How to repair a bathroom in a panel house

Those people who live in a panel house often face the question: what materials to choose and how to produce works? Repair of a bathroom in a panel house, as a rule, involves solving the problem of building a small room.

Bathroom Repairs

Before repairing the bathroom, you must first carefully plan the future layout.

If you do not fear the possibility of reducing the height of the ceilings, then you can prefer a tension system, which is not only practical, but also aesthetic. From whitewashing today increasingly refuse not only home-made masters, but also professional builders, since this type of decoration can be considered obsolete. Ceilings in the bathroom in the panel house can be painted. This will not reduce the already limited space, but if you intend to implement the work yourself, you should be prepared for the fact that you have to carefully prepare the surface, which involves considerable work.

If you started repairing in the bathroom and faced with the task of hiding the flaws of the surface, hide the ventilation, and after mounting the spotlights, then you should use PVC panels that are easy to install. Repair in the bathroom is better done by installing a rack system on the ceiling, which differs not only in its attractive appearance, but also in its long service life.

Variants of installation of ventilation in the bathroom

Variants of ventilation installation in the bathroom.

When carrying out repairs in the area of ​​walls in a bathroom in a panel house, it is preferable to choose a tile. It corresponds to sanitary and hygienic standards, in addition, such a coating has a decent appearance. The floor in the bathroom of the panel house is also custom made using this material. You can choose a durable, aesthetic polymer filler. In tandem with both mentioned options it is possible to install a system of warm floor, because the panel house rarely has excellent thermal insulation features.

For works it is necessary to stock up with the following materials and tools:

  • waterproofing emulsion;
  • glue;
  • putty knife;
  • roller;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • waterproofing;
  • primer;
  • waterproofing tape.


The work must begin with the marking, for which the perimeter of the ceiling on the walls and in the installation area of ​​the hangers is noted.

The perimeter can be marked with a hydraulic or laser instrument. In each corner, you need to set the marks, which then must be connected by a line using a padded thread. To mount the suspension on the ceiling, you will draw a grid with square cells, the side of which is 1200 mm. The first lines should be drawn, having deviated from the walls 400 mm. At the points where the lines have been crossed, it is possible to install suspensions.

Scheme design of the rack ceiling

Scheme of the design of the rack ceiling.

To mount the wall corner, it must first be trimmed to have the correct size, then it is necessary to fix the element to the wall using self-tapping screws or dowels. Matching the profile in the corner of the room is preferable at an angle of 45 °.

Repair of the bathroom during the installation of hangers involves their fixing to the ceiling with dowels. At the next stage, you can move on to installing the stringer. In this case, it is necessary to trim the traverse so that there is a gap between its edges and the wall surface, the width of which is 5 mm or less. When fixing to the suspensions, you need to use special holes that will allow you to fasten to the hooks. Adjust the position of the traverse by squeezing the suspension springs.

The next step in the repair in the Khrushchev area in the bathroom area is the installation of the racks, while the deformation seam along the walls must be arranged. The rake needs to be cut, put both ends on the corner and snap the traverse. The hardest thing is to install the last strip, because it will become difficult to give in to its profile.

Laying tiles

Repair in the bathroom in the field of walls and floor can be made by means of tiles, such types of work are carried out approximately on one technology. Below is the sequence of laying the tiles on the floor.

Initially, the floor in the bathroom should be freed from the old covering. Next, waterproofing is installed, which can be applied by a pasting method. In any case, the layer should be raised on the wall (to a height of 20 cm from the floor).

The process of laying tiles on a wall

The process of laying the tiles on the wall.

Before applying the protective layer, it is recommended to treat the floor with a primer, which guarantees a good adhesion of the material to the floor.

In places where there will be joints, it is necessary to lay a waterproofing tape. The protective layer should be applied in several layers. The approximate time to wait until the next layer is applied is limited to 5-7 hours.

Repair of the bathroom after applying the last protective layer can be continued after 24 hours. After you can go to the application of the roller waterproofing emulsion to level the surface. The floor in the bathroom will finally be leveled with cement and sand screed.

Before you begin the ennobling of the bathroom tiles, you should apply a primer layer.

Repair of the bathroom in the next stage is accompanied by the laying of the material dry. This will make it possible to understand which products are to be cut. The tiling of the bathroom needs to start from the far corner of the room. The application of the composition should be done on the floor by means of a notched trowel. Products must be applied, pressed and prikuchivat hammer. Between the tiles should be laid crosses to form seams. Repair of the bathroom needs to be done using a level that will allow the tile to be laid flat. Remains of glue should be disposed of immediately, even before the mixture dries.

Repair in the bathroom at the next stage involves the laying of trimmed tiles, which are used after the installation of solid ones. Cutting can be done with a tile or metal hacksaw.

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