How to remove black fungus in the bathroom

Someone from the household began to feel unimportant? He developed regular headaches and rheumatic pains, skin rashes, cough, nausea? So, with a great deal of confidence, we can say: all this symptomatology was the result of the fact that a new resident - a house fungus - appeared in the apartment.

Black mold in the bathroom

Black mold is often formed in rooms with high humidity.

Fungal mold spreads spores that provoke malaise of relatives, depressingly acting on their immune system. In this situation, it is necessary to quickly find a problematic focus in order to neutralize it. Often the fungus affects the warmest and damp place in the apartment: the walls, the floor and the ceiling part of the bathroom. How to eliminate the fungus in the bathroom? To eliminate mold, measures to remove it must be complex.

Causes of fungus

The most vulnerable area of ​​housing is the bathroom. In it for the livelihood of mold created a favorable atmosphere. When there is no well-functioning ventilation system at high humidity, then the appearance of the fungus is considered only a matter of time.

Scheme of growth of molds

Scheme of growth of mold fungi.

Most likely, since the repair was not so much time, mold has not yet had time to declare its presence. It will not be difficult to appear on concrete, stone, plastic, paint. A catastrophe may result in the washing machine becoming populated with a fungus. Disputes are always present in the house in sufficient quantity. But under certain suitable conditions they start to germinate. This happens if:

  • the moisture index exceeds 90%;
  • t ambient ambient air - more than 20 ° C;
  • there is no competent ventilation system;
  • there is no hydroprotection of surfaces.

In this situation in the bathroom, the fungus begins to progress and quickly grows thin in all the moistened materials. At visual inspection there is a blackened grouting on the tile, clumps of spots and spots on the walls, repulsive smell of mustiness. The result is an untidy situation in the bathroom. There is a threat that the mold on the walls in the bathroom will entail peeling layers of paint, cracking the concrete and harming the entire finish. Again, there will be a need for cosmetic repairs.

Removal activities

The principle of approach to the destruction of a vile pest in your home should be exceptionally complex. To take out the black fungus for the rest of your life, you will have to apply a lot of patience and work. All procedures for eliminating mold are carried out in stages. Strict adherence to the steps guarantees the quality of the result.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

The scheme for solving problems with mold

The scheme for solving problems with mold.

  1. Improve ventilation. Some owners open the door wide after taking water procedures, but this measure is not enough. Install a high-power ventilation device. It is necessary to investigate the ventilation shaft: how much its permeability allows leaking out to moist air.
  2. Take out the old furniture from the bathroom. On the furniture there can be spores, which managed to germinate deep inside.
  3. Reduce the degree of dampness. The presence of condensate on the sewage pipes indicates that they have poor insulation. A mixer, a shower head, a toilet bowl can form leaks. They should be repaired. Towel warmer, the system of the warm floor contributes to the reduction of humidity. If the washing machine is in the bathroom permanently, check that no water remains in it after the washing process is completed.
  4. Works on waterproofing. Paints, resistant to moisture, produce for application to different types of surfaces. Therefore, all surfaces (including the door) in the room it makes sense to paint with water-resistant paints. Plaster should be treated with hydroprotective compounds in advance.
  5. Destroy the mold. The laboriousness of the process lies in the fact that it will be necessary to thoroughly dry both the walls and the ceiling. This requires a sound electric heater.

The choice of a method of destruction of a fungus in many respects is defined by degree of defeat by it. You can choose from both folk methods, tested by many generations, and from the finished preparations that are available in building stores.

Progressing mold

Mold spreading scheme

Mold spreading scheme.

The first step is to find the mycelium, as the black fungus grows, like other fungi, at the expense of it. Black is not the main problem. It is more important to find and destroy the hearth. In most situations, it hides behind a layer of plaster, for which it is necessary to find voids. The mycelium is removed by simple scraping. When the seam joints of the tiles are damaged, the completely smoothed grout is removed. Weak tiles on the wall are removed. Behind them is mold.

For the subsequent processing, the main value is acquired by dry heat. By means of a construction hair dryer of high power, the cleared foci of the disease warm up. It is acceptable to use a household electric heater. The fight against the fungus in the bathroom continues to lead special antiseptic drugs, which treat the surface. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account all proportions when hovering and do not forget about the safety measures noted on the package. After all, the bathroom is warmed up again.

initial stage

When the first symptoms appear, clearly indicating that in a bathroom with high humidity and there are unpleasant blackening, anxiety must be beaten immediately. A rigorous condition is the repair of disturbed ventilation and further disinfection of the walls.

The newly formed mold in the shower cubicle is immediately much easier to remove and faster than doing the same with already neglected manifestations of the disease. A good housewife has at hand a tool for these purposes. Surfaces are cleaned of dirt and blackness, and hydrogen peroxide, bleach with bleach or vinegar essence are applied to the released space. These tools are distinguished by their availability and efficiency in application. Copper sulfate or high-concentration chlorine can have a more powerful effect.

And nevertheless professional preparations made by the chemical industry specially for such situations, provide the opportunity to perform mold cleaning professionally and act as an excellent prevention in preventing its occurrence in the future.

The assortment of antifungal agents also includes an antiseptic spray, through which air is treated indoors. Keep in mind that spores fly around every moment, they are ready for new attacks all the time, so fight with them should be complex.

The most unexpected places are affected by the fungus. In the bathroom they can become a shower head, which must be periodically washed with vinegar, so that it does not turn into a hotbed of mold. From time to time, with wet cleaning, it is necessary to handle all surfaces in order to prevent it. Plumbing devices are important to give due attention. They are the most powerful accumulators of hated fungi.

Preventive measures should be carried out with great care.

It is about protecting the hands, mouth and respiratory tract. Do not neglect a simple bandage of gauze and rubber gloves. And treat the walls of the apartment so that they do not harm themselves. Always be on the alert to solve the problem with mold once and for all.

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