How to update the bath with acrylic

Today, the method of restoring the bath with acrylic is gaining popularity. It allows you to independently upgrade your old plumbing equipment within a short period of time. This will give the bathroom a nice appearance. Many people are interested in the answer to the question: how to update the bath in this way?

Acrylic bath in the interior

The advantage of an acrylic bath is that it is strong, has a low weight, retains the heat of the water for a long time.


This material has a lot of advantages. Restoration of the bath with liquid acrylic completely modifies it: the yellowed bathing tank becomes new, radiant, eliminated from defects. After updating the bath with acrylic surface:

  • becomes smooth;
  • Do not slip;
  • not afraid of mechanical or chemical influence, all kinds of bacteria.
The device of an acrylic bath

The device of an acrylic bath.

Thanks to acrylic, it becomes resistant to external influences. Updating the bath in this way helps to save a decent amount of time and money, since there is no need to dismantle the tile and the old bath. Caring for her is simple and easy, just use the usual gentle means, soap, soft sponge, and she will always shine.

It can be stated with a high degree of certainty that the bath, updated with acrylic, will last at least 15 years, and with proper care - 20. The presence in it of low thermal conductivity allows the water temperature to persist for a longer time.

For example, the water in a conventional bath of cast iron for 3 minutes loses 1 ° C, and in the restored for cooling it takes about 30 minutes.


Before starting the renovation of the bath with your own hands, you must prepare the following tools:

  • roller;
  • brush;
  • putty knife;
  • soft sponge.

If the restoration is carried out properly, it is possible that the old bathtub will be more beautiful than the new one.

Preparation for repair

The process of restoration of the old bath should begin with getting rid of the previous coating and surface preparation.

It is necessary:

Acrylic bath liner scheme

Scheme of acrylic liner for bath.

  1. Penetrate rust and serious scratches removed with a drill with a grinding nozzle. This work should be carried out in a protective mask, as there will be a lot of dust.
  2. If there are only yellowed spots and minor scratches, you just need to clean the surface with sandpaper.
  3. Carry out degreasing bath with drinking soda. It is applied in the form of gruel. At the end of work, rinse with hot water. You can also buy in the building store any degreasing agent: acetone, alcohol, purified gasoline.
  4. If there are chips and cracks on the surface of the old bath, treat them instantly with drying automotive filler.
  5. Disassemble the lower and upper drains. This must be done so that acrylic does not get into the sewer. To do this, put a special container under the bathroom. In the event that the bath is surrounded by tiles and dismantling is impossible, draining from the bottom zaleptivayte adhesive tapes or tape. On top put the bottom of a glass of plastic, which will hit acrylic.

The enamel does not lie flat, if the bath is cold during restoration with liquid acrylic, so it takes hot water for 5 minutes, then drain it. To dry it is necessary very quickly with application of a matter without villi. At the end of these works, they begin to update the bath with their own hands.


Restoration of the bath with acrylic paint

The restoration of the bath with acrylic paint is carried out in bulk.

This method is easy and very high-quality. Updating the bath with liquid acrylic can easily be done from start to finish. After carrying out the above preparatory works, the restoration of the bath begins. This process is subtle, caution and concentration are required.

It is necessary, strictly observing the instructions, to prepare liquid acrylic and start pouring it into the bath. In order for it to flow down and fill the whole surface well, acrylic should be poured slowly, with a light jet, a layer of 4-6 cm. It should drain approximately to the middle of the bath.

Those places old bath, where he did not get (this leads to the appearance of spaces), too, must be watered, otherwise there will be a defect. Then pour acrylic into the middle of the bath, you need to move in a spiral.

It should be remembered that the restoration of old baths in this case prohibits the use of special tools (roller or brush). Liquid acrylic itself will lie on the surface of the bath necessary layer and forms a fresh layer of enamel of excellent quality. To update the bath in this way is more economical than buying a new one. Up to 3.4 kg of acrylic is required.

The bath is left to dry for 1-4 days after completion of the work.

If you need to make a restoration in a short period, recommend using quick-drying acrylic. In this case, the bath will be ready for use after 24 hours.

There is also a long-drying acrylic on sale. It dries for a longer time (4 days). However, it contributes to the formation of a more solid surface, therefore, experts advise to give preference to this material. All these recommendations are the answer to the question of how to update the bath with liquid acrylic.

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