If the hot water tap is buzzing

Many people encountered the phenomenon when the hot water tap was buzzing. To give an exact answer, why it arises, is almost impossible. This can be influenced by different factors. Any reason can be justified from the point of view of acoustics and hydrodynamics. Having found out the reason of occurrence, it is possible to solve a malfunction.

Drilling crane

If you have a buzzing valve, then immediately, in order to save money and save nerves, you need to eliminate the cause.

Causes of the problem

The main reason for the rumble in the crane depends directly on the sound waves that are formed during vibration. Therefore, initially it is necessary to determine the primary source of vibration of the crane. The main reasons are:

Tools for changing the gasket in the tap

Tools for changing the gasket in the crane.

  1. Very high water pressure in the pipeline. This phenomenon can trigger not only the sounds that will be heard in your room, but also in neighboring apartments. Too much pressure can easily damage pipes, especially if it is damaged in an inaccessible location. In this case, it may be necessary to carry out repairs not only in one's own, but also in neighboring flats.
  2. If the water pipe is made of metal pipes that have not changed for a long time. In this case, there is a possibility that the vibration occurs due to the fact that on the walls there are large concentrations of calcareous and other deposits.
  3. Unpleasant sounds can occur during the passage of water through metal pipes in the event that the water pipe is not properly made.
  4. The most common reason why the tap is buzzing is the gasket in the faucet. It can be improperly installed or have defects.

To avoid problems of various kinds, it is necessary to plan and design the pipeline from the very outset. The whole system must withstand a certain pressure, which will operate in the pipe during operation. Also attention should be paid to the installation of the water supply system. Particular attention should be paid to the gaskets of the crane. Higher quality is the key to long-term use.

Scheme replacement gaskets in the tap

Scheme replacement gaskets in the tap.

Compliance with the above recommendations is not always fulfilled. As a result, you have to make some adjustments with your own hands or seek help from specialists.

If we consider the first two cases in order to radically solve the problem, it is necessary to completely replace the pipes and install new ones. It is recommended to install plastic instead of metal ones. But this may not give 100% of the result, because to eliminate the sound, the water pipe needs to be changed not only in the apartment, but also in the neighboring one.

Also, the cleaning of pipes from accumulated contaminants on the walls can help to solve the problem. This method is quite laborious, but it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that cleaning the pipes does not completely eliminate the problem and it will be necessary to conduct it regularly.

Water pressure

To check the pressure in the pipe, it is necessary to carry out a certain procedure. To do this, open the entire faucet and allow the water to flow a little. After that, the water should be closed, if the rumble does not stop, then the water pressure exceeds the norm. It is possible to derive such a dependence: the higher the pressure in the pipes, the brighter and faster the rumble will appear. In order to eliminate such a problem, it is necessary to install a special air chamber in front of the crane. The main purpose of this supplement is the absorption of sudden pressure drops in the pipe.

Diagram of the air chamber to the crane.

Diagram of the air chamber to the crane.

To install such a camera, you can use two methods:

  • special auxiliary pipe section of the required diameter;
  • a silencer that will eliminate sound during the passage of water.

Such devices are manufactured in industrial conditions. They are equipped with a built-in camera, which will suppress significant water pressure jumps in the pipeline.

If the vibration of the pipes and excessive buzzing of the screen occurs in the case of loose installation, you need to make additional compaction with the help of improvised means. You can do such work yourself, but if you are not confident in your own abilities, it is better to ask for help from specialists. After such seals and fixings of the pipeline are completed, vibration and hum should cease.

Crane Repair

The cause of noise can be a malfunction of water supply systems. It is worth noting that the main reason for the occurrence of unpleasant sound is based on the incorrect installation or defect of an element such as the installation of a crane-axle box. If the reason is in this gasket, then in addition to annoying sound, a tap leak may occur. Therefore, repair work should be carried out immediately.

Repair of the droning crane

Repair of the droning tap can be done on its own, if you follow the instructions.

If the problem lies in the failure of the crane, you should determine which one. The fault can be in the tap of both cold water and hot. To do this, it is necessary to open and close the cold and hot water one by one, this will make it possible to determine in which crane the fault is. Before starting work in the apartment, the water supply is blocked, after the crane-boksa is twisted. It is on it that the gasket is located, which is the source of the problems. The crane-box is the main device that regulates the water supply. Such a device is most often located under the main valve, which supplies water.

Arrangement of ceramic crane-box

The device of a ceramic crane-букса.

Probable reason for the tap noise, can become a crane-beech made of ceramics. And this despite the fact that many people think that it is due to the ceramic element that such unpleasant moments can be avoided. The tapping of the crane can then start not immediately, but after a certain time. This, in particular, is associated with the deterioration of the element or its incorrect installation.

To clarify the gasket of what material is installed, there is no need to twist the tap-axle. This can be learned by closing or opening a stream of water. If you need to make several turns of the valve for full opening, the gasket is installed rubber. If the water flow is blocked by a single turn, ceramics is used as a material.

Rubber gasket

The first thing to start with is to remove the crane-axle. After that, remove the gasket and cut it a little. This should be done carefully, as a result, an angle of 45 ° should be obtained. It is very important to control the depth of the cut, it should not exceed 1 mm.

If the gasket is very worn out, it is recommended to replace it.

After repair or replacement of the element, the crane is assembled. In the end, when opening the water, it is necessary to check all places for leaks.

Ceramic gasket

Unlike rubber, ceramic pads are more hopeful and durable. If a buzz occurs in such a system, then most likely the cause of the malfunction are silicone washers. It is with their help that the ceramic plates are pressed. To eliminate such a problem, it is necessary to cover the silicone parts with plastic.

But both options for repair work can only give a short-term effect. To eliminate the buzz in the faucet, it is best to call a plumber who will find out the cause of such a defect and will carry out all the necessary work to eliminate it. If the reason is in the crane itself, then it is necessary to replace the crane-axle with a new one.

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