If the toilet was clogged at home

For sure, with such a nuisance as the litter of the toilet, each owner had to face, but the construction of sanitary ware has absolutely no significance. It is worth noting that this situation requires urgent measures, since the litter of the toilet can lead to more serious problems.

Removal of blockage in the toilet using a plunger

If the litter in the toilet is not caused by an extraneous object, then it can be removed using a plunger.

The toilet bowl: what measures to take? The first thing to do if you are faced with such a nuisance, pour hot water into the drain hole. To such, at first sight, simple task should be approached correctly. Having typed a full bucket of hot water, pour into the clogged toilet bowl from the highest point. Thus, you will be able to create the highest level of pressure, which, perhaps, will help push through the blockage. Keep in mind that cleaning the toilet bowl in this way will be effective only in the case of a small scale problem.


Chemicals для борьбы с засорами

When using chemicals with a litter of the toilet, follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging.

If you can not clean the toilet with hot water, try to remove the blockage chemically.

To date, there is a large range of specially designed chemicals designed to remove blockages. Wait for a big effect from them is not worth it, because most are designed for situations such as clogging a sink or bath.

If you have a littered toilet, you should not abandon the use of chemical composition, since they are able to cope with the impassability of water in this case. Before using these products, it is very important to carefully read the instructions on the packaging.

Most manufacturers recommend pouring a chemical compound into the clogged toilet bowl and not flushing it for several hours. Then you should act in a way familiar to you - pour the drain hole with hot water.

Mechanical method

Clearing the clog with a cable and a plunger

Clearing the clog with a cable and a plunger.

When the toilet was clogged, what to do, if neither the method with watering the drain hole with hot water, nor the use of a chemical have helped? I'll have to use the cardinal way of clearing the blockage, which is the most unpleasant - the mechanical method of getting rid of the problem that has arisen.

Mechanical method очистки унитаза считается достаточно грязной работой, поэтому если в этом возникла необходимость, то рекомендуется вызвать специалиста. Если по каким-либо причинам вы приняли решение справиться с проблемой самостоятельно, к процессу устранения засора следует отнестись со всей ответственностью.

In order to clean the toilet bowl by mechanical means, it is necessary to use a plunger. In order to prevent further troubles, it is recommended to fix the rubber cup using a conventional nail. After installing the air vent over the drain hole, start using the force to pump it up and down. For very serious obstructions, this method can again be ineffective.

Plumbing cable

Soda for combating the litter of the toilet bowl

With a simple blockage, soda helps to dissolve in the toilet.

If the toilet is clogged, what should I do if nothing helps? If the toilet is hammered, and all of the above methods do not give absolutely no result, you can try to apply the plumbing cable. This household tool is presented in the form of a metal rope, the length of which is at least 3 m. One end of the plumbing cable has a convenient handle, on its opposite side there is a drill whose shape resembles a spiral.

This method of combating the blockage is notable for its effectiveness, but it is one of the most complex methods. Keep in mind that the use of this tool should preferably be entrusted to a specialist, especially if the pipes in your home have not changed for a long time.

Before cleaning the blockage with a metal cable, it is recommended to lay polyethylene film on top of all nearby surfaces. In order to clear the blockage, the end of the cable with a spiral is placed in the drain hole and turn in the clockwise direction. This movement contributes to the creation of stress in the pipes. The cable passes through each bend, but it is possible to encounter a situation where it can get stuck.

This case requires special attention, since the reasons can be different - perhaps, the tool rested against the toilet bowl. In this case, the process will be interrupted almost immediately, using some effort, continue twisting the handle of the cable. The reason may be a horizontal pipe, in which it is stuck: here it is necessary to push it until it turns into a vertical riser.

Cable for cleaning the toilet bowl

The cable is the most effective means for cleaning the most complicated obstructions in the toilet bowl.

In addition, the tool may not be pushed in connection with the clog that has occurred before it. As a rule, the cable can not be moved to either side. If you are faced with a similar situation, try to make efforts to make the mass of blockage go into the riser. Whenever possible, the tool should be moved in different directions. Having managed this way with the elimination of blockage, do not be lazy to fill the toilet with a specially designed product familiar to you. This will remove, perhaps, the remainder of the mass of blockage from the pipes.

The blockage can also form in the corrugation, if in your case the reason is precisely this, close the water and remove the part. Before starting the process of combating water in the toilet, preparation of unnecessary, but not having such defects as holes and cracks, is required. To perform this work it is better to call a specialist, since the task is rather complicated and unpleasant. In addition, this method of removing the blockage requires a special approach, without the skills, it is very difficult to cope with such a task.

Application of the hydraulic method

This method of eliminating blockage caused by fat deposits in the sewage pipeline is one of the most effective ways. In order to cope with the problem hydraulically, you will need a hose. By connecting it to the faucet of the bathtub or sink and directing the other end into the drain hole, turn on the hot water under the strongest head.

The hydraulic method for eliminating blockage often gives the desired result only from the second or third time, therefore it is recommended to repeat the procedure several times with small interruptions.

Working with water, do not forget that there is a risk of flooding the neighbors from below, so you should act very carefully.

In the event that none of the above methods have resulted in a result, you need to call a specialist, do not forget that you should act quickly. Otherwise, a number of rather unpleasant surprises may be added to your problem and it is possible that the matter will end with big expenses.

Additional recommendations

In order not to face such a nuisance, it is very important to use the toilet bowl only for the intended purpose (do not wash off any spoiled food, hygiene items, etc.). Like any household appliance, the toilet requires proper care, which can be provided by means specially designed to prevent blockages. Preventive measures should be performed at least 1 time per week. Noticing that the toilet started to wash off badly, it is necessary to call a plumber who will find out and eliminate the cause of the malfunction. If you comply with all the above rules, you will have much less chance of encountering a formation of clog in the toilet.

As a rule, the most effective way to prevent such trouble, as the litter of the toilet, is the timely installation of a new toilet and the replacement of all plumbing pipes. The most popular for today are plastic pipes. Possessing a number of advantages, they have won the preference of the majority of specialists. It should be noted that plastic pipes are distinguished by their durability, strength, ease of installation and low cost.

Replacing the toilet is a fairly expensive pleasure, so it is very important not to bring the state of the household device to the extreme. Moreover, the range of products intended for toilet care is very wide.

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