How to remove the tile from the ceiling

During the repair of housing many people have a need for dismantling the old ceiling tiles. In order to do this quickly and with minimal effort, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with how to remove the tile from the ceiling. This process can not be called difficult, it is quite feasible with our own hands, but if the basic rules are not observed, it can deliver a lot of troubles and troubles to the owners of an apartment or a house. All work on removing the old tiles should be carried out in several consecutive stages.

Tile on the ceiling

Since the tile is attached to the ceiling surface with a special glue, it is better to remove it using a tile cutter.

Since it is attached to the surface of the ceiling with a special glue, you can not tear it off with your hands. For its removal, certain devices are required.


Any work related to the repair of the ceiling must be carried out before the walls and floors are repaired, otherwise the new wallpaper and laminate will be irreparably damaged. But to make replacement of windows and doors in a repaired premise it is possible at any moment, both before removal of a ceiling tile, and after. Do not forget about the safety rules to avoid short circuits or accidents during work: electrical wiring in the room during the dismantling of the tiles must be de-energized.

Do without dust in the process of cleaning the ceiling does not work, so the master must carefully cover the furniture, chandelier and floor with a dense polyethylene film or other waterproof material in advance. After the completion of the work, it must be carefully removed with all the dirt and discarded. The whole process should take place in a room with a tightly closed door, otherwise the dust will spread throughout the apartment.

It is very important to take care of your own safety: to protect the eyes and respiratory organs from dust, a person who will remove the tile from the ceiling will need to use special protective goggles used in construction and a respirator. Gloves and a hat will not be superfluous - they will protect hands and a head of the master.

Removing old tiles

Tile in the bathroom from the ceiling can be beaten with a hammer or a bump.

Before you remove the ceiling tiles, you need to prepare all the tools and materials that will be needed for this purpose by the master. Their list is as follows:

  • putty knife;
  • chisel with a hammer;
  • a grinder equipped with a grinding wheel, or a grinding machine;
  • a container of clean water;
  • spray or brush for applying water to the ceiling.

In addition, you will need:

  • strong packages for garbage of great capacity;
  • stable stepladder;
  • wet cloth, which should be laid when leaving the room (it should be wiped off the feet, leaving the renovated room, so as not to smash the dirt throughout the apartment).

Deletion rules

Having prepared all the necessary tools and devices, you can proceed with the removal of the old ceiling tiles. You need to start dismantling from the corner of the room.

Tile removal by spatula

Remove the tiles from the ceiling you need to start from the corner of the room. The spatula should be hooked and raise the edge of the tile.

  1. Very often it is possible to remove the tile using a spatula alone. The tool picks up the edge of each plate, after which it should easily fall completely off the surface. At the same time, you do not need to try to remove the paste from the adhesive, which will remain in place of the removed plates. They are best scraped off after the ceiling has been completely cleared of the tiled floor.
  2. In the case where the ceiling tile is firmly adhered to the base and when trying to dismantle is broken off in parts, then instead of a spatula it is worth using a chisel and a hammer. After all the tiles are removed, it is necessary to proceed to remove the dried glue on which it was held.
  3. Ceiling adhesive is removed together with a layer of plaster, chips and irregularities using a grinder or a grinder equipped with a grinding nozzle. If these tools were not found in the farm, then you can do with a simple spatula, but in this case the process will take much longer and will require considerable effort. Cleaning the ceiling from the remnants of the tile adhesive is a very dusty exercise, so before it starts, experts recommend that the working surface be damped with warm water. This little trick will reduce the amount of dust and make it easier to work.
  4. If there is a need to replace only one or more plates, then it is done as follows: with a spatula, gently tear off the ceilings from the surface and remove it from the surface. The ceiling under it is cleaned of the dried glue and polished. On the vacant place, glue a new tile and press it firmly.
  5. Often, after the old tiles have been removed from the ceiling, moldy areas are found beneath it, indicating that the ceiling is affected by the fungus (especially in the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms with a high humidity level). Leave the mold just so it is impossible, it must necessarily be treated with some antifungal agent, which can be freely purchased in stores.

After the ceiling is completely cleared of the tile, the glue remains and treated with an antifungal agent, it must be covered with a primer and puttyed (this should be done when later they want to wallpaper, whiten, paint or cover with a new ceiling tile). If the apartment owner plans after the dismantling of the tiles to equip the tension or suspended ceiling, then there is no need to primed and putty the cleaned surface.

If the ceiling tile is firmly fixed on the ceiling and you can not remove it with your own hands, then the best way out of the situation will be to contact a professional master who will dismantle it in a matter of hours.

Services specialist will cost the owners of housing in a certain amount, but this will save them from the need to engage in dusty work.

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