How to remove a fungus in the bathroom forever

Controversy of mold fungi of different species is always present in the air. Under conditions favorable to their life, they germinate in the surface layer of concrete, brick, wood and other materials. A suitable atmosphere for the development of mold is the moist air of bathrooms, baths and shower cabins.

Removing mold in the bathroom

The appearance of mold in the bathrooms contributes to increased humidity.

When the surface of the fungus infects not only an unsightly appearance of the room, a musty smell, but also a danger to the health of the occupants. Especially fungal formation adversely affects allergy sufferers with asthma and other pulmonary diseases, children and people with weakened immunity. Contact with molds can lead to headache, nausea, general deterioration of well-being.

Causes of appearance

Scheme of causes of mold formation

Scheme of causes of mold formation.

Ideal conditions for the intensive development of fungal formations are:

  • humidity in the room exceeding 90%;
  • absence of sunlight;
  • temperature not lower than 15 ° С;
  • weak air exchange;
  • formation of condensate on surfaces.

Most often, such conditions correspond to bathrooms and bathhouses. On the spread of mold spores can be evidence of the appearance of a black or greenish coating on the seams of tile, the corners at the edges of the bath or sink, on the shower tray. The following factors contribute to reproduction of the fungus:

  1. Absence of reliable heat and waterproofing of walls, floor and ceiling structures.
  2. Insufficient functionality of the room ventilation and heating systems.
  3. Use of metal pipes for laying water pipes, the thermal conductivity of which contributes to the formation of condensate.
  4. Ineffective sealing of joints between building panels.

The reason for the formation of fungal colonies can be any of the listed deficiencies, which appeared as a result of defects in the construction, finishing the bathroom, laying communications and installing equipment of the room.

Factors influencing the creation of an environment conducive to the germination of mold is the widespread installation of hermetically sealed plastic window structures. Often, the technology of their manufacture and installation provides maximum protection against penetration of heat and noise, but disrupts the natural ventilation of the premises. Promotes the formation of high humidity in the apartments at the beginning of the heating season in the autumn and its early completion in the spring.

Preventive measures

Algorithm of options for getting rid of mold

Algorithm of options for getting rid of mold.

In order to permanently remove the fungus, it is first necessary to eliminate the causes that contribute to its development. Superficial dark spots are only external manifestations of mold. If some of the tiles are loosely adhered to the wall, most likely, under them fungal formations have also settled. The mycelium as a source is usually located under the covering in voids.

If single-celled organisms have only begun to develop, it will be sufficient to thoroughly treat the fungus, carry out measures to improve the microclimate in the bathroom and observe certain rules for using the room.

To check if the thrust in the natural ventilation ducts is sufficient in the summer, you should bring a lighted candle or match to the grate. The flame must deviate considerably in the direction of the air flow. If the air does not move to the ventilation grill, the mine may be clogged, and cleaning is required. Affects the sufficient replacement air in the bathroom and the degree of ventilation of other rooms in the house.

If you enter a previously constructed house or apartment, carefully inspect the bathroom arrangement in relation to the efficiency of the ventilation and heating systems. Check the water pipes and sanitary devices for the formation of condensation on their surface. Steel and cast iron pipes should be replaced immediately with plastic pipes. If the towel heater does not have sufficient heat dissipation, install an additional electric heater.

In the building structure, seams between panels, in particular those connected to the bathroom, may not be sealed sufficiently. In the summer, you should contact the utility to fix defects, repair will improve the microclimate in other rooms.

In case of insufficient heating of the entrance, it is especially important to arrange the thermal insulation of the wall between the bathroom and the staircase. After taking a bath or using the shower, leave the door open for a while. In hard-to-reach corners of the room, it is possible to decompose the bags with a moisture absorber - a silica gel.

Strongly acting means

Fungicide from molds

Fungicides are applied by spraying on the affected area.

Remove the fungus can be various types of antiseptics, fungicides and fungistatic agents. The latter are more effective in application, since after application for several months they hamper the development of the remaining spores. Compositions are often produced in disposable dispensers in the form of sprays.

After application, fungicides are not washed off for several hours. The exact time of the required drug exposure depends on its type and is indicated in the instructions. If you buy an antifungal apparatus, carefully read the instructions. The remedy should eliminate mold, and not be used to prevent its appearance. Observe the recommended dosage of the drugs.

Most formulations for the destruction of fungal formations are toxic, and before working with them, necessarily prepare protective equipment:

  • respirator;
  • protective glasses;
  • rubberized gloves;
  • clothing that protects exposed skin.

For the treatment of moldy areas will require:

Mildew brush

To remove mold, you will need a stiff brush.

  • spray;
  • building hair dryer;
  • a stiff brush;
  • soft rags.

Effectively destroys the mold of ordinary bleach, diluted with water, the solution is sprayed over the surface with a spray gun. But this treatment requires special precautions. An equally aggressive compound, also used for processing, is a household bleach for laundry. The solution contains sodium hypochlorite and actively affects spore colonies, but its application can damage some finishing materials. Before use, these agents are diluted with 10 parts water.

Chlorine-containing compounds can only be treated with non-porous surfaces. The vapors released by the solution affect the respiratory system. After using the drugs, the treatment sites are washed with detergents.

Conventional solutions

Preparation of acetic solution for mold removal

Vinegar essence must be gently poured into the nebulizer, then applied to the affected areas.

If the dark spots on the surfaces in the bathroom appeared for the first time and did not spread over a large area, you can use the available traditional solutions to remove them.

On newly formed spots, you can treat the fungus with acetic essence. The affected areas are sprayed with undiluted distilled white vinegar using an atomizer, after an hour, they are washed with water and dried. For a sustained effect, spraying is repeated after a few days. As a preventive measure, vinegar is added to the water when washing tiles and sanitary equipment.

Just like bleach, ammonia is actively affected by fungal formations, but in no case can these substances be mixed. During the reaction, a very toxic gas is released. The ammonia dissolves in an equal volume of water and is sprayed onto the problem areas.

To substances that destroy the fungus, but safe for humans, include hydrogen peroxide and borax. Peroxide bleaches the blackened areas well, but the color of the finishing materials, the enamel of the bathtub or the sink may suffer. The solution is left on the surface after application for 15-20 minutes, then washed off with water. Effective in combination with vinegar. Sites susceptible to the formation of fungus can be wiped peroxide periodically. Keep the composition should be in a dark place, in the light it decomposes and loses its properties.


To remove mold, you can use a borax diluted in water.

Bura refers to natural substances and does not emit harmful fumes. To produce a solution, 200 ml of borax is diluted in 3 liters of water. The liquid is applied by a rigid brush with simultaneous cleaning of the surface. Remains of moisture are removed with a soft rag, rag after this should not be used. To wash off the composition from the surface is not required, it will prevent further reproduction of the fungus.

The most harmless means for such treatment is soda. The solution is prepared in a ratio of 1 teaspoon of powder to a glass of water. The solution is sprayed and rubbed with a brush, then washed off with water. Bathroom and other plumbing devices are sprayed repeatedly, and the surfaces are left to dry.

Radical actions

Spores of the fungus develop not only on different surfaces of the room, but also penetrate into the structure of putty, coloring material, intertitic sutures. Therefore, external disinfection with antiseptic drugs does not guarantee the final disposal of ubiquitous microorganisms.

To solve the problem radically is real, if you have the opportunity to make a major overhaul of the bathroom or it is already planned by you.

Dismantling tiles in the bathroom

A radical way to remove mold in the bathroom is overhaul.

It is necessary to dismantle the old finishing materials, clean the surfaces from whitewashing and painting, affected by spores. Blackened corners between the wall and the bathroom (shower) should be cleared with special care, with the complete removal of the old sealant. Before the beginning of the finishing works, all surfaces of the room are carefully dried with a construction hair dryer.

When carrying out repairs, an antifungal primer should be used to cover the surfaces to be treated, sealing compounds with antiseptic properties. For grouting joints between tiles, a special fugue must be used for wet rooms.

In case of poor air exchange, an exhaust ventilation fan must be installed in the ventilation opening. At the same time, the door to the bathroom must not have a sealed porch. Bottom blades are drilled holes or a gap is made on the side of the floor.

What methods to apply for the final destruction of the fungus, depends on the degree of growth of mold. Any measures to treat areas affected by mold will not produce a result without eliminating the conditions conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms.

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