Ideas for bathroom design with window

The design of a bathroom with a window can be made in different styles. His choice depends primarily on the taste of the owner of the house and on the design features of the premises. Basically, this design is available only to the owners of private houses and modern apartments. The main task in choosing the design is to emphasize the individuality and peculiarity of such a premise, to reveal its visible virtues.

Bathroom with window

The window in the bathroom can be used for both natural room lighting and ventilation.

The bathroom design with a window has a lot of advantages, the main one of which is the presence of a natural source of lighting and ventilation. In the bathroom with a window it is convenient to read books, do manicures, etc. Many people think that the disadvantage of such a room is that in the bathroom the person commits actions that should not be accessible to an outsider, and the presence of a window can prevent this. This problem can easily be solved by installing a stained glass window in the bathroom window or by hanging blinds.

Choosing the right design for the bathroom, you should remember that you will do repairs not for a year or two, but for a much longer period of time. Therefore, do not use in the interior design colors that can very quickly get bored. Specialists recommend the use of neutral colors in such rooms.

Bathroom with window can be used not only as a place for taking bath and shower.

If the dimensions of the room allow, you can set a couch for rest and massage, a dressing table, etc. The presence of sunlight in the room can give an opportunity to make make-up, to carry out cosmetic procedures.

Natural style

Due to the presence of the bathroom window, even a small room can be turned into an oasis in which you will feel the unity with nature. The choice of plants should be approached with special responsibility. Select them according to how much sunlight will enter the room. Most plants are suitable for a wet microclimate bathroom, you can place a variety of varieties of ferns, orchids and other flowering plants.

Opaque glass in the bathroom

If the apartment is located on the ground floor or opposite to another house, it is better to use opaque glass.

To emphasize the natural design, when decorating the room you need to use natural materials or imitate them - stone, wood, marble, bamboo, etc. All elements should have smooth, rounded shapes. To enhance the natural effect as a ceiling, you can use a stretch ceiling design with the image of the sky or other natural images. In such a room it would be appropriate to put an aquarium with fish. Increased humidity will appeal to tropical butterflies and many other exotic animals, which will create a special atmosphere in the room. In addition, to care for them in the bathroom will be very easy. If the room is small, then clutter it with plants is not worth it - it's enough to put one elegant flower by the window.


Стиль модерн начал набирать популярность еще в середине XIX века. Не потерял он своей популярности и в наши дни. Modern олицетворяет гармонию форм и линий, которая особенно подходит для места, где мы отдыхаем и восстанавливаем свои силы, ванной комнаты. Наличие окна в помещении усиливает и подчеркивает атмосферу естественности и гармонии.

The color scheme of the room, made in the Art Nouveau style, can include different colors and shades: black, white, pistachio, juicy-raspberry, etc. Finishing materials must be modern and have natural shapes. Walls should not be overloaded with complex patterns and ornaments.

Bathtub by the window

It is advisable to design the interior of the room so that the bath is located as close to the window as possible.

Furniture in the bathroom in the Art Nouveau style should be a bit, as a special emphasis in this case is placed on a large window and elegant plumbing. It will be enough to place several small shelves and a cabinet for the bathroom. Particular attention in the design should be given to point lighting. For the ceiling, stained glass windows, which will consist of different in shape and color pieces of glass, laid out in the form of a picturesque pattern, will perfectly suit. Window decoration at the same time must have the appropriate design, which will be harmoniously combined with the design of the ceiling.

Classic interior

The bathroom with a window, made in classical style, is the embodiment of aristocracy and sophisticated luxury. To create such beauty can owners of spacious houses and owners of large bathrooms. But the owners of modern apartments sometimes get a classic bathroom with a window in one of the rooms intended for living.

Materials for finishing must be natural. The walls can be finished with glossy and granular plaster, moisture resistant wallpaper, ceramic tiles, wood, paint. To visually expand the space, you need to use light colors of decoration materials. Window window can be decorated with massive curtains with drapery. Wallpaper, tiles and curtains can decorate the discreetly elegant patterns.

The floor can be finished with wood (put parquet), marble and ceramic tiles. If the ceiling was chosen for photo printing, then the floor should be decorated strictly. The classical style assumes the presence of high ceilings. If the height of the ceilings is not enough, then you can visually increase them by installing a mirror ceiling or laying the tile vertically. The ceiling can be decorated with stucco or drapery, using the same fabric as for the window.

Doors are desirable to put wooden or glass, it is permissible to use gold coating and unobtrusive pattern. All accessories must be in harmony with the plumbing. It should look like it was made under special order, standard variants are inadmissible.

Excellent fit in the bathroom on the legs in the form of an oval font. Bidet, sink and toilet bowl should fit into the overall style of the room. Extraordinary in the situation will be forged parts, crystal lamps and chandeliers, candlesticks. All accessories must be carefully selected. Furniture should be made of high quality wood. A special chic bathroom in a classic style will give a large mirror, installed next to the bathroom or sink.

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