How to repair a ball valve

In our time, the usual faucets were replaced by ball valves. Previously, cranes had to constantly change rubber gaskets. Ball mixers are more reliable design. But despite this, the components of the crane are subject to wear and tear, therefore, in time require replacement or cleaning. Since the crane has a simple design, the ball valve can be repaired by anyone who can use the appropriate tool. To do this, it is enough to study the device of the crane and stock up the necessary tools.

Ball Valve

A ball valve is a rotary knob that controls the supply of water.

Ball Valve

Ball Valve представляет собой одну поворотную ручку, с помощью которой осуществляется регулирование подачи воды. Поворачивая ручку влево или вправо, можно регулировать температуру воды, а двигая ее вверх-вниз, увеличивать или уменьшать напор воды. Внутри корпуса крана находится пустотелый шар, в котором есть отверстия для входа горячей и холодной воды. После перемешивания вода вытекает через выходное отверстие. Этот шар находится в керамическом неразборном картридже. Специальные уплотнительные седла удерживают шар и не дают ему выскочить под высоким давлением воды.

Tapping of a ball valve in a pipeline

Cutting the ball valve into the pipeline.

The difficulty of repairing ball valves with one's own hands is that many parts are in a non-separable cartridge. Thus, if some internal part fails, you have to change the entire cartridge. The swivel mechanism consists of a handle that is attached to the mixer body with a screw and a regulating stem. The hole in which the fixing screw is located is covered with a decorative plug. At the exit from the crane is located aerator - a special mesh for holding small particles. Knowing the device of the crane, it is easier to dismantle it for repair and collect it back.

Malfunctions and their causes

Before disassembling the ball valve, it is necessary to find out the cause of the malfunction. It is possible that the tap will not need to be dismantled. The reason for the poor pressure may be a weak pressure in the central water supply system. Therefore, it should be checked whether there is pressure in the other cranes. The reasons for the failure of the crane itself can be several:

The device of the ball valve

The device of the ball valve.

  1. Cracks appeared on the body of the mixer. The reason for this is poor-quality material. On cheap models sometimes put not a brass, and silumin. This material is brittle and does not withstand impacts and mechanical influences. It is best in this case to change the tap completely. If there is no such possibility, temporarily the cracks can be covered with a sealant. It must be water resistant, otherwise after a while the body can again flow. Apply a sealant a thin layer. After the first application of the sealant, it is necessary to wait for complete drying and to clean the surface. Then a second layer is applied, after drying it also needs to perform a sweep. But in the future the mixer must be replaced, so as not to get a flood if the body completely bursts.
  2. The tap is leaking. The reason for the flow of water is the ingress of microscopic particles between the ball and the sealing seats, which must be closely abutting. Mote, trapped in the gap, can break the tightness and cause premature wear of rubber seats.
  3. Weak water pressure. If the water pressure in the entire water system is normal, the cause may be in the clogging of the aerator mesh. In this case, remove the aerator from the tap, clean it and put it back in place. Avoid such breakages by installing a water filter on the supply pipes. They will purify water of unwanted particles. The head can be adjusted with the help of a rod, which is located between the ball and the lever.
  4. Problems with temperature control. The cause of this malfunction is the clogging of the cartridge. In one of its openings, particles of rust, debris or seal can get into it, if it has worn out. In this case, it may be necessary not only to clean the cartridge, but also to replace the seal. It may be necessary to replace the entire cartridge.

Step-by-step instruction

Before performing any repairs, the following tools must be prepared:

  • pliers;
  • Flat screwdriver;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • hexagon;
  • small hammer.
Repair of the ball mixer and the order of its assembly

Repair of the ball mixer and the order of its assembly.

When repairing the ball valve with your own hands, you must strictly follow the sequence of actions. First of all, shut off the supply of cold and hot water by means of shut-off valves. Then you need to drain the remaining water from the mixer.

First of all, remove the rotary knob. To do this, loosen the screw that holds it, and then, wiping it from side to side, carefully remove it. If the crane is not understood for a long time, you can gently knock the handle with a hammer. When unscrewing the threaded part, it is necessary to remember about the supplied water supply hoses. Unscrew carefully so as not to damage them. To do this, use a flat screwdriver to press on the threaded ring and turn it counterclockwise. At the same time, it is necessary to press on the notches with an effort.

At the next stage the pliers (dome) are removed by pliers. Then, the plastic parts are removed. They and the space under them should be thoroughly washed and cleaned.

Weak place of ball valves - swivel mechanism and seals.

If the seals are worn out, they need to be replaced. If covered with rust, it must be cleaned using a tool for instant rust removal, for example, "Liquid key". On the sealant may also be calcareous deposits, the cause of which is too hard water. They are carefully cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning agents so as not to damage the seal.

After disassembling the crane, you should carefully inspect all parts and replace worn ones. When replacing bolts, you must buy exactly the same size, otherwise the repair of the ball valve will not bring the desired result. If damage is found on the ball or its deformation, then it is better to replace it completely. Before the ball in the mixer has its own filter, but because of poor quality water, it can not cope with its function. Therefore, when repairing the crane, you must carefully clean all the cavities.

After the ball is removed, dismantle the seals that hold it. They are removed using a flat screwdriver. Old seals and springs should be replaced with new ones, as they eventually lose their elasticity and not so qualitatively fix the ball. All seals should be lubricated with special silicone grease for sanitary ware, then they will last a long time.

After all the work done, the crane must be assembled in the reverse order, starting with the installation of the ball. All parts must be treated with special grease. After the assembly of the crane, it is necessary to check its operability. When the water is turned off, the tap should not leak, and when open, the head should correspond to the pressure in the system. Pay attention to the water temperature, it should be adjusted by turning the knob. If everything works, then the crane is assembled correctly. For a durable service of ball valves you need to buy quality products. It is better to pay more expensive than to change the tap after a short time after purchase.

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