How to repair bathroom under the bathroom

Repair of the bathroom under the bathroom is carried out using the same technology that is used when working with the rest of the surface. Some masters advise you to take a bath before starting the work, while a number of specialists perform the laying in part: first they work in the area under the bathroom, wait for the glue to solidify, put the bath in place, and then finish the stowage on the rest of the area.

Dismantling of sanitary engineering

When repairing it is desirable to turn off all plumbing and remove the bath from the room.

Preparation for laying

Before you start making repairs in the bathroom in the area of ​​the floor, you should level the floor and walls. However, this procedure may not be useful. Determine the need for the process can be done by marking the surface. It is recommended to use the laser level. It must be placed in one of the corners of the room to measure the pitch from the marks on the vertical surfaces to the bottom of the floor. If it is equivalent or the deviation does not exceed an indicator of 5 mm, it is permissible not to make an early alignment. Similar errors can be eliminated during the installation of tiles.

Floor marking scheme for laying tiles

Floor marking scheme for laying tiles.

In the absence of a laser instrument, one should determine by eye the highest angle of the room. From it, applying the building level, you need to make a horizontal mark on the wall. It should be extended along the perimeter to all walls, while applying the level. In the center of the room between the opposite walls, you should pull two cords so that they are crossed in the center. If the cord does not reach the floor at any point, and the distance from the highest point of the floor to the line on the walls is not more than 2 cm, this line will be a new floor level. There may be a situation where the cord in one or more places comes in contact with the floor. In this case, the rope needs to be raised slightly, in order to make a marking on the surface of the walls at this level. At the next stage it is permissible to start mounting beacons. This is done with the help of tubercles from the leveling mixture, the position of which must correspond to the marking lines. Analyzing their location is acceptable with the use of a long rule.

Further on beacons it is necessary to level the floor with the prepared mixture and leave everything to dry.

To carry out the work, it is necessary to prepare:

  • laser level;
  • rule;
  • rubber hammer;
  • glue;
  • tiles;
  • putty knife;
  • water level;
  • zatirku.
Tools for laying tiles

Tools for laying tiles: spatula, rubber hammer, rule.

Installation of tiles

Begin laying tiles on the floor in the bathroom from the far corner, then you have to move towards the opening. In order to exclude the displacement of products, pull nylon threads. After the limited area of ​​the floor surface and the glue itself is applied to the tile itself, it is possible to lay the product on the base, press it slightly and apply it with a rubber hammer. This will allow you to install the tile in place and achieve the correct seam. If the tile was lower in level than the neighboring products, it must be removed, add the glue and put it again, setting the level.

Ремонт в ванной может быть продолжен только после того, как клей всего покрытия высохнет, на что уйдет несколько дней. После этого можно приступать к затирке швов. Для того чтобы швы хорошо выглядели, не высыпались в процессе эксплуатации, а влага не попадала во внутреннее пространство отделки, следует хорошо заполнить пазы между изделиями. Предпочтительнее использовать мелкодисперсную zatirku. После того как смесь будет нанесена шпателем, от ее излишков необходимо немедленно избавляться. В особенности это касается поверхности плитки, которая имеет фактурный рисунок. Ремонт в ванной в области пола после завершения процесса затирки можно считать завершенным.

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