How to update the iron bath at home

A place where a person can relax from the bustle of a spent day, this is a bathroom. Water relaxes the person and at the same time relieves him of the negative. But what to do to those people who have an old cast-iron bath instead of a shower cubicle or a jacuzzi, and there's simply no way to change it? Do not despair, because you can create a new one from the long-forgotten old. It remains only to learn how to update the cast-iron bath.

Acrylic bath liner scheme

Scheme of acrylic liner for bath.

There are several ways to restore this bathing tank:

  1. Painting with acrylic.
  2. Painting with enamel.
  3. Installing the acrylic liner.

All 3 ways can be easily implemented at home. This requires a desire, inexpensive tools and materials.

Restoration with enamel

This method is considered one of the oldest and tested by more than one generation.

It will be mistaken that the person who believes that the painting is suitable for simple white enamel. There must be a special paint. There are 2 types of enamel for such a painting: professional and conventional. They differ in that the consistency of professional paint is more liquid. It is designed to be applied by special equipment. This procedure is almost impossible at home. For this reason, a second species is used, which is much thicker. Due to this, the paint is easier to apply to the surface. Before you update the cast-iron bath, you must carefully prepare it.

Step-by-step process of restoration of a cast-iron bath

Step-by-step process of restoration of a cast-iron bath.

To do this, you need to get a set for the restoration of a cast-iron bath. You will also need a spatula, sandpaper, special cleaning powder and alcohol.

The first thing to begin with, is to remove all delaminations and raids that have formed over time. A spatula needs to clean everything that has cracked and peeled off. After that, apply the powder and use a sandpaper to treat the bath. The main task is to maximize the surface level. After this, it is necessary to rinse and degrease the tank. Alcohol will do fine degreasing.

After that, draw hot water and let it cool for about 30 minutes. After the time has elapsed, drain the water and allow your bathing device to dry. After all is completely dry, you can proceed to the primer. Apply it evenly to the inner surface of the bath.

When the soil dries, you can apply the first coat of paint. Enamel should be mixed with a hardener, which is also present in the building kit. It is necessary to apply at least 3 and not more than 5 layers. When you apply the last layer of paint, add the solvent to the enamel. It will create shine and give the effect of novelty.

Application of acrylic

This material burst into the life of a man quite boldly and confidently. A few dozen years ago, no one heard about the existence of this material. Acrylic has a lot of advantages, due to which it became popular (no odor, long service life).

Tools for bath restoration

For the restoration of the old cast-iron bath will require: acrylic, gloves, scotch, brush, rags, tools for dismantling overflow

But at the same time, acrylic has some drawbacks. It dries long enough. In addition, at the time of hardening, it is desirable that no work is done near the acrylic tank. The thing is that this material, until the final drying, very easily catches dust and other debris that is next to it.

Before you begin to cover with acrylic, the bath must be prepared. Stages of stripping are the same as when painting with enamel. You can apply acrylic brush or roller, but most often used method of pouring in a spiral. It is necessary to start the pouring from above and to go down to the drain.

If at the time of painting on acrylic bubbles will be formed, they must be pierced in order to release air from them. Odor with such a paint is practically absent, which allows you to freely paint the bath at home.

Acrylic has a glossy finish. If all instructions for its use are strictly observed, then the bathtub will look very beautiful.

Insert installation

If you do not know how to update the bath in a short time, then it is better to get acquainted with one more method of restoration.

As soon as possible, you can update the bath with a special insert made of acrylic.

If the walls of the bathroom are tiled, then at the time of installation of the liner they will not suffer in any way. This is one of the easiest ways of restoration.

To do this, you need a special insert, tape measure and sealant. Buy all this can be in the building store. Before you buy the liner, make an accurate measurement of the old bath. This will help you unhindered to invest in an old bath of a new capacity. Once tools and materials are ready, you can begin the installation.

The old container must be cleaned of the formed deposit and thoroughly dried. This is to ensure that the microbes do not have a suitable habitat between the two layers. After this, it is necessary to apply a sealant to the liner and a cast iron bath. To the two layers lie close, it is necessary to squeeze them to each other as much as possible, and also to collect hot water. After a day, you can drain the water. The bath is ready for use. Now you are familiar with one more simple and economical way of updating the old bath. This restoration is very quick. The service life is about 15 years.

Cast-iron baths are time-tested. 30 years ago, such a reservoir for swimming was in every family. They are very durable and reliable. Corrosion in this case is practically powerless. Despite the advantages of such bathtubs, they also wear out. That's why we came up with several ways how to update an old cast-iron bath. It remains only to decide which of the above options will suit you more.

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