If the tap does not cover the water

In life there are often unpleasant situations associated with digging water from a tap in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Such a problem brings with it not only annoying sounds, but also significant material losses, especially it is unprofitable for those people in whose apartments the meters are installed. Regular dripping of liquid from the tap leads to the appearance of ugly stains on the sink or sink, and, as is known, calcareous deposits are not easily recovered. Situations when the tap does not cover the water, happen quite often. What can be done in this case?

Installation of a water tap

Installation of a water tap.

The main factors

The main reason that caused the flow of the plumbing device will be:

  • wear of the gasket;
  • erasing the threads of the rod, as a result of which the gasket is loosely connected to the saddle;
  • the loss of cushioning base initial qualities, complete dilapidation and other reasons.
Tools for changing the gasket in the tap

Tools for changing the gasket in the crane.

A defective valve must be disassembled, after which it is necessary to find out the indications for leakage. Whatever the consequences of the faulty work of the product of the sanitary plan, first of all, it is necessary to shut off the water, and after that you can start repair work.

With the leakage of a completely new crane, we can say that there is a factory marriage.

To solve this problem, you can consult a specialist and, when confirming the diagnosis, return the mixer to the store.

If such trouble has appeared at the ball valve, then a number of problems arise. Their main cause is associated with the ingestion of litter in the body of the product.

Tool kit

For a quality repair work, care should be taken to adapt the devices:

  • additional crane-axle boxes;
  • a set of keys;
  • glue;
  • screwdrivers of different diameters and types;
  • several gaskets;
  • fum-tape or rags for plumbing work;
  • electric drill;
  • silicone sealants.

Most of the listed tools are available for almost any person. In the absence of them you can buy in the store.

Replacing the gasket

Scheme replacement gasket in the tap

The replacement scheme of the gasket in the crane.

Having found out the main reason for the leak, you can resort to replacing the dilapidated gasket. A valve or valve with a tightly closed rod will allow water to pass through. The situation is exacerbated by the excessive application of forces during the closing of the mixer, which is unacceptable. Such phenomena can be observed during the use of cranes of Soviet manufacturers whose saddles were poorly milled, as a result of which the valve had to be twisted the most.

First, it is necessary to close the water, which drives the flows to the faulty sanitary facility. Before carrying out the work, it is nevertheless necessary to check whether the shutdown is completed completely. The old gasket is removed and a new one is installed. If there is a situation in which the house does not have this spare part, do not start working with a full replacement of the entire crane. This small and important element can be made from any materials. As a raw material, a scrap of leather or rubber is suitable.

First, take the old gasket, it cuts out a similar base, with a slightly larger diameter. After cutting, it is inserted into the socket. It is worth noting that the rubber element is unable to closely adjoin, so it will be difficult to achieve a good density. Leather lining is necessary in the event that the saddle edge is broken. The new part must have a thickness of more than 3.5 mm.

If the crane is excessively noisy during operation, the edge of the gasket is cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

Step-by-step process of replacing the gasket in the mixer

Step-by-step process of replacing the gasket in the mixer.

The new part is placed so that it is most closely connected with the saddle. Then the plumbing planer will work without noise.

The best used rubber will be sheet, in the absence of such you can take a conventional shoe heel. It is necessary to avoid unnecessarily flexible plastics or porous rubbers.

All described methods of changing the gasket are associated with the fixes of the cold tap.

With the constant movement of hot water, such parts, gradually breaking down, fail. So, for hot cranes you can use the car tires, their surface is the strongest.

Crane installation

The bulk of the owners of premises resort to an independent replacement of sanitary equipment. Often, such actions must be carried out in the process of repair work or when moving to another place of residence. Here you can observe leaks of water from under the rod. The basis for such phenomena will be a stuffing box packing that loosely adheres to the surface. It requires a replacement or a stronger foundation.

To achieve the maximum seal, it is necessary to turn the stuffing box. Excessively sharp and rigid tools in the form of pliers or pliers are not recommended. They can spoil the boundaries of the sleeve. To achieve better fixation, use a wrench or a wrench. Tightening the stuffing box, you must not allow excessive pressure, otherwise the thread will be damaged, then you will need to completely change the valve.

Packing Replacement Scheme

Scheme replacement packing gland.

After tightening the sleeve to the end, it is important to ensure that there is no more water leakage. If, nevertheless, this phenomenon is present, it is necessary to shut off the water and change the tap or bushing, you can add packing stuffing.

Carrying out repairs related to the replacement of the crane, it is necessary to achieve full overlap of water, which will prevent the flooding of neighbors.

Then pull out the bushing and the union nut, then using a convenient device in the form of a sharp knife or a small screwdriver, you need to get out the old stuffing box and wind the new stuffing material.

For this purpose, you should use:

  • linen thread or fine string;
  • fibers from burlap;
  • rubber tube of a certain section and dimensions.

Thin threads wind in the direction of the movement of the clockwise, gently winding the coils. In order to improve the packing, the used threads are treated with a linseed oil of natural basis.

It is necessary to show interest in the parameters of the height of the fixed interlayer. Separate 2-3 turns should be free from stuffing, thereby avoiding tearing off the crane at the moment of its twisting. Eliminate the leakage of water can be by sealing the stuffing box. Here it is necessary to tighten the valve, then unscrew the cap nut element and wind the base with any suitable material. Once the union nut is fixed, the tap will not drip more. Such actions do not guarantee a lasting result, but as a temporary measure this option is not bad at all.

Setting the mixer

Diagram of mixer installation

Diagram of mixer installation.

The beginning of such work is associated with the installation of decoration linings on the flanges. Then the gaskets are put on the flanges, the first being a black soft rubber part. Then it is necessary to fix a solid base from a paronite in a color variant. Such an order of installation works protects the rubber gasket in the process of winding the eccentric union.

The final stage of installation works is associated with tightening the union nuts manually and twisting with a wrench or a wrench. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the rubber gasket does not bend due to excessive force application. Otherwise, there will be a leakage of water, and will have to be changed in the gaskets of the gasket.

Installation of the kitchen faucet should be connected so that during operation the spacer ring remains in its original form, its crushing is not allowed. Similarly, a shower in the bathroom is fixed. Here are used 2 gaskets: rubber and parotin. In some species of the soul, such parts are not installed.

In the event that the replacement of the gasket did not bring the expected results, you can resort to replacing the tap itself. Before installing a new plumbing system, the water should be cut off and the broken valve should be unscrewed.

In the cross-section of pipes with water, in which the outgoing tubes of the crane do not correspond to the established dimensions, the problem is solved by the use of adapter bushings, they have a thread on both sides. Here the axis of symmetry is shifted, and this allows the connection of pipes of a different size and diameter. As soon as the new crane is delivered and the union nuts are screwed, it is possible to check its condition.

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