How to replace the mixer

Installing and replacing the mixer with your own hands is a simple process that even a novice master can perform. Any designs are supplied complete with detailed instructions.

Faucet in bathroom

The new mixer should fit well into the interior of the bathtub, be made of a durable and reliable material.

Select mixer

Product Material

It is recommended to purchase structures made of brass or bronze. Mixers of silumin, even from the best manufacturers are subjected to intergranular corrosion. At first it will be difficult to detect it. In some cases, small spots of white appear, which are similar to ordinary salt spray. However, such a mixer from slight pressure on the faucet may fall off or fall apart.

Mixing device

The device of the mixer.

The design may fall off by itself. You need to select the neck of the outflow of yellow. If the neck is gray, it means that the mixer is made of silumin.

Sealing elements must be made of rubber. Plastic designs are not recommended.

It is worth paying attention to the spacing element of the spout. This element is located on the root of the spout, in the ring groove. Most often it is in a bag with various accessories. Not all sellers understand the essence of this device, and therefore advise not to install it. You should know that this is a mistake. If the element is not installed, the spout can begin to stagger and leak.

The spacing element must be split. First of all, it must be put on the main part of the spout so that it is in the groove. After that, the spout is inserted into the socket. If the ring does not fit into the hole, then from the sides of the cut you have to squeeze the element with your hands. The main part of the spout should be pressed in the lower part until it snaps.

Stop valves

Mixer tap valves for water supply can be two-hand valve and cork with moving handles. A faucet with a two-hand valve can only be bought for aesthetic reasons, as for all technical characteristics the cork is superior. The latter has the following advantages:

Replacing the gasket in the mixer

Replacing the gasket in the mixer.

  1. Economical. If two-hand cranes are to be closed, the temperature of the water in the process of opening them needs to be adjusted anew, and the water will go into the drain. The cork valve is closed by the movement of the handle down, while the water is regulated by rocking the grip sideways. It can be left in the desired position, and then raise the handle. As a result, there will be water of the required temperature.
  2. Efficiency. Hydraulic resistance in cranes is 4-5 times higher than that of cork valves. If the pressure in the system decreases, then a similar tap will still flow.
  3. Convenience. To turn the tap, you need to perform a lot less movements than to unscrew the valve.

The head of the shower must have self-cleaning nozzles. This can be defined as follows: thin nipples with small holes should protrude from the holes of the mesh of the head. In the process of turning the shower on and off from the pressure changes, the nozzle will expand and contract, and as a result, the salts will be shaken off.

If women live in an apartment or private house, it is recommended to purchase a mixer with a combined head. Sideways in the construction of the lever. In one extreme position, the shower will operate in the standard mode, in the other extreme - the water flow will be blocked. As a result, you do not need to reach for taps or a lever. In the middle position, only the central nozzles will work, giving a strong and thin stream.

Replacing the mixer


The following elements will be required:

Instruments для ремонта смесителя

Instruments для ремонта смесителя.

  1. Adjustable wrench. It will be used to dismantle the previously installed mixer.
  2. Passatures.
  3. Vinyl insulating tape. Used for winding nickel-plated nuts before tightening them.
  4. FSM tape. Used for waterproofing the structure. In this case, a linen can be used, but the FSM tape has better characteristics.

To perform the insulation, the PCM tape needs to be wound onto a thread of 15 layers in the direction of the thread. In the process of winding the nut, the FUM-band will press into the thread, resulting in a reliable seal. If reeled in the opposite direction, the tape will wrinkle and slide, while the joint will flow. To correct incorrectly executed winding is very simple: you will need to unwind the old tape, then wind the new one in the opposite direction.

After this, you will need to dismantle the previously installed mixer. In this case, there may be some problems: due to the sedimentation of the salts, the old structure will firmly adhere to the pipes. If you try to turn the product off with a gas wrench, the pipes may break. This is especially true for plastic constructions.

To solve this problem, you will need to use kerosene or brake fluid. A few drops should be applied to the place of the sticky joint, after which wait 12-15 minutes. At this stage, the structure can be dismantled.

Eccentric, mixer spout and shower

Repair the mixer with your own hands

Repair the mixer with your own hands.

The mixer must be supplied complete with eccentric fittings for adjustment. They will need to be wrapped around with a FUM tape, then tightly screwed into the holes of the pipelines. Then with the help of the adjustable or gas wrench, it is necessary to screw the eccentrics by 0,5-1,5 turns so that their fittings are located on the same level from above or below.

Next, the fittings need to be set according to the distance under the mixer. In this case, it is recommended to use a U-shaped bracket made of wire. It is necessary to carefully bend its middle part, then try on the extreme parts of the wire along the centers of the holes of the crane. Next, at these ends, you need to adjust the eccentric holes. Perform adjustments by shifting all the fittings so that the level does not go astray.

On the flanges, the first thing you will need to do is to install the decorative pads. Then the gaskets from the kit are laid in the flanges: first - black soft, after - colored rigid. The gasket made of paronite is able to protect the rubber elements from damage from the end part of the eccentric union during the screwing process. In addition, no waterproofing material is needed.

The scheme of installing a new mixer in the bathroom

The scheme for installing a new mixer in the bathroom.

After this, the union nuts will need to be turned manually onto the fittings until they stop, and then turn them with a wrench by 0.5 turns. To apply special efforts it is not supposed: rubber with a paronite reliably condenses a design, however if rubber to transfer, there will be a leak.

During installation, the spout should be checked to ensure that the rubber seal ring and the spacer are in place. Push the spacer ring into the spout for a spout is not easy, you should take this into account. It is necessary to make sure that the spacer element does not crumple during installation: from this small device the life of the spout depends to a large extent.

You need to install the shower on several gaskets made of rubber and paronite. If the shower nozzle has a canonical recess, the gaskets may not be provided.

Replacement in the kitchen

The kitchen mixer will need to be connected to the pipeline not with the help of eccentrics, but by using the hose connection pipes. These devices can be presented in the following types:

Flexible piping for mixer

Scheme of flexible connection for the mixer.

  1. Soft plastic constructions in a textile shell. These products should not be used. In 50% of cases, the data of the khenki burst after six months.
  2. Brass structures in stores are considered reliable and environmentally friendly, while they are much more expensive. However, this is not the most suitable option, since this tube simply enough to damage by breaking or pinching.
  3. Metal-plastic pipes. It is recommended to use them.

Before buying a mixer for a sink, you will need to measure how long the henk should be used.

Hankies can be supplied with a mixer or sold separately. It is not possible to cut or build up these structures, therefore it is important to purchase elements with a margin of 22-25 cm.

In the acquisition process, it is important to check that the faces of the nuts are at different levels. If the faces are located on the same level, then they can not be twisted.

Mounting Features

The first step is to prepare a hole in the sink board. If the hole is already provided in the construction, you will need to measure its diameter and in the process of acquiring the mixer make sure that it is suitable.

The kitchen faucet is installed as follows:

  1. Fence hoods need to be wrapped in a FUM tape, then manually screwed into the holes of the pipeline. Further it is necessary to hold on 1-2 turns a adjustable or gas key. It should be noted that a large gas key under the sink will not fit, so you need to prepare a small tool in advance.
  2. On the extreme parts of the henk you need to put on the lower nut to attach the mixer and the gasket.
  3. Extreme parts of henok are removed through the hole in the sink. After this, these elements must be screwed onto the fittings using the FSM tape.
  4. Threaded joints will need to be wrapped over the top with an additional FUM tape. The mixer is installed in a special socket, then fixed with a lower nut.

Instead of a PCM tape, you can also use Teflon thread. However, it can only be used by experienced craftsmen, since this thread is slippery, as a result of which it will constantly creep.

Talking about how to replace the mixer, you should know that everything is simple. You only need to buy a quality mixer, follow the technology and prepare all the necessary tools and materials. All work can be done even by a person without relevant work experience.

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