How to restore a bath in an apartment

Restoration of the bath today is a process that can be mastered by both a professional repairman and a common man in the street. To achieve success, only care and readiness to perform all the tasks accurately are required, and an understanding of how to restore the bath will come naturally.

Restoration of the bath in the home

Restoration of the bath can be carried out with acrylic coating, applying enamel, installing a new "liner" in the bath.

Basic methods

Before embarking on the process of recovery, it is important to determine which method will be implemented. You can restore the cast-iron bath in the following ways:

Step-by-step process of bath restoration

Step-by-step process of bath restoration.

  1. Surface coating with acrylic. Acrylic bath surface restoration is considered the most demanded and extremely simple. Liquid acrylic is applied to the restored surface with a thick enough layer - 6 mm, and neatly distributed with a small spatula. An invaluable advantage of this method is its durability - the coating does not lose its original appearance for the next 15 years. In addition, the acrylic mixture is hypoallergenic, it does not have a sharp odor and can be used even in the house where allergy sufferers live. The main drawback of acrylic is the term of its congealing. Touching the treated surface will be possible only on the third day after the application of the solution. In addition, the materials will have to fork out a lot, because acrylic is very expensive material. However, the result will be worth it.
  2. Enamelling of the surface. Self-enamelling paint on a cast-iron bath is one of the oldest ways to restore its pristine appearance. Use in this case, you can professional enamel, which it will be difficult to apply to a common man in the street, and a means for self-application, having a sufficiently thick consistency. This option is considered to be one of the cheapest and easiest, but it dries for about a week. But do not expect that this enamel will last for long! In a few years, it will turn yellow, may even appear chipped. Nothing to do with this version of the factory coverage will not be.
  3. Bath in the bath. One of the most difficult and costly methods of restoration is the installation in an old construction of a new liner made of acrylic. It is applicable only for cast iron baths and ensures operation of the product for 20 years! The essence of the method lies in the fact that in the old cast-iron bath on the adhesive layer a thin pattern of acrylic is created, completely repeating its shape. However, only the most expensive and high-quality materials should be chosen for these purposes! Base acrylic to ensure the proper level of restoration can not.

Reasons for restoration

Deciding to restore the cast-iron bath by own hands, first of all it is important to compare all possible risks. Most experts recommend not to waste time in vain and immediately buy a new bath. However, in this case, the owner of the house is waiting for additional costs in the form of its installation.

Restoration of the bath with acrylic paint

The restoration of the bath with acrylic paint is carried out in bulk.

Having given preference to restoration, the owner must consider how the process will be organized. Completing all the work independently, you can save a lot on labor remuneration, by purchasing materials of higher class for the money. It should also be noted that the materials on no account should not be saved!

Constant restoration and renewal of color will come in times more expensive than a one-time purchase of quality raw materials. However, in the event that the potential master does not possess significant skills for the implementation of restoration, it is strictly recommended not to save on specialists!

After all, an unsuccessful restoration will be very difficult to remake, and in some cases it is completely impossible.

However, it is not all baths that can be restored.

It will be most expedient to restore the integrity of a heavy cast-iron bath, which, according to its technical characteristics, will be able to serve for more than one year.

The so-called light baths made of stainless steel are not rational to restore, because on the thin surface the enamelling layer will lie unevenly and come off during the first years of operation.

Regardless of what decision was made - to restore the bath with your own hands or entrust it to professionals, it is important to remember that the original appearance of the product will not already be acquired. Its color will be updated, however, in order to look like a new bath, you will still have to shell out for a new unit.

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