Hygienic shower

In recent years, the bidet has been installed more frequently. This is the usual sanitary equipment installed in the apartments when repairing a bathroom or a bathroom. However, not everyone can afford to have such a device. The reason is not in the cost - everything is much simpler. The bathroom has such a small area that there simply is not enough space for the bidet. Of course, to increase the room and make it bigger is simply not possible.

Hygienic shower

Hygienic shower is a toilet bowl combined with a built-in bidet.

But there is always a way out. More recently, the manufacturers of sanitary equipment was invented an original device that has the properties of a bidet and allows you to seriously save space when it is mounted. This device was called the hygienic soul. This is a kind of a mixture of ordinary shower and built-in bidet. How to install a hygienic shower is the main issue that bothers the owners of small apartments.

This device is designed for hygienic procedures. Due to its compact appearance it is fully suited to fix it in a small bathroom. To install this hygienic shower, there is absolutely no need to repair the bathroom. It takes a little time to connect the shower to the necessary communications.

Some features

View and Sizes of the Shower

The type and dimensions of a standard hygienic shower.

Manufacturers produce hygienic shower in a variety of options. It is built into the seat, equipped in a toilet lid, it is mounted directly into the toilet itself. Sometimes its installation is carried out from above, directly to the sink located near the toilet. An original mixer is assembled to connect this shower.

Usually it includes:

  1. Mixer.
  2. The hose is flexible.
  3. Hygienic ruler, which has a built-in button.

In this device, you can adjust the water supply, as well as apply its various variations. This model of the hygienic shower has the function of including one or several jets at once.

The work of such a soul is based on a very simple method. After opening the valve, water directly from the mixer is immediately fed into the hose, where the necessary pressure is created, held by the fixed valve. The pressed button stops the flow of water, it changes direction and starts to move through the shower. It is very important to close the water after using the shower. If you do not turn it off, the unit can quickly break down.

Installation of a modern hygienic shower is available to everyone who has experience in plumbing work. You can mount the shower in any convenient place, if only the length of the hose is enough.

Experts believe that the most comfortable model of a hygienic shower is one that has a special built-in thermostat. Such a product has some advantages when compared with a conventional shower mixer.

The device of a toilet bowl combined with a bidet

The device of a toilet bowl combined with a bidet.

First of all, there is a big water saving, there is no need to constantly adjust the temperature. A mixer with a thermostat at which the temperature is set will mix water in the required proportions.

If the water supply system fails, there will be a pressure jump, the consumer will not notice this. The thermostat will quickly add the right water, so that the consumer does not feel unpleasant sensations.

In addition, it is very convenient to use a hygienic shower for its direct purpose. It does not interfere with the cleaning of the bathroom. This device can be used for pouring water into storage tanks for household needs.

Lovers of special comfort will have to buy a seat for the toilet, which has a built-in hair dryer in addition to the shower.

Management of such luxury is carried out remotely. This original version is much more expensive than its counterparts.

Competent installation

This equipment can be installed in a wide variety of interpretations. A hygienic shower is installed separately from the toilet, or by combining a bathroom and a bathroom. For separate bathrooms are used shower faucets that do not have a sink. Mixers in this case can have any modifications:

Diagram of installation of a hygienic shower

Diagram of installation of a hygienic shower.

  1. Built-in.
  2. External.
  3. Two-valve.
  4. Single-lever.
  5. Having a thermostat.

The convenience of this equipment lies in the location. Very rarely the hygienic shower includes wall mixers, they have to be purchased separately. This state of affairs can even be called an advantage. This is due to the length of the shower hose. It is standardized, so it can be used with any kind of mixer. This makes it possible to use a mixer having high functionality and beautiful appearance.

You can often hear the name "Toilet bowl". It's about the toilet, which has a built-in hygienic shower. A lot of free space is released, which can be used for the installation of sanitary equipment.

Operation of instruments

The hygienic shower together with the toilet bowl are one unit. Bidetu is fastened to the side of the toilet. In the most modern models, it can move after application. In this case, the toilet, endowed with the bidet function, is stationary, it does not need to be moved anywhere. Each hygienic procedure is performed directly on site.

By its design and direct use, this toilet-bidet is similar to an ordinary toilet bowl. These products are produced in two types:

  1. The floor.
  2. Suspended.
The general scheme of connecting the toilet bowl

The general scheme of connecting the toilet to the water supply.

In recent years, manufacturers have developed a lot of toilet bowls with a hygienic shower. Some of them are equipped with a drying function.

In addition to the tremendous convenience, great space saving, beautiful appearance, this toilet is significantly saving toilet paper. When the toilet bowl has a function of drying, the need for paper disappears.

Today models are produced that are considered to be an economy class, equipped with a minimum number of functions. In the sale come and ultramodern toilet with a hygienic shower, which is built into the system. These devices are so multifunctional that it seems that they are able to perform any operation.

Such models, which are a premium class, can remember the set temperature, regulate the water pressure in accordance with the individual needs of the consumer. These toilet seats are automatically closed, they do not need help.

The bowl of the toilet makes automatic activation of ventilation, when the client touches the toilet bowl. Such toilet bowls having a built-in shower are a masterpiece of sanitary equipment. Devices can even warn the user's desires.

Additional nuances

Cover device - bidet

The device of the lid is bidet.

Cover-bidets made of special antiseptic materials are made. There are models that use technologies that do not allow developing fungi and microbes. As a result, a hygienic shower, mounted in a lid, can safely be considered a guarantee of cleanliness, it can be called a guarantee of health.

On the side of the lid there is a remote control for switching on the desired operation. It allows you to adjust them. The lid-bidet is also equipped with a heated seat. Use this toilet, which has such additional equipment, nice and comfortable. Everything happens in medical purity.

These ultra-modern devices can be used in a variety of places:

  • at home;
  • in the office;
  • in the mall;
  • at the station;
  • in the cafe;
  • in a restaurant and so on.

Due to their own antiseptic coating each consumer, they guarantee complete safety. The installation of the bidet cover is very easy, the main thing is to choose the right cover. Its size should correspond to the diameter of the toilet bowl.

The lid has in its composition:

  1. Hose to connect to the barrel.
  2. Double.
  3. Remote controller.
  4. Electric wires.

After all the components on which the water supply depends are connected, the lid is replaced - the bidet replaces the old one, then the electric power is connected.

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