Independent installation of a shower corner

Few owners of modern apartments can boast large sizes of bathrooms. In some bathroom can not fit even the smallest bath.

Shower room

The shower corner can save a little space in the bathroom, since it does not have a rear wall, and its mounting is directly to the wall.

Someone simply gives preference to the soul, rejecting the charm of the comfortable and fragrant bathing procedure. The solution of the problem can be the installation of a shower corner or a shower cabin.

The difference between the shower corner and the cockpit is that the corner does not have a back wall and is attached directly to the bathroom wall.

The shower corner kit consists of a pallet, side walls, doors with the necessary fittings.

Buy all the components can be in the form of a ready-made kit or individual components. In the last version of the purchase there is an important nuance: the designs of different manufacturers may not fit together. In this case, it is very difficult to make a correct installation of a corner.

A little tip: when making a purchase, it is important to consult with the seller in the store and select compatible design details.

Site preparation

Scheme of installation of a shower corner

Scheme of installation of a shower corner.

A prerequisite for the right installation of the shower corner is the careful preparation of the floor and the corner of the bathroom where the structure will stand. Walls, floors must be leveled strictly, at an angle of 90° This is necessary in order to minimize the gaps between the wall-mounted showerhead parts.

To finish the walls, for example, tiles can be done in advance, if a preliminary check shows a clear abutment of the shower tray and the walls to the vertical surface of the bathroom. Otherwise it is possible to lay out the tiles after installing the pallet so that the tile hangs slightly over the pallet.

Before the installation of the pallet, start the corrugated pipe from the drain hole to the fan pipe, placing it under the slope.


Installation душевого комплекса начинается с поддона. Есть 2 варианта производства работ.

In the prepared corner, put the pallet and adjust, using screw feet, exactly in level. Next, fix the screw feet with special nuts. The corrugated pipe, attached during installation to the drain outlet of the pallet, is connected to the fan pipe. It must be remembered that all connections under the pallet must be reliable. In the event of an emergency leak, it will not be possible to quickly dismantle the design of the shower enclosure to eliminate leakage. Make sure the readiness of the drain is possible by filling a drainage hole with a small amount of water. Having made sure that the water from the pallet leaves intensively, there are no leaks in the joints, it is necessary to check the condition of the floor under the structure. The presence of a dry floor after a control check indicates that all work was done correctly.

You can make a deepening in the floor, install a pallet in there, having prepared all the elements of the drainage complex in advance. Next, finish the floor screed with the installed pallet. This method of installation is very time-consuming and troublesome, but it is more reliable.

The scheme of installation of the shower tray

Scheme of installation shower tray.

After confirming the exact installation of the pallet, you can start laying the bottom guide. You can attach it with a silicone sealant.

The next step of installing the shower enclosure is to mount vertical racks that will run from the bottom guide up the wall. To install them, mark, using the level, the location of the mounting holes. Next, drill the wall, using a tile drill with a drill for ceramics and a drill with a drill for concrete for the wall, drive in the plastic dowels, grease the racks with sealant and attach them to the wall with screws. After installing vertical guides, it is possible to attach the lower guide to the wall, also treating it with a sealant and connecting it to the wall with self-tapping screws.

The upper guide is installed in the same order. It, connected with vertical racks, is fixed to the ceiling.

After installing the racks, you should proceed to the production of fixing the side walls of the shower corner. The finished walls of the walls are installed on the prepared racks and attached to them with screws. Then they should be fastened to the rail at the bottom, carefully sealing during installation.

Attaching the side walls to the vertical posts and the guide at the bottom, you can do the top. Its installation is similar to the installation of the guide at the bottom.

Door for corner

For the normal operation of the whole corner shower enclosure, special attention should be paid to the door installation process. They can be plastic and glass.

Working with glass doors for the shower corner requires special care due to the fragile material of the parts. In the production of installation work, you must be extremely careful, avoid shocks, do not press on the curved surface of the glass. Do not hold on to the previously screwed hardware items: the glass can crack and scatter into small pieces. Fittings are installed at the final stage of installation. Careless actions can lead to cuts and other damage to the installer.

All doors of the corner for showering are equipped with specialized rollers of eccentric type. To install the door, the rollers must be caught by the lower and upper guides. Next, adjust the flaps, to achieve maximum contact between the doors. The sashes must move smoothly along the guides when opening and closing, in the absence of any gaps at the top and bottom of the structure.

After complete installation of the doors, you can start fixing the hardware.



After the installation of the corner has been completed, it is necessary to seal all the seams - with walls, a pallet and a floor.

The final stage of the installation of angular structures for the shower is a thorough sealing of the seams. From the correct sealing of the entire installation depends on the effectiveness of the operation, and the period of its operation, and, finally, the absence of conflicts with neighbors that can be flooded in the presence of leakage of seams.

A layer of silicone sealant can only be applied to a clean, defatted, dry surface. Next, allow the material to dry completely.

Only after that you can check the quality of all seams with the help of a shower, the kit of which is installed in a ready, fully assembled corner.

In case of detection of poorly sealed areas of joints, the fixing site should be dried again and the necessary areas re-sealed.

Materials and tools:

  • drill;
  • punch and screwdriver;
  • screwdriver;
  • building level;
  • marker or pencil;
  • silicone sealant;
  • plastic dowels;
  • self-tapping screws.

Corner set with shower tray is an indispensable solution to many problems in the bathroom. Its small dimensions will save considerably the space in the bathroom room, the relatively small cost of the whole kit makes it quite affordable materially, the simplicity of the installation process allows you to make all the installation yourself, without resorting to paid specialist services.

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