.
  4. Connecting the cab to the communications.


The floor is an important part of the shower and since it is most often under the influence of water, it must be provided with high-quality waterproofing. To do this, remove all the existing rubbish from the floor and clean its surface of dust, then slightly moisten and apply a layer of polymer-cement waterproofing, not forgetting the joints with the walls of the bathroom. Immediately after the first layer has dried, the second layer must be applied. The following steps can be started only after it has completely solidified waterproofing.

The locations of the pipeline outlet are additionally reinforced with polypropylene mesh.


The scheme of installation of a shower booth

The scheme of installation of a shower booth.

The shower tray is as important as the floor. On how correctly it will be installed, not only the quality of the water outlet depends, but also the durability of the operation of the entire device.

You can make a pallet yourself or buy ready. In the first case, the drainage location should first be determined, taking into account that the outlet must be directed to the sewer pipe. After carrying out the necessary calculations, the sink, pre-packed in a metal pipe of a larger diameter, is fixed to the floor.

At the end of the work around the perimeter of the floor laid brick, which is subsequently poured a layer of cement screed. The level of the latter should be below the drain for a couple of cm, and the floor itself should be made with a slight slope towards the drain pipe. The vapor barrier layer is laid over the frozen screed and after drying it, ceramic tile or any other decorative finish, depending on the design of the room.

In the case of using a finished pallet in the place of its installation, a small groove is made, into which it is subsequently installed. Its height can be adjusted with the legs. Do not forget about the small slope of the bottom of the pallet in order to avoid stagnation of water during the operation of the shower.

Wall installation

To install vertical walls to the floor, ceiling and walls of the bathroom fixing the guide with bolts. After that, 3 fiberglass walls should be attached to them. The airtightness of the cabin will provide a door that rests against the guides fixed to the floor and ceiling. After the installation of the walls, all joints and seams are filled with sealant.

Connection to communications

The water supply to the booth will be through hoses, and the discharge through the drain, connected to the sewage pipe by means of a special adapter.

Electricity in the bathroom is dangerous because of high humidity. To protect against electrical discharge, it is better to make an automatic switch with dust and moisture protection properties. Mount it at a height of not less than 2 m from the floor. After all work, the cabin is checked for leaks.

And separately I would like to note that you should not be afraid of the scale of the work. In fact, knowing how to make a shower in an apartment or a house, you can build it in a couple of days without resorting to costly professional services.

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