How to remove the bucket wheel

Locking mechanisms of faucets-mixers are not ideal even in expensive models. Very often the problem of leakage occurs even when the valve is closed. This is the fault of the crane-buxa, a device restraining the pressure of water. In one case, it is easier to replace, in another, to repair. But at the same time, of course, it must be separated from the mixer. How to remove the crane axle, replace and repair - details below.

Rubber crane-axle in section

Rubber crane-axle in section.

Nuances of dismantling

To do this, you need tools:

  1. Adjustable wrench.
  2. Screwdriver Set.
Phases of crane repair

Phases of crane repair.

First, before work, it is necessary to cover not only the dismantled area, but also all the supply of cold water. After all, you remember that from simple closure of the tap the water will not stop flowing. The common valve, as a rule, is located at the riser in the toilet room. Where the meters are usually installed. Close and check it is necessary. If you do not even have this tap, there is reason to think that it's time for a full-fledged repair. In the case of the crane cranes, there are no difficulties with unscrewing it. The center of the crane, as a rule, is fixed with a screw, which, when used with an appropriate screwdriver, is easily unscrewed. Also, modern levers will not present a problem: gently prying it with a knife, part of the faucet is removed, and the visible part of the axle is outside. Then the flywheel is removed. Also, working with a screwdriver, the fixing screw is turned and pulls the cranebox on itself. It comes out easily without tension. Now it needs to be examined and the cause of the water leakage. Usually this is worn-out liners or clogged with dirt. If visual inspection does not give anything, you should completely disassemble the crane axle and identify the problem. Characteristic sounds or difficulty in turning the valve will tell you about the wear of the elements. In some cases, the ducts can be flattened. All this indicates a high water hardness, from which the quality of the metal can eventually fail.

Features of repair

Crane-Box construction

Construction of the crane-axle box.

If, in the case of an identified leak, the breakdown is not too serious, it makes sense to repair the cranebox with your own hands. It is not difficult. To begin with, rubber gaskets are cut out. These can be pieces of school eraser. Ideal fit rubber wheels from children's miniature cars. In this case, you do not need to cut anything. All diameters and thicknesses of gaskets are freely available in stores. Naturally, all removed mechanisms and surfaces from water debris are cleaned. So, if all simple manipulations are carried out, then installing the crane of the axle box back will not cause difficulties. In the same order it is inserted, fixed with a screw, and the lamb or lever is re-worn. The device is checked by opening the water and turning the tap. Lubricate the carving does not need anything - this is not done on water taps for residential purposes. Otherwise, there is a risk that the grease particles will get into the drinking water.

Recommendations for work

However, there are also breakages that can not be corrected either, or the meaning of repairs is completely eliminated. For example, this is thread wear. It can happen on any models, no matter whether it's a metal or ceramic faucet. Often, such a process as the replacement of crane boxes, leads and bending of thin input channels. As it was already said, there are malfunctions due to hard water. This should be monitored in a timely manner, because a constantly dripping faucet can not only act on nerves, but at the end of the month give tangible results on the meter. How to make a replacement correctly? In view of the fact that all models are different, there is a risk of buying something in the store that is not suitable. It is worth taking a dismounted crane with a skid with you to the hardware store, in order to assess on the spot of purchase whether a new one will approach your destination.

In the shop it is worth checking the quality of the gaskets.

Replaceable parts of crane-box

Replaceable parts of the crane-box.

Recently, many believe that the use of plastic is better. This is not the case: plastic under heavy heating or strong cooling experiences loads, which can lead to buckling or cracking. In this case, we will not talk about sealing. Just an old well-tested rubber. Turning several times the model of the axle crane, you can see whether it corresponds to the quality in terms of opening and closing. Actions should not cause effort. If this happens, such a model should be postponed or indicated to the seller with a request for replacement. If the damage is connected to the gland, then it makes sense to buy the tape "fum", which when winding can prevent leaks. It is better to do this until the model of the axle crane is new. So, you can proceed with the installation. Again, we shut off the water, dismantle the old one and put a new one in its place. The stages of reverse installation are simple:

  1. Before you put the crane axle in place of the old, you should clean all the places from dirt. Otherwise, there is a risk that the new model will come in loose.
  2. When inserting a new device, you need to make sure that it enters the center and the rod connection does not interfere.
  3. After the model of the axle crane is installed, you can check its operation without winding a lamb or lever. To do this, the common water valve opens and manually rotates the rod. If everything is in order and it goes freely, and the opening and closing of the complaints do not cause, we can assume that the replacement of the axle crane was successful.

Thus, the description of the work to replace or repair such an important element does not look complicated. The reader can be assured that in reality installation is not wasteful. The replacement of the axle crane will take a few minutes from the home master, provided that everything you need is at hand.

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