How to repair a mixer

Sooner or later, even the best quality ball mixer or any other can fail. In this case, its repair is required. Repairing the mixer is not so easy. This may take a lot of time. Always remember that prevention can keep the device in working order for many years. On how to repair the mixer, and will go further.

Scheme of mixer with slide switch

Scheme mixer with a slide switch.

Tools and materials

To begin with, it is necessary to determine the tools and materials that are simply necessary for work. So, we need the following:

  • piece of rubber hose;
  • copper wire;
  • gas key;
  • pasta GOI;
  • sandpaper.

This is mostly enough for high-quality work. The rest of the tools can come in handy only when non-standard cases occur, but more about this later.

Malfunctions and their elimination

Tools for repairing the mixer

Tools for repairing the mixer.

So, how to repair the mixer? There are several basic types of malfunctions, and they should be considered in more detail.

If flowing from under the swivel nut is spilled, then you must first visually review the mechanism. Perhaps, it will be possible to see the malfunction simply visually. It is possible that the seal was simply worn under the ring. It will have to be replaced, since this thing is one-time. If the defect is insignificant, then it can be eliminated by simply winding the plumbing thread on the head. In some cases, there may not be a seal in stores. You will have to cut it yourself out of the rubber hose. Preliminary it is necessary to make gaugings, and already only after that to use scissors. The leak must be eliminated even by such a simple method. Sometimes a plastic pressure ring is used in mixers. It can be replaced by a ring made of copper wire.

If during the operation of the shower a part of the water flows out of the tap, then it is necessary to check the seal, as well as the gasket.

The socket has a conical plug. If it is made of poor-quality materials, then this may be the cause of leakage. Here it is necessary to dismantle the mixer. The easiest way is to do this either with a car key, or with a special gas. After dismantling, you can find out whether there are any deformations and damages on the gasket or seal. If this is so, then we can safely make a replacement for these elements.

Scheme of the faucet

Diagram of a water tap.

It is necessary to check the accuracy of the lapping to the socket. To do this, you need to do some manipulation. The clamping nut is loosened, the handle and spindle are removed, and then the cork is removed from the socket. It must necessarily be thoroughly wiped with a dry rag, and then on a structural element draw a chalk strip, and it is better to do them several times. Now the cork is placed in its rightful place.

Next, the handle is rotated first in one direction and then in the other direction. Then the plug is taken out again from the socket. Then visually it is necessary to examine those places on which the chalk was applied. Further, the process of checking the operability is quite simple. If there is a fray on the plug, then this may mean that there are scuffs here that prevent the normal operation of the mechanism. You can eliminate bullying by one simple method. To rub the cork in place, you need to treat it with sandpaper. Here you may need GOI paste. It is used for finalization. Sandpaper is simply screwed onto the cork itself, which is then placed in its place in this condition. The same actions should be done with the use of GOI paste. Then all the excess is removed, and the cork should begin to work easily and simply.

Other breakdowns

However, there are other failures that may occur with the mixer. For example, it is quite possible that the hose that connects the mixer and the watering can be hiked. This unpleasant situation is familiar to many users of such devices. Removing the problem can be extremely simple. To start, you need to remove the union nut, and then move it back through the hose. Then you need to pay attention to the brass nipple. It is removed, and then the place of the break is visually examined. Next, the wire that fastens the nipple is unscrewed. Now you can safely move it along the pipe. Now we can state the fact that the work is completely completed, and this means that the hose can be collected. Do this in the reverse order.

If there is water in the pushbutton, then this may indicate that it is time to replace the stuffing box. It is worth remembering that when carrying out any work, the water supply must necessarily be closed. Close both valves is also necessary in this situation, since the job involves parsing the node. This is done extremely simply.

Scheme of assembling a ball mixer in the bathroom

Scheme of assembling a ball mixer in the bathroom.

You must first remove the union nut, and then remove the oil seal.

If its stuffing has suffered, then it can say that it needs to be replaced. You can immediately change the whole omentum. They should also be sold in specialized sanitary ware shops. The packing particles can remain in the rod. They must be eliminated so that they do not interfere with the further operation of the device.

It can not only rub through the hose itself, but also its braiding, its edges will protrude beyond the edges of the nut. To begin with, remove the union nut, and then use the pliers to straighten the spiral. After that, it can again be placed under the union nut. Then the nipple is placed in its place, and the mixer itself is assembled into a single unit.

Additional nuances

Clean any mixer with a stiff brush is not worth it. This can lead to its global damage. Do not also clean the device with various acid solutions. For these purposes, disinfectants should be used. Fortunately with the purchase of those in our day there is no problem.

For cleaning, you need only use a soft sponge, which can not do any harm to the device, or rather, its surface. If you apply these preventive measures in practice, then everything will be all right. The mixer will serve for many years with faith and truth and simply delight your master.

Thus, the repair of the mixer involves a variety of manipulations. Everything depends in the final analysis on what kind of breakdown is in question. If a person is not sure that he is able to cope with the actions described above, then it is better to entrust the conduct of activities to a specialist in plumbing. The benefit of plumbers today is extremely easy to find.

Do not ever forget about the prevention of breakage, because it is easier to prevent than to correct.

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