How to use the bidet correctly

Most unenlightened people, at the sight of an unusual design that resembles a toilet bowl, immediately ask themselves what it is and how to use it correctly. An unusual item is called a bidet, which comes from the French word bidet. Use of a bidet is due to the observance of personal hygiene rights. This item has several different functions, which are discussed below.


The bidet is a deepened tank in the form of a small bathtub, which has a water tap.

Bidet is a recessed container in the form of a small bathtub equipped with a water tap. Typically, this device is located in the bathroom near the toilet, as an additional device that is designed to maintain their own hygiene. The main purpose of the bidet is a full replacement of toilet paper.

Such equipment implies the presence of a bathroom with hot and cold water supply and the possibility of temperature control by means of a built-in mixer. In some cases, the bidet is sold together with a special dryer. With the availability of such a device, the need for toilet paper is completely eliminated. On the territory of Russia, the bidet has spread relatively recently.

This device has proved extremely fast in the market and has sought high popularity and unprecedented demand.

History of creation

Bathroom layout with bidet, shower and additional washbasin

The layout of the bathroom with bidet, shower and extra washbasin.

Bidet was widely spread in the XVII century in France, where it was invented. Of course, the pristine appearance of this device was very different from the modern bidet, but its functionality was exactly the same. World popularity bidet sought in the early 90-ies of XX century. Epicenter of the spread of the newfangled trend was Japan.

In the future, the bidet quickly spread to Europe. Today almost every bathroom in the homes of Europeans is equipped with this device for maintaining hygiene. It has become so common in European countries that it can be found even in public institutions such as schools, hospitals and hotels.

In the early 90's, in the territory of Russia, the equipment of the bidet bathrooms caused some problems, since the layout of the premises did not allow the additional plumbing to be placed, this would entail the expansion of the bathroom and the alteration of the bathroom. This procedure was expensive, it was not for every citizen of the country. Today the situation has changed for the better. A wide range of apartment layouts allows you to place any plumbing of various sizes without interfering with the design of the bathroom.

Applying Bee

People who saw such a device for the first time, immediately ask themselves how to use the bidet correctly. In reality, nothing complicated in this device is there, everything is much simpler than it might seem at first glance. There is a set of ordinary rules, observance of which will help to master the basic functionality of the bidet very quickly.

First of all, it is worth remembering that the bidet is often used after coping with the need. But you can use it without any specific need, since first of all the bidet is intended to maintain personal hygiene.

There are 2 positions in which you can wash:

Varieties be

Varieties be

  • facing the cranes;
  • back to the cranes.

The first position is standard, since the bidet is used that way. However, some people prefer to wash their backs to the mixer. In this matter, the main thing is that it is convenient to use this device.

Bidet is often used even after using toilet paper, which helps to keep yourself clean much more. In doing so, it must be remembered that it is unacceptable to throw paper or a napkin into the tank.

It should be borne in mind that this device will never be able to replace the full acceptance of the shower. Bidet is used only to simplify and speed up washing after coping with the need to not spend a lot of time on taking a bath.

Before using the bidet, make sure that the appropriate water temperature is selected. Because of the high sensitivity of the skin in the genital area, this omission will lead to unpleasant or painful consequences.

Bidet, like any other plumbing in the bathroom, needs constant maintenance of cleanliness. For cleaning it is recommended to use the same disinfection means that are used for washing the toilet bowl and bath. The use of simple household soap is also suitable for cleaning the reservoir of the device.

In no case can you use a bidet as a toilet, so the smallest members of the family should be taught to distinguish both types of plumbing from the earliest years.


Scheme of mixer bidet

Scheme of the mixer bidet.

Having understood what the bidet is intended for, it is possible to proceed to a detailed examination of its varieties. The main factor distinguishing different types of bidets from each other is the functionality of the equipment.

The most popular is a device with a built-in fountain. It is a container based on faience or porcelain, which is filled with water through a single hole. There is the possibility of clogging a hole with a special plug. The fountain of this kind of bidet beats in a vertical direction. This is achieved through a mechanism located on the bottom of the tank.

The next distribution device has an integrated mixer that controls the direction of the trickle with a special nozzle. Such types of devices hold the trickle in the direction that is necessary for more convenient use.

The third kind is an adaptation that integrates into the toilet, it is also called an electronic bidet. Use of this type of bidet is quite convenient due to the jet head controller, which is integrated in the tank seat. In this case, it is possible to switch modes depending on the gender of the person who uses the device. Specific types of electronic bidets imply the presence of a built-in dryer.

Main Functions

The main purpose for which the bidet is intended is washing in the genital area after coping with the need. Many doctors agree that rinsing after defecation with running water is much more beneficial to human health than using toilet paper. In particular, protection from hemorrhoids and genital diseases increases.

Setting the beam

Installation of the bidet: 1 - mixer, 2 - mixer nozzles, 3 - gasket, 4 - fixing nut, 5 - water supply pipe, 6 - siphon, 7 - branch pipe.

In the presence of such problems, the use of such devices is absolutely obligatory. The procedure for healing with hemorrhoids implies a complete lack of direct contact with affected areas. For this reason, the purposes for which the bidet is intended have a wider meaning than simple rinsing after a visit to the toilet.

In addition to the above, the bidet is often used to maintain the hygiene of other parts of the body, for example, legs. Given that the device is placed at the desired level of height, the process of washing the feet is carried out quickly and efficiently.

Bidet is an indispensable equipment for the youngest members of the family. In addition to the fact that it is convenient to wash them with an adjustable trickle, the tank itself can be used as a small bath for bathing babies.

Another purpose for which the bidet is intended is to maintain the hygiene of people with disabilities. If someone in the family can not move because of health problems, the most rational solution of rinsing after meeting the need will be the use of a bidet.

Bidet is an attribute that has not lost its popularity and has become a feature of modern bathrooms. This plumbing is not only an important element of personal hygiene, but also an object that brings aesthetics to the bathroom interior.

Today there are many types of bidets, differing in functionality and price. Therefore, everyone can choose the plumbing that corresponds to his taste.

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