Independent shower tray repair

Shower cabins can serve the specified period, if the conditions of operation are met. Malfunction may occur due to poor water quality, negligent use or lack of regular shower service.

Floor layout with shower tray

The scheme of the device of a floor with a shower tray.

Repair work

In the process of active use, it may be necessary to repair the shower tray. The easiest way is to replace the shower tray with a new one. To pick up the acrylic shower tray, you will need to measure the damaged element. The repair technology depends on the type of damage:

  • cracks;
  • scratch.
Stages replacement shower tray

Stages replacement shower tray.

Cracks are small and through. The cracking of the shower cabin is carried out in several stages. Preliminary, the construction is dismantled. In the kit with a shower cubicle there is an instruction in which the assembly of a structure is described in detail. Its study will help properly remove the pallet, which must be carefully inspected to detect all the defects. On the basis of the inspection, you can determine whether the product needs repair or it is desirable to replace it.

The next step is to prepare the surface. The removed structure needs to be washed, cleaned of deposits and dried. Then the product is re-examined on all sides and the degree of damage is determined. The future repair option depends on this.

Then, the crack is cracked. The smallest lesions of this type can increase in size over time. At the ends of the crack, it is required to make blind holes, deepening the drill for 1-2 mm. The diameter of the drill must correspond to the width of the damage.

Damage processing is the 4th stage. The surface must be degreased with a composition with an alcohol base. Acetone, gasoline and similar substances can damage acrylic. Then it will be necessary to prepare a mixture for the repair of the product in question. The shower cubicle is of the following types:

Repair of the ladder in the shower tray

Repair the ladder in the shower tray.

  • hydromassage;
  • conventional;
  • circular.

If the product is produced by a well-known brand, then components are included in the kit that allow the pallet to be independently repaired - liquid acrylic and hardener. The proportions described in the instruction must be observed. Components for the mixture, if they are not included, can be purchased in sanitary ware shops.

The finished mixture for the shower tray repair should fill the entire crack. Experts recommend not to save on the amount of the composition, so that after drying, there is no cavity, which will need to be closed. Surplus composition after drying dries with sandpaper.

A through slot requires the use of another repair technique. The underside of the pallet is to be sealed with a patch of fiberglass cloths moistened in epoxy resin. It is necessary to make at least 2 layers. All patches are cut to size, because the epoxy resin quickly adheres to the surface in the air.

Eliminating Scratches

Place the damage in the stand of the shower enclosure to be polished with fine-grained sandpaper and apply a thin layer of varnish. Experts advise to use vehicles for cars. Lacquer layer should not be thick. The surface, for giving a beautiful view, is restored. The work is carried out by masters of specialized organizations. The cost of services depends on the complexity of the damage to the shower.

The need to replace or repair the pallet is determined by the location of the defects.

The probability of repeated damage to the surface increases if the fracture is located centrally under the feet.

Eliminating Scratches поддона

Eliminating Scratches поддона производится с помощью герметика.

Repair work желательно проводить в хорошо проветриваемых помещениях или на свежем воздухе. Дефектация - обнаружение дефектов и определение необходимости дальнейшего ремонта или замены деталей. Устранить трещины самостоятельно можно с помощью следующих составов:

  • liquid acrylic;
  • alcohol;
  • epoxy resin;
  • a rubber spatula;
  • drill with a polishing nozzle.

Small damage can be eliminated with acrylic paint. In deep, cracks, it is recommended to install acrylic liners. It is not easy to choose the liner of the required size independently. He must firmly enter the crack and remain motionless.

Liquid acrylic is used to remove defects on acrylic surfaces. With it, you can make liners and eliminate cracks. Before starting work, the acrylic construction is dismantled and cleaned of impurities.

The material is susceptible to chemicals. It is recommended to use alcohol-containing solutions for cleaning. The surface is degreased with medical alcohol to avoid peeling off the acrylic. The pallet is placed in the cabin after completion of the restoration. In acrylic constructions there is no necessary support in the central part. Therefore, a cracked product is dangerous due to water leaks and debris that can injure the skin.

Cracked products can be replaced by a new analogue. The design should be set according to the level. The discharge of water into the sewage system will occur only if the installation is horizontal. It is recommended that a sufficient clearance be provided to allow access to the sewage system for pipe cleaning. An additional element of the foundation with a normal size of the lumen are bricks. Above lay a layer of rubber. The construction between the acrylic product and the floor is firmly pushed. The shower is connected to the communications.

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