How to remove the tile from the floor

During the overhaul, there is always the question of how to remove the tile, which has already become unusable. Of course, this process is quite laborious, but feasible. Having done this yourself, you can save yourself a lot of money. The complexity depends only on the basis on which the material was strengthened. Remove the tiles can be in different ways and different technologies. It can be removed partially or completely.

Dismantle the floor tiles

Tools that can come in handy to dismantle the floor tiles are the hammer and chisel.

Old tiles

First of all, it is necessary to determine what composition was applied during sizing during the previous repair. If it was a composition of cement, then you have to make maximum efforts and use tools such as a jackhammer and a punch. If it was a sticky base, then it would be easier to remove this floor covering. So, we are preparing the necessary tool:

Glasses for protection of eyes

When removing tiles, you must protect your eyes from shards with glasses.

  • a chisel with a hammer or a perforator;
  • spatulas;
  • film;
  • rags;
  • working gloves;
  • respirator;
  • protective glasses;
  • Drill with drills;
  • grindstone;
  • knife.

Of course, you do not need all these tools, because their need depends on what kind of solution the tile was glued to the floor. Initially, it is necessary to moisten all trowels with plenty of water, allow them to brew and then remove the rest of the trowel between the seams. After that, it is desirable to lay an old blanket on furniture or sanitary equipment (depending on the room in which the tile is removed), because during repair work of this nature, it is possible to seriously damage the surface.

You can cover the walls with a film. Do not neglect the means of personal self-defense, because the shards of the flooring will be scattered in different directions. It is impossible to remove the tile and do without dust in elevated doses, so be sure to wear a respirator or a face mask. Otherwise, your pulmonary organs will be filled with dust.

Dismantling the coating

Perforator for removing tiles

Dismantling the tiles with a perforator is the easiest option for this job.

After the grout is cleaned, you can proceed directly to work. If the basis is a cement slurry, then you will have to use a punch and a chisel (or chisel). Specialists also recommend using a sharp hatchet with a wide blade. He or the chisel needs to be propped up under the tile and punched with a hammer. This way the material will move away from the floor. If you want the cover to be removed to preserve the integrity of the forms, then you need to proceed with all caution.

When using a spatula, it is first necessary to tap the underside of the instrument or just tap on the surface of the tile with a fist. So you can find the place where the emptiness is. It is in this direction that you need to insert a spatula and, striking with a hammer, remove the tile.

When a perforator is used, the floor covering is scattered in one second, but the material is completely damaged. To do this, you need to attach the connected device to the gap (seams) between the tiles and turn on the punch at full speed. The material quickly cracked and bounced off the floor.

When the tile flooring is glued to any brand of glue, the tile from the floor can be removed using a special hook that is made of steel wire. By the way, at home, such a useful thing can be made quickly. In this case, the most thorough way to clean the trowels, because the hook must be inserted under the tile so that it can be hooked. You should have exactly two hooks. The fact is that from two completely opposite sides they are inserted under the cover and stretched out with the help of your efforts. Perhaps, this is the easiest way, since the material is really easily peeled off from the glue, while producing a certain click. And the tile remains intact.

After the ceramic tile has been removed, it is necessary to prepare the surface for laying a new material. To do this, it is necessary to moisten the base with a liquid, that is, the floor, and allow the remaining solution to absorb water. Then you need a scraper, trowel or scraper to scrape off the scraps.

Helpful Tips

Take into account that the tiles must be removed only from the entrance side, otherwise it will not be very convenient for you. Shoot it down gradually, without jumping from one place to another. You can not violate the natural course. Be especially vigilant when working near pipelines and other communications, because the fragments of the ceramic can be sharp enough to damage such equipment. If a long time can not accurately repel an element of the floor covering, it is better to break it at once, since it is unlikely that you will be able to remove and still maintain integrity. After long blows create microcracks in the material.

If you need to replace only a part of the tile, then experts advise to be extremely cautious.

Some elements can be damaged during operation due to mechanical impact, but the reason can also be covered in the other. For example, incorrect placement of the finishing material. In this case, beating off one element, you can sprinkle the rest. That's why you need to act carefully.

To do this, you must also clean the trowels and draw a diagonal line on the damaged tile with a pencil. Then you need to take a drill with the thinnest drill and make a few holes, starting from the center. Then, with a chisel and a hammer, carefully discourage this element. Now you know how to remove the tiles accurately and without the help of hired workers.

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