How to restore the bath

The cost of a new bath can be high, buying it every couple of years because of the emerging yellow spots or a small cleavage of the enamel is expensive. To restore the old attractive surface of the bath can be quite quickly and easily, for this purpose special compositions based on acrylic or enamel are used. You can order comfortable acrylic inserts, which you do not have to paint with.

Restoration of the bath by applying acrylic

If the surface of the bath began to acquire a yellow tinge, then it's time to make it a restoration.

Restoration of the bath with their own hands will not only restore the surface of the bowl and protect it from the negative effects of water and chemicals, but also completely change it, give it any shade. On sale there are various enamels and acrylics, it is possible to choose a color for the overall interior of the bathroom.

Before you start the restoration work, you need to prepare the bowl, remove the siphons, grates, and clean the surface. After that, the drain is protected from leakage of the coloring composition, to protect hands, gloves should be used, and aeration should be made in the bathroom. The liner is easier to use, but it is necessary to choose the correct shape in accordance with the size of the bath itself.


Application of enamel mixture is a common method of restoration. The surface of the bowl is painted with enamel, previously the old coating is removed. For work it is necessary to prepare:

  • electric drill, special grinding head;
  • special abrasive powder;
  • a piece of sandpaper;
  • converter for rust;
  • degreaser;
  • a few lint-free napkins;
  • brushes with natural bristles;
  • spray;
  • gloves, respirator;
  • two-component enamel.
Materials and tools for the restoration of the bath

For the restoration of the old cast-iron bath you will need: acrylic, gloves, scotch, brush, rags, tools for overflow removal.

It is necessary to start with cleaning the bowl, for this purpose a nozzle is used in the form of a grinding wheel and an abrasive paste. It is necessary to remove all old coating, the surface is then degreased and dried. The bath before painting should be completely cleaned, the quality of the restoration work depends on it. If there is corrosion, then it is removed with sandpaper. Next, the bowl is wiped with napkins, filled with hot water for 10 minutes, dried. The first layer of enamel paint should be applied with a brush or spray. The period specified by the manufacturer is sustained, then a second layer of enamel can be applied. The drying time is also indicated by the manufacturer. The service life of the restored layer is 6-8 years.

Acrylic painting

Restoration of the bath with your own hands is a responsible process. To update the surface you can use not only enamel, but acrylic. The remedy is more like not a paint, but a viscous substance. This is a two-component formulation based on acrylic and hardener. When these 2 substances are combined, the polymerization process begins. As a result, a solid and strong surface with a thickness of 4-6 mm is formed. The quality is much higher than the enamel coatings, it is not afraid of bumps and scratches. Before starting work it is better to practice on any surface, then not to spoil the coating.

Step-by-step process of restoration of a cast-iron bath

Step-by-step process of restoration of a cast-iron bath.

The technology of acrylic filling is as follows:

  1. First you need to prepare the cup for work. The old enamel is removed, the siphon and taps are removed, the drain opening is closed with the plexo, so that the acrylic does not pour to the floor during the restoration.
  2. Next, you need to prepare the mixture for pouring, following all the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. If the surface is completely dry, you can start pouring.
  4. The mixture is poured by a thin stream on the upper edge. When the composition reaches the middle, you can gently move the mixture aside so that acrylic can cover the entire wall to the bottom. The composition should completely cover the entire bowl, but do not form potholes and puddles at the same time.
  5. On the floor under the drain it is necessary to substitute a container, for example, an unnecessary plastic trough, it is into it that the excess of the composition will drain when the tow is taken.
  6. Freeze acrylic will be about 2-4 days, it is best to take it with a longer polymerization time, as this will ensure a higher quality of work.

The service life of the stakril coating is about 20 years, but for application it is necessary to have some experience.

Using the liner

Restoration of baths can be performed using a special liner. This method is considered simple, but the cost of materials is the highest. The liner should be carefully selected under the shape of the bath so that no cavities or mismatches remain during installation. Many experts do not advise doing this work with their own hands, since the best liner is made or is selected strictly by individual standards, its installation requires experience.

The use of an acrylic insert to restore the bath

The use of an acrylic insert to restore the bath.

If it is possible to order such a liner, the restoration of the baths will be much easier:

  1. The surface is first cleaned, then thoroughly dried and degreased.
  2. The insert is neatly inserted into the bowl. It is necessary to check that all drain holes of the old surface and the new one completely coincide.
  3. The plastic on the wall line is neatly trimmed, it is best done according to the level of the tile.
  4. On the outside of the liner and on the inside is applied a special glue, after which all the edges are neatly joined together. To seal the joints, silicone sealant is used, it is applied using a construction gun.
  5. Further, cold water is poured into the prepared bowl, the siphon is not removed in this case. In this condition, the bath should last about 24 hours, but not less.
  6. A day later the water is drained, the bath is ready for use.

This method is considered one of the best, the service life of the new coating is about 10 years, but there are certain requirements for operation. Do not drop sharp and heavy objects to the bottom, it is not recommended to give a heavy load, otherwise the liner, which is made of special plastic, will be damaged. Hot water will not cause any damage. It will be easy to wash the bath, it is sufficient to use simple non-abrasive detergents.

Composition for painting

The advantages of a bath tank

The advantages of a bath tank.

When the restoration of the bath is planned, it is necessary to carefully consider the choice of the means for painting. Choosing the cheapest is not worth it, as well as the quality of work will be appropriate. Preference is best given to tested and quality compounds.

Experts recommend using epoxy enamel. Such a composition is specifically designed to paint the inner surface of plumbing fixtures. The service life of the coating is high, it is approximately 9 years, provided that the operating rules are observed. If conditions can not be maintained, the enamel will last about 5 years, no more. The liquid composition is applied to the prepared surface with a brush, but the composition of the mixture is viscous, therefore it is necessary to practice beforehand so that the coating is even and neat. Epoxy bath enamel allows you to eliminate all scratches from the surface. This is especially important for cast-iron baths.

Enameling of the bath can be performed using a variety of formulations. It is necessary to consider what material the bowl is made of. Today, the market can find mixtures that are designed for repair work with structures of steel or cast iron. Such compounds are immediately supplied with chemical-mechanical preparations, some manufacturers offer tinting pastes to create an unusual shade.

Acrylic enamels have a long service life, but experience requires their use.

They are applied only in bulk, which requires a certain experience. Before work, the surface must be cleaned, washed and dried. After that, a layer of putty is applied, after it has dried, you can start working. Acrylic is whimsical, for its use it is required to have some experience.

Restoration of the old bath is a demanding process and time-consuming. The surface is first cleaned, and then it is painted or covered with a layer of plastic.

In order for the work to be carried out in a qualitative way, it is necessary to observe all stages of work.

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